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Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2018-03-24Family of 4 working at the International school Lycée Louis Pasteur$1000.00-$2000.00+utilities
2018-03-23Min. 3 Bedroom, Townhome / House rental accommodation wanted for family of 4 in NW close to or around Brentwood / Varisty communities$0.00-$3000.00
2018-03-21Looking to Rent$600.00-$750.00
2018-03-21Small Town or Rural Accommodation Wanted - Employed Full Time 19 Years$500.00-$1350.00
2018-03-20House-sitting September 2018$400.00-$700.00
2018-03-20Resident Physician moving to Calgary$0.00-$1500.00
2018-03-19Single male professional looking for suite for approximately 1 year.$800.00-$1000.00
2018-03-18Father/ Daughter looking for new home$0.00-$900.00
2018-03-18Looking For Dog Friendly Rental$800.00-$1250.00
2018-03-15Family looking for a nice house$1500.00-$1800.00+utilities
2018-03-15quiet, low rise building$1250.00-$1500.00
2018-03-14Working female looking for bedroom/apartment/suite for April 01$500.00-$900.00
2018-03-13Cat friendly room or basement suite for rent$100.00-$500.00
2018-03-13Friendly family of 4 + 2 senior cats looking for 2-3br$900.00-$1450.00
2018-03-13looking for a place to preferable townhouse/duplex in SW area for May 15th or 31st$1100.00-$1500.00
2018-03-12Accommodation wanted$800.00-$1200.00+utilities
2018-03-12Adult, professional couple - Seeking - appartment, condo, house$900.00-$1200.00
2018-03-12Beginning of our lives together$0.00-$1200.00
2018-03-10Looking for....$900.00-$1100.00
2018-03-09Young Couple Require Home for May 1, 2018$1200.00-$1650.00
2018-03-083 Responsible University Students Looking for Place to Rent in SW$1000.00-$1700.00
2018-03-063 BED HOME WANTED$1750.00-$2400.00
2018-03-06Looking for a 2 bedroom pet friendly for May 1st!$100.00-$1000.00
2018-03-06REASONABLE 1 BDRM APARTMENT$1.00-$800.00
2018-03-03Accommodation Wanted$1500.00-$1500.00
2018-03-03Quiet young ma.$400.00-$600.00
2018-02-28Young professional couple w/dog$1000.00-$1500.00
2018-02-272-3bdrm affordable housing near lrt shopping$800.00-$1200.00
2018-02-26Professional couple looking for a place to call home$800.00-$1500.00
2018-02-26short-term rental$1500.00-$2000.00
2018-02-25Mature Student Looking for Private Accommodations Near uCalgary$450.00-$850.00
2018-02-24Newly engineering grad moving to Calgary for a full-time position$700.00-$1100.00
2018-02-23Pet Friendly 2+ Bedrooms Wanted for Young Family$1000.00-$1500.00+utilities
2018-02-22Family of Five$1500.00-$1700.00+utilities
2017-04-18Professional Couple Looking for Rental beginning June 1, 2018.$700.00-$1600.00
2016-03-31Quiet clean responsible female apt or condo -NO smoke/pets/party$1100.00-$1350.00


Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2018-03-20Couple needs affordable apartment asap$800.00-$900.00
2018-03-20REASONABLE 1 OR 2 BDRM FOR JUNE 1 2018$600.00-$900.00
2018-03-19Quiet family of two (mom and child)$600.00-$750.00
2018-03-172 to 3 Bedroom Apartment or Townhouse.No Smoking.No Pets$800.00-$1300.00
2018-03-15Accommodation Wanted$2.00-$2.00
2018-03-071 or 2 bedroom apartment wanted$1000.00-$1400.00
2018-03-041-2 bedroom close to downtown$1000.00-$1350.00
2018-03-04Student Looking for Private Space. Willing to do outside work!$0.00-$600.00+utilities
2018-03-02coffee time$850.00-$900.00
2018-02-261 bedroom Apartment$0.00-$800.00
2018-02-24Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartment wanted for professional$800.00-$1350.00
2018-02-221 bedroom Apartment$0.00-$800.00


Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2018-03-20Condos or Apartments For Rent$900.00-$1250.00
2018-03-15Looking for a place to rent$1000.00-$1200.00
2018-03-12Need a quiet home$1100.00-$1390.00
2018-03-09wanted - 1Bdrm fully furnished, May 1 availability, downtown Calgary$1200.00-$1350.00
2018-03-04Want to rent new condo$800.00-$1000.00
2018-02-27French looking for a place to live in calgary$900.00-$1300.00
2018-02-27Looking for a 1-2 Bedroom Apartment$0.00-$950.00
2018-02-25Town house wanted$1200.00-$1500.00
2018-02-24Mark on 10th 2 bed, 2 bath$1700.00-$2000.00
2018-02-23Looking for downtown condo 1bdrm$1200.00-$1600.00


Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2018-03-23NW 4 Bed, Pet Friendly$1600.00-$2400.00+utilities
2018-03-22Looking for a roomate$450.00-$450.00
2018-03-21Your Ideal Tenant$1300.00-$2300.00+utilities
2018-03-20Family Seeking Long Term Home$1300.00-$2400.00
2018-03-20Looking for a 3 bedroom fully furnished house in calgary$1500.00-$2500.00+utilities
2018-03-19A new start$900.00-$1500.00+utilities
2018-03-18Full house with garage WANTED for the 1st$1500.00-$2200.00
2018-03-18Married Couple relocating from Vancouver Island$1000.00-$1700.00+utilities
2018-03-18Young, professional couple looking for pet friendly home$1000.00-$1650.00
2018-03-17single 50 year old non smoker$1.00-$1500.00+utilities
2018-03-16Family of 4 seeking House August 1st, 2018$1500.00-$2000.00
2018-03-16House with In Law Suite$1500.00-$2000.00+utilities
2018-03-14Professional Couple Seeking Pet Friendly Home$1000.00-$1400.00+utilities
2018-03-14Wanted Mayland Heights House Rental$0.00-$1800.00
2018-03-13ISO a house in South Calgary$0.01-$1600.00
2018-03-13Looking for renovated upto date house rentals SE Calgary$1700.00-$1900.00+utilities
2018-03-07Home for our family$1100.00-$1300.00+utilities
2018-03-07Looking for a clean smokefree home for my family$1200.00-$1500.00
2018-03-07Potential Midnapore Move$1000.00-$1300.00+utilities
2018-03-0625Female looking for new home ( before May1st)$1300.00-$2000.00+utilities
2018-03-06Friendly 1 family looking a single house start Sep$1400.00-$1500.00
2018-03-05Quiet Professional Couple Looking for Long-term Home$1000.00-$1600.00
2018-03-05Responsible, Friendly Family of 4 moving to Calgary$2000.00-$2000.00+utilities
2018-03-05Young professional couple looking for central house/townhouse$500.00-$2100.00
2018-03-04Looking for 5 Bedroom hous$0.00-$3000.00
2018-03-02Needed 4 bedroom pet friendly rental$1000.00-$1500.00
2018-02-27Reliable Pakistani family looking for long term rental$1300.00-$1500.00+utilities
2018-02-26Professional Couple Looking for Pet Friendly Home$0.00-$1600.00
2018-02-25Family looking for 3 bedroom home$1400.00-$1600.00+utilities
2018-02-25Professional couple looking for a place to call home$900.00-$1600.00
2018-02-25To Re t a Town house$1200.00-$15000.00
2018-02-21Excellent Renters looking for a nice home to rent.$1400.00-$1750.00
2018-02-21Looking for minimum 4 bedroom cat and dog friendly home$1400.00-$2400.00
2018-01-255+ Bedroom Home Wanted in the NW for August 2018$1800.00-$3000.00+utilities
2018-01-25The best tenants - family looking for detached house$1500.00-$1800.00+utilities
2018-01-13Young professional family of 4 plus a well-trained standard poodle are looking for 3 bedroom house or townhouse in NW Calgary$1500.00-$2000.00+utilities

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