25Female looking for new home ( before May1st)

ID W24575
amber beach

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I am a 25 year old professional female looking for a new home. My mom was diagnosed with cancer this year and is refusing treatment so she has been slowly losing her mobility and I would like to find a home where I will be able to set up a space for her that is accessible, for when she stays over. My current rental is being sold so my final date is may 1st but I'm hoping to move sooner. I seek a minimum 1 year lease.

I would prefer a single family home, bungalow, or attached on one side (no basement suit or main floors. . And no condos or apartments as I need a yard for my dog. Bathtub is a must have. Must be pet friendly, and have a fenced yard. I have a dog going through professional training that will be certified as a support animal. 3 cats and 2 lizards. All of my animals are very clean and non destructive. I want it in the lease, and I will pay for any and all damages made by my animals at your digression (you hire who you trust and I pay for any necessary fixes. ) I am confident there will be no issues at all but most people have a hard time permitting animals because of the way that some tenants may have allowed them to behave in the past.

I am employed full-time in the maintenance field, and have been with the same company 7 years. Very responsible and great references. I do not drink, smoke, or party at all. I keep to myself and have only a small handful of people I like to have around. I respect my neighbours and keep a clean home inside and out. I check my mailbox, collect my flyers, clean my yard, shovel my walk, rake my leaves, water and cut my lawn, always pay my rent and bills on time, avoid parties and bars. . . I believe in kindness, compassion, hard work, understanding, common sense, honesty, karma, loyalty and above all integrity.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I have great references.