How to Arrange a Bachelor Apartment

When people come across a rental bachelor apartment, they are often overwhelmed by the wide open and empty space. It causes people to turn away and look for other options because they don’t want a place where the kitchen would be in the same room as the living room and the bedroom. What people don’t realize is the immense potential these spaces have. If you properly arrange these types of apartments, the possibilities are endless in the ways you can use your living space. There are various strategies that can assist in make the space comforting, filled, and less intimidating. Adding walls is a great way to separate spaces or play with your furniture arrangement. This is a type of apartment that is not restricted by any odd corners or random walls. The room is yours to do what you will with it! So, what are some strategies you can utilize to make the space work for you?


Adding Walls

In today’s day, there are solutions to any home problem or need, even adding walls! Wall partitions are a great way to separate rooms in a bachelor-style apartment, letting you decide how big or small a “room” will be. Wall partitions don’t simply have to be a grey stand on wheels, like we see in so many offices, there are many unique styles and colors out there to fit your own décor style. You can use beams, windows, a wall made of pallets, curtains, or even a large shelving unit filled with your favorite things. By adding walls, you will create a smaller feel to the large apartment, leaving a cozy space for you to work, sleep, eat, or do whatever you need to do away from the other spaces.


Furniture Arrangement

furniture arrangement in bachelor apartment

If you aren’t interested in setting up a wall in the middle of your apartment, but still want to create the illusion of rooms, furniture can easily be arranged to make this happen. Depending on the direction you face your furniture it can act as a barrier, therefore enclosing off a room. Have your couch facing away from the kitchen table – that way if all of your furniture is turned away from the kitchen and is instead facing the other living room furniture items (television, arm chairs, coffee table, etc.), then you will create the sensation of a “separate room.” This can also be done with cabinets and dressers, bookshelves (be sure they are securely fastened and stable), or coat racks.


Fill the Walls

Wall art and standing décor will assist to fill those seemingly empty spaces of a bachelor apartment. With such a large room, you don’t want to over-load it, but you also don’t want to leave the space looking un-lived in. Purchase art that matches your colors and themes and put it on your walls. Although it is hanging on a wall, it will give the space a comfortable feel. If you want to fill the space even more, purchase larger décor that can sit on the floor but has height to it. This will give the room a vertical look and it will not be focused so much on the pieces that are sitting on the floor.


Stay Organized

When clutter begins to build, it is these times that bachelor-style apartments can look messy, unorganized, and cold. Come up with unique and creative ways to store your stuff. Use baskets, shelving units, or drawers that fit under couches or a bed. Get your stuff out of the way so that the apartment can look neat and tidy, and therefore more welcoming. When purchasing furniture for your apartment, be sure to invest in larger dressers, side tables, and bookshelves that have many options for you to get your stuff organized and avoid the clutter. The other option is to buy ingenious furniture that can double up as storage – there are beds you can purchase that will lift up and have drawers and shelves underneath!


Use Lighting to Your Advantage

lighting in bachelor apartment

One of the worst things you can do for your bachelor apartment is hang heavy curtains over the few windows you may have. When less light is let into the apartment, the feeling of duskiness and emptiness will ensue. A great way to add personality and fill your space is by adding hanging lights. There are various styles that can add style and light to your rooms, so you can maintain your theme throughout the apartment. Instead of filling your floors with standing lamps, making the room appear more cluttered than it is, get the light fixtures off the floor and use find the type of lighting that best fits. Chandeliers, basic lamps, string lights, fake candles, anything that will match your space and brighten in up!



color in bachelor apartment

When painting your apartment, it is important to consider which “rooms” will be the most lit. If your bachelor-style rental does not have many windows, you will want to avoid using dark colors that will make the room feel dreary. Focus on your lighting and use color to brighten up the darker areas of the space. Almost any shade of white or yellow will artificially brighten up a room, these colors are great to use because they can be paired with almost any accent color of your choosing. Use your accent colors to make the large space feel more welcoming is by adding those pops of color on throw pillows, décor, art, and carpets. These will draw the eye and fill the room, without taking away from the overall style you have created.


See the Potential in a Bachelor Apartment

Next time you are viewing a bachelor apartment, alter your perspective and instead of seeing a large empty room, see the vast potential that the space has to offer! By using these tips and tricks you will end up with a large space that has been made cozy. The space has no walls but can still be functional. Create rooms using different arrangements, and add your own style and personality to your walls and décor. Once you have put your stuff in its place you will be in awe of how that large empty room suddenly became a home!