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How long has been in Operation? started advertising Calgary rentals in May 2003.

How Much Does it Cost to Post a Calgary Rental Property?
Please see our detailed Pricing Page.

Is a Property Management Company?
No. is a Calgary rental advertising website. Zero of the homes for rent posted on the website are owned or managed by

How long will My Property Stay on the Website?
The specific rental property posted will be advertised on the website from the date payment is made until the property is rented, whether that takes 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months. Exceptions include: short-term rentals, Multi-unit listings (apartment buildings), and shared accommodation.

What is a Multi-Unit Listing?
A Multi-Unit Listing (MUL), is a listing created for a rental property at a single address that has more than one suite available for rent. Examples include: apartment block, Up and Down suites, house and garage, etc. These types of properties can be posted as MUL's and each suite can be categorized in unique search criteria.

Why is there an Expiration Date for My Listing?
There is a temporary expiration date of 60 days, however, this is only used to help maintain with vacant properties. If your property has not rented before the expiration date, you will receive an email asking if you would require the property to be extended Free of charge. Exceptions include: short-term rentals, and Multi-unit listings.

How Many Photos can I post?
An UNLIMITED amount! Please post as many photos as possible. Photos (inside and out), greatly enhance the properties exposure. AND.. the price is the same on if you post one photo or thirty photos. The More Photos The Better!

Do I have to Add Photos as Soon as I Post My Listing?
No. Photos of your Calgary rental can be added and updated at anytime while your listing is active.

Does Take Photos of My Property?
Yes. will take interior and exterior photos of your Calgary property. How many?? As many as possible.

How Long Does it Take to Setup a Photo Appointment?
A photo appointment for your Calgary rental property can generally be setup within 1-2 business days.

Do Interior Photos Help?
Yes! Interior photos definitely help. The More Photos the Better!
Put yourself in a renters shoes - Would you rather look at property with or without photos?

Can I Edit My Property Listing?
Yes. Your listing can be updated anytime - 24/7, by logging into your account.

How do I Pay for a Listing?
Payment can be made securely online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex), by telephone, or fax transmission. Please note: payment is required before the listing will go active.

How do I Access a Copy of My Invoice/Receipt Online?
Login to your account:
--> Select Edit My Listings
--> Find the rental you want to view/print the receipt for
--> Click "Modify Listing"
--> You should see an "Order History" button at the top right
--> Click it

How can I View the Traffic My Calgary Rental has Received?
Login to your account:
--> Select Edit My Listings
--> Find the listing you want to view
--> Click "Modify Listing"
--> Scroll to the bottom of the listing.. Look for "This Listing has been viewed."

How do I List a Shared Property or a Room For Rent?
The same as any other listing except. When filling out the property description form please select SHARED under the Property Type drop down box.

How Do I Remove My Property?
You can login to your account:
--> Select Edit My Listings
--> Find the listing you want deactivated
-->Click "Modify Listing"
-->Scroll to the bottom of the listing.. Look for "Rental Status"
-->Change to RENTED
-->Press the Update button
Your listing will now show with Rented stamps. will flag your listing within a few days and archive the rental property.
You can also email or call, and we will deactivate your property right away.

Can I reactivate a previous listing?
Yes. archives your listing data AND photos. The listing is NOT deleted. If you need to run the same ad again, please login to your account and update the listing information (eg. new availability date, change in rent, etc). Listings will go active again once payment has been made (online, or over the phone).

How do I Receive a For Rent Sign?
After your new listing is posted please email or call with the location of where you would like the sign delivered.

Renter FAQ

Who do I Call to Find out About the Calgary Rental Properties?
Each Calgary rental home posted on has unique contact information that can be found within the specific listing information.

How do I View New Calgary Property Listings?
Sign up for New Listing Notifications in the Renters section free of charge.

Why are there No Properties Showing in My Favorites?
Cookies need to be enabled on your computer for the My Favorites feature to work. Also, your favorites can only be accessed on the computer that they were initially saved on.

How often are the Property Listings updated?
The property database is constantly being updated. Property Owners/Managers have the ability to create new ads anytime, 24/7.

If you have further questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!