Woodlands Community Overview

Woodlands is a residential neighborhood in the south-west quadrant of Calgary, Alberta. The community borders the Fish Creek Provincial Park to the south, and is lined on the east side by the Canyon Meadows Golf course.

Woodlands was established in 1976.

Schools include William Roper Hull School and Woodlands Elementary.

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Woodlands Apartment Rental Stats

Property Type# of ListingsMin PriceMax PriceAve Price
Apartments     4$1123$1209$1150
Basements     1$1000$1000$1000
Duplexes     1$1475$1475$1475
Houses     3$1900$2995$2330
Main Floors     1$1700$1700$1700
Shared     1$725$725$725
Townhouses     1$1750$1750$1750
Total Rentals     12$725$2995$1520
City Section# of ListingsMin PriceMax PriceAve Price
SW     2805$100$17500$1847

Closest Schools

Woodlands Elementary Public Elementary 88 Woodgreen Drive SW 0.38 km
William Roper Hull School Public All Grades 2266 Woodpark Avenue SW 0.70 km
Woodbine Elementary Public Elementary 27 Woodfield Way SW 1.32 km
St. Jude Separate Elementary 730 Woodbine Blvd. SW 1.60 km
St. Catherine Separate Elementary 11 Canata Close SW 1.75 km
Robert Warren Junior High PublicJunior High 12424 Elbow Drive SW 1.76 km
St. Cyril SeparateJunior High 2990 Cedarbrae Dr. SW 2.10 km
St. Stephen SeparateJunior High 10910 Elbow Dr. SW 2.45 km
John Ware Junior High PublicJunior High 10020 - 19th Street SW 2.59 km
Harold Panabaker Junior High PublicJunior High 23 Sackville Drive SW 2.59 km
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School PublicHigh School 220 Canterbury Drive SW 1.83 km
Bishop Grandin SeparateHigh School 11 Haddon Road SW 4.88 km
Lord Beaverbrook High School PublicHigh School 9019 Fairmount Drive SE 4.99 km
Henry Wise Wood High School PublicHigh School 910 - 75th Avenue SW 5.33 km
Centennial High School PublicHigh School 55 Sun Valley Boulevard SE 5.51 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Closest Libraries

Southwood Branch 924 Southland Drive SW3.01 km
Fish Creek Branch 11161 Bonaventure Drive SE3.70 km
Shawnessy Branch 333 Shawville Blvd SE5.82 km
Glenmore Square Branch 7440 18 Street SE8.36 km
Alexander Calhoun Branch 3223 14 Street SW9.39 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Distance to Local Landmarks

Ambrose University College 11.81 km
Calgary Airport 22.27 km
Chinook Centre Mall 6.78 km
Devry Institute of Tech 14.36 km
Downtown Calgary 12.45 km
Foothills Hospital 13.85 km
Market Mall 16.13 km
Mount Royal University 7.93 km
Peter Lougheed Hospital 17.67 km
Rockyview Hospital 5.59 km
SAIT 13.81 km
South Health Campus 12.94 km
Southcentre Mall 3.51 km
Sunridge Mall 17.16 km
University of Calgary 15.28 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

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