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Any Type

Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2019-05-19Ground Level in Eau claire$1000.00-$2200.00
2019-05-16Quiet family looking for quiet home for a long term lease.$1000.00-$3000.00+utilities
2019-05-16Wanting a home with a private fenced yard$750.00-$1000.00
2019-05-15Family looking for inner city home, walkable community, 3-4BR open concept with outdoor space$2000.00-$3000.00+utilities
2019-05-14Looking for home to call our own$1000.00-$1400.00
2019-05-14Want to rent space for art studio$0.00-$500.00
2019-05-13Professional couple - Seeking 2 bdrm + den or 3 bdrm condo/apartment in Eau Claire / Downtown West End - August 1$1700.00-$2200.00
2019-05-13Single female looking for 1-2 bedroom for June$700.00-$900.00
2019-05-13Wanted: modern 2 bedroom / 2 parking stall$1400.00-$2200.00
2019-05-10Organization Looking for Staff Housing$1600.00-$2000.00+utilities
2019-05-10Traveling Professional - Short-term rental$450.00-$750.00
2019-05-09Relocating Family Seeking Temporary Home$1500.00-$1800.00+utilities
2019-05-0836 y/o male, looking for shared, for June 1$600.00-$800.00
2019-05-08Clean, Safe, Non-smoking Accommodation wanted for single, mature woman$300.00-$550.00
2019-05-08Disabled woman looking for Accommodation - main floor$400.00-$700.00
2019-05-072 bedroom unit$800.00-$1150.00
2019-05-07professional looking for 1 bedroom,studio or bachelor$500.00-$850.00
2019-05-06Need a stable place$0.00-$900.00
2019-05-05Corporate Move - Furnished$900.00-$1600.00
2019-05-032 Employed Adults NO kids/pets/smoke$650.00-$1100.00
2019-05-02Looking for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath in the downtown area!$1500.00-$1800.00+utilities
2019-05-02Looking for a 3 bedroom rental$200.00-$1700.00+utilities
2019-05-01Medical Student needs rental near Foothills Hospital$400.00-$1500.00
2019-04-302-3 bedrooms wanted$1000.00-$1500.00
2019-04-281-2 Bedroom Apartment/Condo with in-suit laundry and balcony wanted$700.00-$1400.00
2019-04-28Looking for 2 Bedroom Apt/Condo/House near University of Calgary$1200.00-$1500.00+utilities
2019-04-273 adults seeking immediate accommodation$1000.00-$1500.00
2019-04-27Varsity home for professional family$1600.00-$2000.00+utilities
2019-04-26Looking for Roommate$650.00-$800.00
2019-04-25Mature responsible woman seeking accommodation in Sunalta, South West or Downtown$500.00-$1200.00
2019-04-24A place to all home$800.00-$1200.00
2019-04-24A place to call home$800.00-$1200.00
2019-04-24Family of 5 looking for a Home-Professional Neat Family!$1000.00-$1600.00+utilities
2019-04-24Professional Parents and 4 kids - Looking for a beautiful home$800.00-$1650.00+utilities
2019-04-23Looking for a place for my roommate and I June 1st$900.00-$1400.00


Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2019-05-19Apartment wanted close to C train$800.00-$1200.00
2019-05-19Student Looking for rental$700.00-$1000.00
2019-05-181 Bedroom Apartment Needed$900.00-$1000.00
2019-05-14renting two-bedroom apartment$1200.00-$1500.00
2019-05-081 bedroom apartment wanted-preferably the 5th floor or above only if available.$850.00-$1200.00
2019-05-05Studio or one-room apartment$1000.00-$1400.00
2019-05-01Looking for a 2 bedroom apartment near Tom Baker Cancer Center$1100.00-$1200.00
2019-04-29Accomodations Wanted$700.00-$850.00
2019-04-26Looking for 1 or 2 bedroom apartments in the Calgary downtown area$1100.00-$1400.00
2019-04-252-Bedroom Apartment/Condo in Westgate or Chinook Park areas$1100.00-$1300.00
2019-04-24August Move in$700.00-$950.00+utilities
2019-04-21Looking for Carriage House$1200.00-$1350.00
2019-04-21Soon to be retired couple looking for 2 bedroom apartment$1200.00-$1600.00
2019-04-20Student looking for rental$100.00-$900.00+utilities


Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2019-05-20Pet friendly Long Term home$800.00-$1400.00
2019-05-08Wanted : 1~2 BR Basement Suit fully renovated for UoC Student$300.00-$800.00
2019-05-05Basement suite wanted$900.00-$1200.00


Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2019-05-12Awesome professional woman looking for 2 bed condo in inner city$2000.00-$0.00
2019-05-12Single Chartered Accountant Looking For July 1$1000.00-$1300.00+utilities
2019-05-05ACCOMODATION WANTED$1300.00-$1400.00+utilities
2019-05-05Condo rental$1000.00-$1800.00
2019-04-30Quiet professional looking for quiet condo or apartment$1200.00-$1250.00
2019-04-29Young Professional Couple Seeking Apartment/Condo Close to U of C$800.00-$1500.00
2019-04-21Looking for 1 bedroom apartment$0.00-$1000.00


Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2019-05-20Pet friendly Long Term home$800.00-$1400.00
2019-05-18Small family looking for affordable small house to rent south or southwest of Calgary$1000.00-$1500.00+utilities
2019-05-13Rental house$900.00-$1200.00
2019-05-10Professional Couple looking for entire house or townhouse rental (not shared) - close to University area$1300.00-$1800.00+utilities
2019-05-09Valley Ridge, Crestmont or Upper West Home Desired$1900.00-$2300.00+utilities
2019-05-05Growing Family of 3 Seeking 3 Bedroom Home$900.00-$1300.00+utilities
2019-05-03Accommodation needed for family of four$1600.00-$1800.00+utilities
2019-05-03HOUSE IN SIGNAL HILL WANTED FOR DAY HOME$2000.00-$2500.00+utilities
2019-05-01Looking for house to rent. $1500$0.00-$1500.00+utilities
2019-04-27Professional couple looking for a place to call home$1000.00-$1600.00+utilities
2019-04-253 Bedroom Family Home$1400.00-$1750.00+utilities
2019-04-24Family looking for long term rental$0.00-$2000.00+utilities
2019-04-24Hard working couple seeking a place to call home!$900.00-$1350.00+utilities
2019-04-23Lovely Family looking for a 4 bedroom house to call home long term in Calgary (Deep South)$1600.00-$1900.00+utilities
2019-03-09Young Family + Pets need Home$1500.00-$2000.00+utilities
2018-06-05August 1st - Long Term SW Family Home Rental$1200.00-$2000.00
2017-07-22Family of 5 looking for a place to live.$1200.00-$1500.00+utilities
2016-04-15Family of 5$100.00-$2200.00+utilities

Main Floor

Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2019-05-20Pet friendly Long Term home$800.00-$1400.00

Room to Rent

Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2019-05-19Room on main floor or basement wanted$450.00-$470.00
2019-05-14Shared Accommodation$500.00-$500.00


Date PostedTitleMonthly Rent
2019-05-20Pet friendly Long Term home$800.00-$1400.00
2019-05-14Retired couple downsizing in SE$1200.00-$1600.00+utilities
2019-05-02Roommate Wanted$925.00-$950.00
2019-04-28Married Couple w/Dog. Seeking Rent-to-Own.$1000.00-$1400.00
2019-04-22Family of 3 looking for Rental$1100.00-$1500.00