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Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2018-08-14New Accommodation Wanted$500.00-$1400.00
2018-08-13Female ISO 2BD/1BD INCLD Utilities$1300.00-$1500.00
2018-08-13Student Searching for Bachelor/1 Bedroom Suite$500.00-$900.00
2018-08-11Young Couple looking for Condo$1300.00-$1300.00
2018-08-10Professional Couple looking for inner city dog friendly accomodation$1200.00-$1600.00+utilities
2018-08-10Quiet, respectable couple looking for a home$1000.00-$1200.00
2018-08-10Wanted Single Family Southwest Calgary$1600.00-$0.00+utilities
2018-08-09APARTMENT | SUITE | OR WALK OUT BASEMENT$795.00-$1050.00
2018-08-09one mom, one son, 2bds plz$0.00-$900.00
2018-08-08Working female looking for chill roommate$0.00-$800.00
2018-08-07Funny, energetic, motivated, and love to cook$400.00-$800.00
2018-08-06Looking for short term (2 months) rent$1000.00-$1400.00
2018-08-06Student/working female looking for a room or suite$0.00-$800.00
2018-08-03I'm a very, very, VERY young 58 looking for a female roommate that feels the same. ifthonkypu can , girlfriend let's talk. There has to be a place out there for us on a limited income😊 Take walks stay agile maybe a swim, stop a coffee shop but above al$1000.00-$0.00
2018-08-03OCTOBER 1 - wanted bachelor/1 bdrm/basement in Mission/Erlton$500.00-$1000.00
2018-08-03Professional Adult- Seeking 2 bedroom in SW$1000.00-$1350.00
2018-08-02Accommodation wanted$0.00-$0.00+utilities
2018-08-02Perfect Tenant$650.00-$850.00
2018-08-02single accomidation four mail sixty two years of age$700.00-$825.00
2018-08-01Professional Couple No Smoking, No Pet$1000.00-$1400.00+utilities
2018-08-01Single female student looking for temporary or long term accomodation$300.00-$700.00
2018-08-01Student of UoCalgary_Need Single affordable Room$200.00-$450.00
2018-07-31Student from South India - Looking shared roomate$450.00-$550.00
2018-07-30Rabbit friendly rental for single UofC professional$700.00-$1350.00
2018-07-29Seeking a quiet new start$500.00-$800.00
2018-07-28Professional couple looking for inner-city 1-bedroom with AC$1200.00-$1500.00
2018-07-26Co-op Student Working Downtown Looking For Short-Term Accomodation$400.00-$550.00
2018-07-25Responsible couple ISO 3 Bdrm Rental$1300.00-$1550.00+utilities
2018-07-24Stoney Trail access between #1 Hwy and Sarcee Trail$500.00-$800.00
2018-07-24Wanted pet friendly rental$600.00-$1000.00
2018-07-21Needed 3 bedroom plus 2 bathrooms property for monthly rental$1500.00-$2500.00
2018-07-21Working mother of two looking for 2-3 bedroom home for family$600.00-$975.00
2018-07-20Single professional, furnished, non-smoker, no pets$600.00-$1100.00
2018-07-19Place to stay that is more cost efficient for me$550.00-$600.00
2018-07-19Safe Place to Call Home$1100.00-$1600.00
2018-07-19Working Professional Male (Indian) - Looking for apartment/room$600.00-$1200.00
2018-07-1740 plus wants to share house and garage or shed$700.00-$1100.00+utilities
2018-07-17AUGUST 1ST$1150.00-$1350.00
2018-07-17Looking for 3 Bedroom for a Family of 5 with Small Dog$1250.00-$1500.00
2018-07-163 bedroom needed$800.00-$1300.00
2018-07-16young couple looking for 3 bedroom place$900.00-$1350.00
2018-07-15Professional family looking for a place to call home.$1000.00-$1400.00+utilities
2017-10-02Seeking Short Term Rental Aug 25-Mid Oct.$50.00-$1500.00
2014-02-10Looking for a pet friendly rental$1400.00-$1600.00


Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2018-08-06Look for accommodations$300.00-$900.00


Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2018-08-123-4 Bedroom + Basement Suite Wanted for Shared Income Airbnb Property$1.00-$2500.00
2018-08-083+ bedroom wanted$1500.00-$2100.00
2018-08-06Family of 4 - Cougar Ridge, Aspen, West Springs$2000.00-$4000.00+utilities
2018-08-04Furnished House for rent$8000.00-$12000.00
2018-07-30looking for a 4 bedroom house in calgary$1200.00-$1700.00
2018-07-24Family of 4 and 2 small dogs$1800.00-$2500.00+utilities
2018-07-20Married couple (registered nurses) looking for long-term rental location$1000.00-$1500.00+utilities
2018-06-23Two Young Professional Couples looking for Dual Master Bedrooms$1500.00-$2500.00+utilities

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