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Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2019-01-16Retired Gramma, daughter, grandkids & small pets$1600.00-$2400.00
2019-01-08Responsible Family Looking for Clean Home$1300.00-$1675.00
2019-01-06HOUSE/DUPLEX or Townhouse$900.00-$1600.00
2019-01-06LF: Dog friendly Long term house rental - dream tenants!$1600.00-$1950.00+utilities
2019-01-03HOUSE/TOWNHOUSE wanted July 1, 2019$1000.00-$2000.00
2019-01-01Family of 5 looking for a 4+ bedroom home$1500.00-$2000.00
2018-12-30Wanted: Long term rental$1600.00-$1900.00+utilities
2018-12-28Irish Family arriving in May looking for Accomadation long term$1500.00-$2000.00
2018-12-242 men looking for a 2 bedroom$1000.00-$2000.00
2018-12-20Executive relocation to Calgary$3500.00-$4500.00
2018-12-1930+ adults and 2 (well behaved) dogs looking for house (townhouse, duplex) to call home$1500.00-$2000.00
2018-12-19House 3 bedroom or more with garage and pet friendly$0.00-$1600.00

Room to Rent

Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2019-01-08Looking for furnished room for rent$400.00-$600.00+utilities