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Springside Community Overview

Wentworth is a small estate style community in southwest Calgary, Alberta The unique features of Wentworth are its architectural treatment, tree coverage and ample green space. The community was developed between 2002 and 2008 and is home to under 1000 people. The community is composed of five units: Wentworth, The Willows of Wentworth, Wentworth Estates, Wexford Estates (now being built) and Wentworth Glen (under development).

Wentworth is contained within the larger community area of West Springs.

Wentworth was developed by Dundee developments except for the area of Wexford, which is being developed by the 7S Group.

Springside is an area adjacent to Wentworth. Although not officially part of Wentworth, Springside contains many streets by the same name.

The main area of Wentworth features a variety of single family homes on standard sized lots as well as several multifamily condominium and town house buildings. The Willows of Wentworth is a unique estate area of luxury homes where the natural aspen forest has been protected via a bare land condiminium. Wentworth Estates is a newer area of estate homes on large lots. Wexford is more ore less just an extension of this area. Wentworth Glen is the final phase of Wentworth. This area will likely feature mostly higher density housing.

The zoning for the area was established by the East Springbank Area Structure Plan.

Wentworth is served by several public and private schools, including:

  • St. Joan of Arc / Calgary Catholic School District
  • Calgary French and International School
  • Webber Academy
  • Calgary Waldorf School
  • A new K-4 public school will be opening in 2010

Community overview from Wikipedia.

Springside Apartment Rental Stats

Currently there are no active rental properties listed within Springside.

Closest Schools

Calgary French and International School Private All Grades 700 77 Street SW 1.38 km
Webber Academy Private All Grades 1515 93 Street SW 2.12 km
John Costello Separate Elementary 300 Strathcona Dr. SW 2.27 km
Calgary Academy Private All Grades 9400 17 Avenue SW 2.33 km
Olympic Heights School Public Elementary 875 Strathcona Drive SW 2.41 km
St. Joan of Arc SeparateJunior High 7970 Wentworth Drive SW 0.37 km
Calgary Waldorf School PrivateJunior High 515 Cougar Ridge Drive SW 1.89 km
Our Lady of the Assumption SeparateJunior High 7311 - 34 Avenue NW 3.17 km
Thomas B. Riley Junior High PublicJunior High 3915 - 69th Street NW 3.62 km
St. Michael SeparateJunior High 4511 - 8 Avenue SW 4.18 km
Bowness High School PublicHigh School 4627 - 77th Street NW 3.99 km
Greek Community School PrivateHigh School 1 Tamarac Crescent SW 5.15 km
Ernest Manning High School PublicHigh School 3600 - 16th Avenue SW 5.25 km
Sir William Van Horne High PublicHigh School 2215 Uxbridge Drive NW 5.51 km
Louise Dean Centre PublicHigh School 120 - 23 Street NW 6.58 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Closest Libraries

Bowness Branch 7930 Bowness Road NW3.61 km
Signal Hill Branch 5994 Signal Hill Center SW4.92 km
Shaganappi Branch 3415 8th Avenue SW5.44 km
Nose Hill Branch 1530 Northmount Drive NW6.55 km
Louise Riley Branch 1904 14 Avenue NW7.38 km

Closest LRTs

LRT - 69 Street Station 2.60 km
LRT - Sirocco Station 3.52 km
LRT - 45 Street Station 4.44 km
LRT - Westbrook Station 5.44 km
LRT - Dalhousie Station 6.22 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Closest Bus Routes

Route #Name
453 West Springs
179 Cougar Ridge Express
101 Coach Hill
401 Aspen Woods/Glenbrook
104 Strathcona
70 Valley Ridge Express
301 BRT - North/West
438 Discovery Ridge
53 Signal Hill
144 69th Street Express
67 Signal Hill Express
439 Westside Rec. Centre
408 Valley Ridge
407 Greenwood

Distance to Local Landmarks

Ambrose University College 2.80 km
Calgary Airport 16.24 km
Chinook Centre Mall 11.60 km
Devry Institute of Tech 14.91 km
Downtown Calgary 9.42 km
Foothills Hospital 5.44 km
Market Mall 4.83 km
Mount Royal College 7.48 km
Peter Lougheed Hospital 15.94 km
Rockyview Hospital 10.79 km
SAIT 8.50 km
Southcentre Mall 15.51 km
South Health Campus 26.55 km
Sunridge Mall 15.74 km
University of Calgary 5.95 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Neighboring Communities

Aspen Woods
Strathcona Park
Coach Hill
Prominence Point
Cougar Ridge

Springside Map View

Distances are estimated and community data is not guaranteed by RentFaster.ca

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