Looking for minimum 4 bedroom cat and dog friendly home

ID W24505
Teresa Ray-ann VanGrootheest
Phone: 403 896 6416  

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We are a family with 2 boys 4 and 7.
I'm a stay at home mom. Hubby works on the road.
We have done lots of work at the rental we are at now inside and outside. and also the previous rental we were at. We are clean and organized. We have no problems helping out and fixing things as they come up. We leave the place nicer then what we came into.

W3 take very good care of our pets and are diligent about picking up after them. Have never had a person complain about the smell of animals walking into our home. Our dogs are not left outside unattended and are kenneled when I am not home. They don't cause damage inside the home. Might leave a couple dead spots in the grass ( we seed in the spring, threw out the summer and the fall to help with the grass. )
We do have family and friends who come to visit with there animals. All are very well behaved.

We are hoping to find an amazing landlord (lady) who is as awesome as the one we have now and won't be intimidated by the amount of animals we have. They are all fixed( minus one, he is still a puppy. But will be fixed as soon as he is at the right age. ) And isn't going to charge a monthly fee for our pets. We are a very hard working family who is looking to make a move from little city to a big city.
We have no problems paying a one time non refundable fee for them all at once. But won't pay yearly or monthly.

If we feel like we would be a match for your home and have a home available for June - July. Please send me a message or even call. Would love to hear from you and see what we can work out.

(P. S. please don't message or call if you are going to suggest in any way to get rid of even one of my animals. My animals are like my children in the sense I won't bring one in if I don't plan on it being with me for life. )

Thank you for reading