Looking for long term rental

ID W24314
Caeli Steele
Phone: 4039910504  

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We are a small family looking for a detached home, preferably with a garage as we have 2 vehicles. Looking to be close-ish to both of our places of work (In Ramsay and by Ikea), not too far from downtown but far enough, and close to transit. We are great tenants and take great care of the homes we rent and have always been on good terms with our landlords.

We have one cat and one dog, both very well behaved and we would love for you to meet them. Delta the cat is an older guy who spends most of his days napping. He never scratches carpets or furniture as we have nail caps on his claws (which are safe and non toxic). We also have a 1 year old husky shiba mix, she is energetic but extremely well behaved, doesn't have accidents in the home, is very good with people including our toddler, and also wears nail caps so she doesn't damage floors.

Our perfect home would have: 3+ bedrooms, 1. 5+ bathrooms, a spacious and up to date kitchen with a dishwasher, a washer and dryer, a garage, a basement, a yard (fenced or not fenced, we would even be willing to pay to put in a fence) and an awesome landlord who we can get along with!

We have lots of people who will give us a good reference including our past landlords as well as employers.

Thank you for considering us to find a home in your property!