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Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2018-05-273-4 bedroom needed$800.00-$1300.00
2018-05-24Looking suite to rent. Basement or otherwise. Prefer south Calgary, but not to far south. From 400 to 500$400.00-$500.00
2018-05-232-3 Bedrooms for Professional Couple + Golden Retriever (August/September 2018)$1500.00-$3000.00
2018-05-23Seeking Pet Friendly Rental$0.00-$1350.00
2018-05-22Family of 4 looking for new place$1000.00-$1400.00
2018-05-21Couple and baby need a place$800.00-$1300.00
2018-05-192 bedroom in the south$800.00-$1200.00
2018-05-16Family of 3, my kid is 9yrs old$700.00-$1100.00
2018-05-14Expat Lease$2500.00-$5000.00+utilities
2018-05-14ISO: Cat-Friendly Apartment for Graduate Student$0.00-$725.00
2018-05-14Pet Friendly Space Wanted for Professional Couple$0.00-$1700.00+utilities
2018-05-132-3 bedroom, utilities included please$900.00-$1200.00
2018-05-13Accomodation wanted near University of Calgary$0.00-$550.00
2018-05-13Need place for daughter and I July 1st$850.00-$1250.00
2018-05-11Looking for a place to call home$0.00-$1000.00
2018-05-10Student and partner looking for space to rent starting August 1st 2018$800.00-$1000.00
2018-05-07senior handyman wanting to share with sr woman my house or yours$1000.00-$1500.00
2018-05-07Solo male looking for a fresh start$800.00-$900.00+utilities
2018-05-07Student Looking for a Long-term rental$0.00-$900.00
2018-05-06Family of 5 looking for a couzy place home for rent$900.00-$1450.00
2018-05-06long term rent$2000.00-$3000.00
2018-05-05One or two bedroom basement needed$500.00-$800.00
2018-05-03Looking for 2 Bedrooms$500.00-$1200.00+utilities
2018-05-03Looking for a house with a basement suite or 2 units side by side$1900.00-$2300.00+utilities
2018-05-02Looking for short term rental May-August.$300.00-$900.00
2018-05-02Professional Female Seeking 1 Bedroom Inner City (long term)$900.00-$1200.00
2018-05-02September 2018$1.00-$2000.00
2018-05-01Looking for apartment/Condo: Kensington, Sunnyside or Downtown$800.00-$1100.00
2018-05-01Professional couple with newborn$0.00-$1600.00+utilities
2018-04-30Looking for 3 bedroom home$1100.00-$1600.00
2018-04-292 or 3 Bedroom Home for Professional Female and 2 Young Teens$1000.00-$1700.00+utilities
2018-04-29Looking for a place to call home$0.01-$1250.00
2018-04-28Looking for Place To Call Home$0.00-$800.00
2018-04-28Single working male$500.00-$1000.00
2018-04-28Wanted 1 or 2 bedroom$0.00-$850.00
2018-03-19Single male professional looking for suite for approximately 6 months.$800.00-$1000.00


Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2018-05-27Mature Single Person$1300.00-$1500.00
2018-05-27Student looking for nice, quiet place in Kensington$900.00-$1450.00
2018-05-26*WANTED* 2 bedroom apartment SW Calgary$1400.00-$1600.00
2018-05-261 Bedroom Apartment needed$700.00-$850.00
2018-05-26Character Studio/1 Bedroom Wanted$900.00-$900.00+utilities
2018-05-25Seeking Character Space w/balcony$500.00-$900.00+utilities
2018-05-24Apartment/ condo$100.00-$950.00+utilities
2018-05-22Business professional relocation June/July 2018$850.00-$1350.00+utilities
2018-05-212 Bdrm Apartment$0.00-$1100.00+utilities
2018-05-2130 year old dude$0.00-$1000.00+utilities
2018-05-21Professionals New to the City Looking for 2 Bedroom FURNISHED Apartment.$0.00-$2200.00
2018-05-11Unshared Living Space Wanted!$0.00-$750.00
2018-05-08Mature female professional seek 1 bedroom or studio apartment in Eau Claire Waterfront Parkside(long term )$1000.00-$1500.00+utilities
2018-05-08Mature female professional seek studio or 1 bedroom apartment in building Park Point (long term )$1000.00-$1400.00+utilities
2018-04-292 beds, 1 bath or 1.5 bath$1000.00-$1300.00
2018-04-29looking for apartment wirh 2-3 BR and 1-1.5 baths$1200.00-$1500.00
2018-04-28Needed before June 30th$900.00-$1100.00


Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2018-05-27ISO of Acerage for rent$1500.00-$2600.00
2018-05-27Single mom needs house$1750.00-$1750.00+utilities
2018-05-24Expat Lease$2500.00-$5000.00+utilities
2018-05-24sr male wanted to house share with sr woman$600.00-$1200.00
2018-05-23House wanted$1200.00-$1500.00
2018-05-23Respectful tenants looking for house$1250.00-$1600.00
2018-05-23Seeking 2 bedroom townhouse in SE$1400.00-$1700.00+utilities
2018-05-22Proffessional mid aged couple looking for House$2000.00-$2800.00+utilities
2018-05-21Long Term Home wanted for Mature Responsible Mother of 2$1100.00-$1400.00+utilities
2018-05-21NW House$1400.00-$1800.00+utilities
2018-05-21Short term$1250.00-$1500.00+utilities
2018-05-20Looking for family home 3 bdrm$1200.00-$1200.00
2018-05-19Townhouse or house wanted for a family of 6 children I’m living in a 3 bedroom home and it’s too small for my family so I have to be separated from 2 of my children and we’d like to live all in one home. Please if anyone who has a place for rent we $0.00-$1800.00
2018-05-18East quadrants or outskirst Calgary east$0.00-$1400.00
2018-05-163 Bedroom House or Townhouse with Basement(if Possible)$1400.00-$1800.00+utilities
2018-05-16Great hockey family looking for 3 year rental in springbank/trailswest area$1400.00-$1800.00+utilities
2018-05-16In search of a family home$2000.00-$2000.00+utilities
2018-05-16Seeking house to rent for June 15 or July 1$1400.00-$1600.00
2018-05-15Professional couple looking for new home$1500.00-$2200.00+utilities
2018-05-133 bedroom house wanted for July 1st 2018$1200.00-$1600.00+utilities
2018-05-11Mahogany/Auburn Bay 3 BR for Family$1500.00-$2100.00+utilities
2018-05-10Looking for a 3 bedroom - House, Main Floor, Duplex, Townhouse or Apartment$1000.00-$1400.00+utilities
2018-05-10Seeking family home for family of 4$1100.00-$1600.00+utilities
2018-05-09Professional and Clean Family of 3 looking for a great new home.$1500.00-$2500.00+utilities
2018-05-09Professional couple + dog$1500.00-$3000.00+utilities
2018-05-08Looking for House/Townhouse$900.00-$1500.00
2018-05-07Family looking to rent$12.00-$1600.00+utilities
2018-05-07Need Edgemont rental pets ok$1000.00-$1600.00+utilities
2018-05-064+ Bedroom House$1600.00-$2200.00+utilities
2018-05-05Looking for a Long term rental$1400.00-$2000.00
2018-05-04Looking for a 3-bedroom home for rent$1300.00-$1450.00
2018-05-01Professional couple with newborn$0.00-$1600.00+utilities
2018-04-28NE 4+ Bedroom home with garage and suited basement$1500.00-$1900.00+utilities
2018-04-28Super Awesome Family In Search Of Super Awesome Landlord (and house of course...)$1750.00-$1500.00+utilities
2018-04-27Family of 5 needs a place to live please$800.00-$1900.00+utilities
2018-04-27House / garage$1250.00-$1750.00+utilities
2018-02-19Looking for house with in-law suite$1500.00-$2300.00+utilities

Main Floor

Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2018-05-17ISO 2 bedroom townhome or bi-level unit$800.00-$1100.00+utilities
2018-05-06Wanted 2 or more bedroom house, main floor or townhouse$1000.00-$1600.00+utilities

Room to Rent

Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2018-05-22Graduate student looking to rent a room near Alberta Children's Hospital$450.00-$550.00
2018-05-22out of the city$350.00-$450.00
2018-05-185 Day rental WANTED$0.00-$400.00
2018-05-131 furnished room on blue line$500.00-$550.00
2018-05-11Looking for a room in a non smoking environment$200.00-$650.00