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Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2019-03-25Mature couple looking for a place to call home$800.00-$1325.00
2019-03-24Looking for dog friendly condo$500.00-$1500.00
2019-03-22Searching for a 'HOME'$700.00-$1100.00
2019-03-22Young family with 2 middle sized (well behaved and trained) dogs looking for a home (house, duplex, townhouse, main floor)$500.00-$1600.00+utilities
2019-03-21Long term accommodation wanted$1000.00-$1750.00+utilities
2019-03-20Middel aged couple looking for 420 friendly/ dog and kitten friendly chill place$0.00-$900.00
2019-03-18Looking for 2 or More bedroom with yard access in Okotoks or South Calgary$1.00-$1100.00
2019-03-17Looking for short term rental (3 months)$800.00-$1500.00
2019-03-13Room wanted$300.00-$800.00
2019-03-11Looking for Shared Accomadation or Small Apartment$500.00-$800.00
2019-03-082 bedroom condo apartment needed for June 2019$900.00-$1200.00
2019-03-08Main floor and basement suite attached$0.00-$1800.00
2019-03-07Shared accommodation wanted$400.00-$500.00
2019-03-06wanting accomodation$450.00-$750.00
2019-03-05braeside rentals$1300.00-$1500.00+utilities
2019-03-03Family of 4 searching for long term home$1000.00-$2100.00+utilities
2019-03-02Family Seeking Home (South of Glenmore Tr)$900.00-$1500.00+utilities
2019-03-02single female$1.00-$550.00
2019-02-28rent furnished home for July and 1/2 August$500.00-$2000.00
2019-02-27Looking for a one bedroom to rent$400.00-$1000.00
2019-02-27Looking for a pet friendly single bedroom place for may 1st$900.00-$1300.00
2019-02-26Furnished home, condo or apartment$800.00-$2500.00
2019-02-25Looking for a long term lease in a new building downtown Calgary.$1500.00-$1700.00
2019-02-242 adults in early 40's looking for 2 bed all inclus$1.00-$1100.00
2019-02-23Wanted 2-3 bedroom house/apartment$1000.00-$1350.00
2019-02-22ADVENTURE WANTED!$1000.00-$1650.00+utilities



Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2019-03-25RENT HOME IN FREDERICTON$700.00-$1000.00
2019-03-23Lease agreement$1425.00-$1425.00
2019-03-19Wanted: Female roommate to rent with - May 1$1000.00-$1000.00
2019-03-03Looking for a 2 bedrooms immediately$900.00-$1150.00+utilities
2019-02-27Condo wanted near Harvest Hills, Calgary$1200.00-$1400.00
2018-08-31WANTED: Bridgeland - 1+Den or 2 Bedroom$1.00-$1400.00


Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2019-03-24Family of 5 looking for long term$1900.00-$2200.00+utilities
2019-03-203+ BDRM REQUIRED ASAP LONG TERM$1700.00-$1700.00
2019-03-19Rent to Own Wanted Marda Loop area$2000.00-$2500.00+utilities
2019-03-182 adults in security with small dog seeking house with garage$0.00-$1700.00+utilities
2019-03-18Looking to rent a House/Townhouse$1500.00-$2000.00
2019-03-17Looking for House/Townhouse rental near Foothills Hospital for Late May/Early June$1400.00-$1950.00+utilities
2019-03-14Family home wanted$1500.00-$2000.00+utilities
2019-03-13one year lease$500.00-$1400.00+utilities
2019-03-12Professional couple and golden retriever$1600.00-$2000.00+utilities
2019-03-113 bed house wanted. Dog friendly$0.00-$1600.00+utilities
2019-03-11Looking for a House to Rent - Working Professionals$0.00-$1650.00+utilities
2019-03-11Young working couple looking for a new place to call home!$700.00-$1250.00+utilities
2019-03-09Looking for a house or duplex$1500.00-$1750.00+utilities
2019-03-09Young Family + Pets need Home$1500.00-$1800.00+utilities
2019-03-0333 y/o F with 40 lb dog, wants private suite or house with yard$800.00-$1400.00
2019-03-02FAMILY seeking 4-5 bd, 2 bath house$1150.00-$1500.00+utilities
2019-03-02Seeking Rental with In-Law Suite$0.00-$2100.00+utilities
2019-03-01Family of four plus a dog looking for 3 bedroom home$900.00-$1500.00+utilities
2019-03-01Looking for Dog Friendly Property to Rent$1100.00-$1700.00+utilities
2019-02-27Looking for long term$1500.00-$3000.00+utilities
2019-02-27Military family coming home looking for a home to rent$1000.00-$1500.00
2019-02-25Bungalow wanted$1600.00-$1850.00+utilities

Main Floor


Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2019-03-033 Bedroom Home$1100.00-$1550.00