7 Cool Ways to Save Space in Your Apartment

7 Cool Ways to Save Space in Your Apartment

Are you struggling to find space in your apartment? Depending on what your budget is, a small apartment may be just the place you end up in. You find yourself bumping into the couch, piling your books on the floor, and maybe eating off of the coffee table. So, when you have a limited area to work with, how do you save space? Here are 7 cool ways to save space in your apartment!


1. Multi-Purpose Furniture

Save Space in Your Apartment - MultiPurpose Furniture - Murphy Bed

Having a hard time fitting a desk and a bed into your bedroom? With inventions like the Murphy Bed, you don’t need to! There is a wide variety of multi-purpose furniture available that will reduce the amount of furniture you need by making one piece – multi-purpose! The Murphy Bed in particular is a bed that lifts up to the wall, and beneath is a desk. The best thing about this Murphy Bed is that the desk never tilts or turns, keeping your stuff just where you left it.


2. Foldable Furniture

Save Space in Your Apartment - DropLeafTable

Because you are limited on space, it can be helpful to eliminate the size of your furniture. But what about when you have guests over, or a big project to spread out? A number of foldable home items are available that will ‘fold down’ when needed and expand when required. Items like drop leaf tables, folding chairs, etc. store nicely. If you are hosting a get together and need more space for people to stand, these items can be folded up so that more room is left to party.


3. Hidden Storage

Save Space in Your Apartment - Hidden Storage - Storage Bed

Hidden storage is the most innovative way to make the most of your small apartment. Stair steps are turned into drawers, empty spaces behind hung photos, rolling boxes under beds, and a number of other things you can do to add extra storage to your apartment. There are beds that lift up revealing an entire space to keep your infrequently-used goods, or sofas and chairs that have pull out drawers beneath them. Because the one thing that is bulkier than your ‘stuff’ is the storage unit you get to hold it.


4. Higher Shelves

Save Space in Your Apartment - Tall Shelving

You are limited on the square footage you have to work with, so save space by storing things up high! Floating wall shelves, as well as tall shelving units, are available at furniture stores or online. When you store things closer to the ceiling, you leave more space on the ground for the things you use on a daily basis. Not to mention, bookshelves that go to the ceiling are a dream by any bookworm (hello personal library)!


5. Take Advantage of Corners

Save Space in Your Apartment - Corner Bookshelves

When you are limited on space, you may not have the luxury to have large shelving units and bookshelves. Take advantage of the corners of your apartment and save space by purchasing Corner bookshelves. These can work especially well for small corners in your home that would not normally fit any other pieces of furniture. This allows you to store your books, add some personal décor, or show off your family photos in a space that may not otherwise have room.


6. Pendant Lighting

Save Space in Your Apatment - Floor Saving Lighting

Many people have a number of lamps that need to be placed on a table or the floor. Although it may not seem like much, these lights actually take up a lot of space (corners of the room and table-tops). Do yourself a favour and save space by purchasing pendant lighting! There are hundreds of beautiful wall and ceiling fixtures that not only act as a light source, but also can compliment your style. Don’t want just another light fixture? There are unique and creative fixtures you can put on the wall that will add a little flare. Use this opportunity to add personality to your space!


7. Mobile Furniture

Save Space in Your Apartment - Mobile Unit

If your apartment is too small to have a room dedicated to laundry, create a mobile one that can easily be pushed away! By putting a small station on wheels, you can bring it into the main room when needed, and store it in a convenient place when finished. This cool way to save space limits the square footage needed for permanent pieces since they can roll away into tight quarters until needed. Do this for your laundry, a kitchen island, or a small mobile bar (equipped with drinks and glasses!).


BONUS: “Create” More Space

Save Space in Your Apartment - Create More Space

When you fill a small space with furniture, it leaves the room feeling crowded and cramped. “Create” the feeling of more space by adding more mirrors into your décor. Have mirrored cabinet doors, add a mirror at the end of a hallway, or use mirrors in place of art. Doing this will create the illusion that your space is actually larger than it is!


Use these cool methods and save space in your apartment! You will be amazed at how much room you actually have!

6 Ways to Save Money on Utilities

6 Ways to Save Money on Utilities

When renting, it can be discouraging to see your money disappear into bills and living costs. Although you have a rental that is the perfect rate for you (thanks Rentfaster.ca!), in the blink of an eye your utility bills can add up. Thankfully, you can reduce those costs and save money on utilities through small changes! Lower those bills and have more money freedom in your future. Here are 6 ways to save money on utilities!


1. Laundry with Cold Water

6 ways to save money on utilities - Laundry with Cold Water

If you do your laundry with cold water instead of warm, you will notice a drastic change in your utility bill. By making this small change, you are reducing the amount of energy needed to heat up the water tank. Worried about your clothes being affected by the cold water? Most clothes and delicate items actually require cold water to clean.


2. Use a Clothes Line

6 ways to save money on utilities - Use a Clothes Line

Another way to reduce the amount of energy spent on heating is to hang your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer! The dryer requires a high amount of energy to work the machine, as well as heat the air to dry the wet clothes. If you think about the average time you spend drying your clothes, you probably will find that your dryer is on for up to an hour for each load! Instead air-dry your clothes when possible (Canada has it’s outdoor limitations) and reduce the time spent with the dryer on.


3. Apply Weather Stripping

6 Ways to Save Money on Utilities - Apply Weather Stripping

One of the best ways to save money on utilities is to apply weather stripping to your doors and windows. This will ensure that the warmed air inside your house stays in, and the cold air from outside stays out! Applying weather stripping is as simple as going to your local hardware store and purchasing a weather stripping seal or tape (priced as low as $10). Stick this on to the inside frame of your windows and doors and spend less on heating your home!


4. Fill Up the Dishwasher

6 Ways to Save Money on Utilities - Fill up the Dishwasher

We live in a society where we will often run the dishwasher even when it is half-full. We don’t like to see dirty dishes! If you are looking for ways to save money on utilities, be sure that your dishwasher is completely full before running it. This will save the number of runs needed and reduce the amount of water and heating required to run a load! Also take one step further and turn off the ‘hot air dry’ function – your dishes will still dry, but use less energy.


5. Turn Off (and Unplug) Lights

6 ways to save money on utilities - Turn Off (and Unplug) Lights

If you can teach yourself to turn lights off when not in use, you will start to see a decrease in your utilities bill. It is often a tough habit but will save money in the long term. In addition to switching off lights, unplug any lights that are rarely used. Even though the lights are turned off when they are plugged in, small amounts of electricity are still used (called vampire electricity). Unplug those lamps and appliances in rooms that you use less often to save money!


6. Use Less Water

6 ways to save money on utilities - Use Less Water

Of course, the most obvious way to save money on utilities is to take shorter showers and avoid baths. But in addition to these water-saving methods, there are a number of other things you can keep in mind.

  • As mentioned, make sure your laundry and dishwasher loads are full before running them!
  • Fix any leaking or dripping taps or pipes.
  • Turn off the taps while you not in use (ex. putting away a washed dish, or while you are brushing your teeth).
  • Replace shower heads with low-flow options.


Apply these small changes to your daily life at home and you will begin to see a decrease in your utilities. Happy saving!

Leases, Why Are They Important And What Needs To Be Included?

Leases, Why Are They Important And What Needs To Be Included?

Guest Blog: Jeff Kahane, Kahane Law Office 


Before a landlord or tenant can rent out or occupy a house, a tenancy agreement (lease) must be agreed upon by both parties to outline the rules of the tenancy. This agreement can be either verbal or written (written is always better for evidence sake) and has numerous components that both the tenant and landlord must follow in order to ensure that the tenancy goes smoothly, with as little conflict as possible.  First things first, you, as the landlord or the tenant, must know that within a lease there are two types of tenancies that can take place:

  1. Fixed Term Tenancy – meaning that it has both a start and an end date.
  2. Periodic Tenancy – this type has a start date but there is no end date to the tenancy, meaning that it could go on anywhere from a week to a year and can end at any time.


In addition to knowing what type of lease that you want, you should also know that they should include a few important things to ensure that you are not held liable, as well as that your property is treated with respect. Some examples of what should be included in a lease are:

  • The amount, per month that rent costs;
  • If utilities are included (i.e. water, electricity and gas);
  • The terms of the security deposit, as well as the date it is due and the amount due;
  • If appliances such as: dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines are included;
  • Which party is responsible for maintenance of the house such as: changing light bulbs, replacing stained or damaged countertops etcetera;
  • That inspections be carried out by the landlord one week before and one week after tenancy begins and ends;
  • The rules and regulations laid out by landlord that the tenant must follow, however; it must not take away and rights laid out by the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA);
  • Must be signed and dated by both parties; and
  • A waiver that releases the landlord from any liability for damage or loss of a tenant’s property.


Leases are a tricky business, as the smallest thing may be exploited if ever a situation were to come up such as:

  • Illegal subletting,
  • Unjust eviction, or
  • A violation of RTA rights.

However, by following these basic principles of a lease, as outlined above, a tenancy agreement can aid you in avoiding issues whether small or big, saving you time and money.  If a legal situation arises and you require advice or aid, our experienced real estate lawyers at Kahane Law Office can help. Learn more at www.kahanelaw.com. Also, feel free to contact us at info@Kahanelaw.com or call us at (403)-225-8810.

Cheap Alternatives to Blackout Blinds

Cheap Alternatives to Blackout Blinds

Whether you are looking to darken a room for a nursery, or just need to block out the sun in your bedroom, blackout blinds are everyone’s go-to! The only problem becomes the cost – blackout blinds can range anywhere in price from $50.00 to $269.00 and beyond. That doesn’t even cover installation! If you need to darken a room, instead of purchasing expensive blinds, try something else that will save you some money and still do the job! Here are some solutions you should avoid and some easy and cheap alternatives to darken a room!



Cardboard Blackout Blinds

One of the easy solutions that many people gravitate towards is using cardboard cut-outs to cover up a window. The problem is that this solution looks very rough and tacky in a home. Although this may be the cheapest and simplest alternative to keeping a room dark, it leads to an ugly distraction in the room. No longer does your window act as a feature; instead you are stuck looking at an un-flattering piece of cardboard – something that does not match your room’s style or décor (and looks very suspicious from the outside)!



DIY Curtains Blackout Blinds

Blackout Curtains DIY

To darken a room without using blackout blinds, get creative with a little ‘DIY.’ It is as easy as heading to your local fabric store, purchasing some heavier fabric, and doing some sewing. When you purchase your fabric, the fabric you select does not have to be thick, as long as the fabric will hang heavy against the window, sealing out the light. Other than a sewing machine, you will need enough fabric to fit your window (or drape to the floor of the room), and some wooden dowels.

  • Measure out the fabric you have selected, and then hem the sides and bottom for a clean-cut look.
  • Add holes into the top of the curtain for placing shower/curtain hooks, sew loops on the back of the fabric, or simply fold over the top and sew a tunnel.
  • Attach your curtain hooks to a rod or slide a wooden dowel through the loops or top.
  • Place it in the desired location above the window and voila! Goodbye sunshine, hello fabulous, decorative, and handmade curtains!

Prefer to follow direct instructions on how to make DIY curtains? Check out Two Twenty One’s step by step on how to make your own blackout curtains: https://www.twotwentyone.net/make-blackout-curtains/



Tin Foil Blackout Blinds

Tin foil is an alternative to blackout blinds that often creates the feeling of an abandoned home. The tin foil may be an easy solution, but the shimmery appearance often leaves a room feeling cold and harsh. In addition, when people are passing by your house, the tin foil can reflect the sun, drawing attention to the poorly covered window.



Magic Blackout Blinds Sticker

Magic Blackout Blind Stickers

If you don’t have the sewing skills to make a curtain, blackout blind stickers are an effective and cheap option! Available online for as low as $8.99, these easy to use stickers will keep out the sun. These stickers come in large sheets so that you can simply measure and cut the sticker to your window specifications. These stickers are a better alternative than tin foil because they do not shimmer or crease. From the outside your windows just appear dark! Try these Magic Blackout Blind Stickers available at: https://www.dormco.com/Magic_Peel_N_Stick_Blackout_Blind_24_x_32_p/gh3-5-6-800060.htm.



Cheap Blackout Blinds

If you are not feeling like getting creative and instead would prefer to purchase blackout blinds, there are cheap options! IKEA has Roller Blackout Blinds for $34.99 that will fit certain sized windows. Select the best size and colour (available in white, grey, and black – black is a higher price) and you now have a way to keep your room sunlight-free!



Wherever you need to block out the sunlight (your college dorm, child’s nursery, or your own bedroom!), do it cheaply and effectively with these alternative blackout blinds!

How to Use Area Rugs Properly in a Small Home or Apartment

How to Use Area Rugs Properly in a Small Home or Apartment

There are some challenges that come with decorating and filling a small home or apartment – area rugs are one of these challenges. Area rugs are great to keep your feet warm in the winter and make a room appear cozy and comfortable. But when you have a small space how do you know what area rug to purchase? When choosing an area rug for your space, there are a number of things to assist you in finding the perfect rug for the perfect spot! Here is how to use area rugs properly in a small home or apartment:


Separating Rooms in Open Concept Homes

Area Rugs - Separating Rooms in Open Concept Homes

If your apartment is open concept, rugs are the perfect way to “separate” spaces. By adding a rug you are able to great a visual ‘barrier’ to the beginning and end of the ‘living room’, keeping it separate from the kitchen and dining room. It also lends itself to a base for furniture to sit on. This creates the sense that the furniture is within a designated area. The space is now defined with the rug that acts as the “perimeter” of a room. Easy and effective!


Use Area Rugs that Compliment Furniture or Decor

Use Area Rugs that Compliment Furniture and Decor

One of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing a rug is that it clashes with the room (modern home with traditional rug). Find an area rug that compliments your furniture and décor. The best way to do this is to look around your room and get a sense of what style it is. Is it rustic, modern, classic? Once you have determined what your style is, selecting a rug to compliment the room’s style will be simple! Still not sure? Pinterest has plenty of suggestions based on room style!


Secure Under Couch or Table Legs

Area Rugs - Secure Under Couch or Table Legs

If the rooms in your home are small, it is likely that they will have high foot traffic. One common problem with rugs is that they get bunched up or caught when stepped on. Fix this problem by anchoring rugs in high traffic areas with your furniture! Secure those ends under your couch, table legs, bed, or perhaps a heavy vase or other decorative item! Keeping the ends secured will prevent your area rugs from moving around and causing gathering.


NOTE: When purchasing your rug, always be sure you have measurements in mind. A rug that is oversized (or even too small) can make the room look awkward. Select a rug size that comfortably holds all your furniture.


Use Contrast Patterns

Area Rugs - Use Contrast Patterns

Having rugs that contrast your room (instead of blending in with the background) bring colour and detail into a space. Add a rug with a contrasting pattern and place it under your dining room table, your couch, or your coffee table! This is especially beneficial for glass items (such as a glass coffee table). Having a designed or patterned rug beneath adds personality. Be sure that you choose a rug that is contrasting but not clashing with your other furniture and décor (see above point!). Find rugs that repeat a pattern, have similar colours to those in the room, or include a new pattern to your space.


Keep Your Lifestyle in Mind

Area Rugs - Keep Your Lifestlye in Mind

When selecting an area rug, consider the lifestyle that is lived in that room. Does your eating area experience regular messes? Do you have children who like to paint in the living room? Do you have pets that chew bones on the carpet? Keeping these things in mind will help you decide what type of rug you need (or if you need one at all). Some rugs require more maintenance for cleaning, while others are simple to remove a stain. Darker colours will show less mess, while thicker rugs will require deeper cleaning to get out all that dust, debris, and dog hair!



You will love your area rug! And keep in mind that it is not as permanent as a carpet, so once you’re tired of it, you can get a new one! Above all else, make sure you smile when you walk into the room.







Residential Tenancies Act ( RTA)

Residential Tenancies Act ( RTA)

If you are renting in Alberta, please be aware that the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) is in place to protect you as a renter. The RTA sets out rights and responsibilities for both the tenants and the landlords. To view the RTA go to the Service Alberta website at www.servicealberta.ca>Landlords/tenants>Legislation.


Service Alberta is responsible for enforcing the offence sections of the RTA and the regulations. If you have a complaint or dispute between you and your landlord, you can contact Consumer Services. The first step in any complaint process is to talk to an Information Officer in the Consumer Contact Centre. Toll free in Alberta 1-877-427-4088 or 780-427-4088 (Edmonton). They can give you information to settle the disputes on your own or advice you of your rights under the legislation.


Talk with your landlord, clarify information and put anything agreed upon in writing. Written agreements are always better, as it provides evidence should there ever be a problem. Keeping the lines of communication open between the landlord and the tenant can prevent any misunderstandings and potential disagreements.


The RTA applies to most residential tenants who live in one of the following:

  • A house, apartment, duplex or mobile home
  • A hotel or motel room if rented for more than 6 consecutive months
  • A rooming or boarding house (in most cases


The RTA does not apply to the following tenancies.

  • Rental premises that are occupied for business purposes that also have living accommodations attached and both are rented under a single agreement
  • People who share a landlord’s living quarters as though they were a part of the landlord’s family
  • Hotels, motels, trailer parks, tourist homes or other vacation accommodations if a person lives there for less than six consecutive months
  • Rental premises rented to a student by an educational institution unless the student has exclusive possession of self-contained rental premises
  • Mobile home sites as set out in the Mobile Home Sites Tenancies Act

Be aware of your rights as a tenant. Not all landlords out there are good landlords. Some landlords are not aware of the RTA and the laws set out to protect the tenant (you) and the landlord (them).


Be safe out there and know your rights.


Christine Versnick
CIR Realty

7 Cool Multipurpose Furniture Pieces for Small Apartments

7 Cool Multipurpose Furniture Pieces for Small Apartments


Depending on where you live, you may not always have the luxury of large spaces. Small affordable apartments tend to have less rooms and less room in those rooms, making it essential that you use every square inch effectively. Have you heard of multipurpose furniture pieces? These awesome inventions take an everyday piece of furniture and turn it into another useful item, eliminating the need for more furniture. Check out these 7 cool multipurpose furniture pieces you can use for your small apartment in Canada!


1. The Murphy Bed

Available at: Wayfair.ca

MurphyBed - Multipurpose Furniture

If you only have a small room to work with and are worried about a bed taking up most of the space, this “Murphy Bed” is what you need. The unique contraption has shelves along the sides to store your possessions (books, décor, lights, etc.) and a bed that, when folded up, reveals a desk. What makes this multipurpose furniture piece special is that the desk is never tilted or turned. During movement, the desk stays stable – keeping your workspace just the way you left it. Brings a whole new meaning to “sleeping on the job.”


2. Industrial Storage Coffee Table

Avaliable at: Westelm.com

Industrial Storage Coffee Table - Multipurpose Furniture

When you have a small space to work with, square footage needs to also include those areas off the floor. Why not look into furniture that doubles as storage? This multipurpose coffee table helps store loose items and keeps them out of the way. Fill it with books, blankets, or even serving dishes that don’t fit in your kitchen. If space is really limited, you can use the lifted plank as a desk as well! This coffee table/desk will maintain a tidy looking living room and acts as a stunning piece to feature amongst your other furniture!


3. Essex Tilt-Out Shoe Bench

Available at: ImprovementsCatalog.com

Essex Tiltout Shoe Bench - Multipurpose Furniture

If your problem is shoe storage, look no further than the “Essex Tilt-Out Shoe Bench.” This cute bench adds seating to your front entry (or bedroom), and also stores all (or some) of your shoes. Holding up to 9 pairs of shoes, the front panel pulls out for 3 organized rows of shoes. Depending on the style of your home, you can choose from 3 different wood finishes. A beautiful multipurpose furniture piece for your small apartment!


4. South Shore SoHo Ottoman Queen Storage Bed

Availble at: Walmart.ca

Queen Storage Bed - Multipurpose Furniture

If your apartment does not have any storage, it can be hard to find a place to put all of your seasonal clothing, décor, and excess ‘stuff’. Most beds have a bunch of empty space underneath, so why not invest in something that takes advantage of that space? The Queen Storage Bed is the perfect option to store away all your unneeded items, keeping them in a place that is easily accessible. If your apartment closet is too small for all of your clothes, you can even add bins under the bed to stay organized. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organization!


5. Cristallo Table

Available at: ResourceFurniture.com

Cristallo Table - Multipurpose Furniture

Are you renting an apartment with only one main area, resulting in you eating on your couch? That no longer is a problem with this amazing and compact piece of furniture! Fold this table down for a coffee table or build it up to use as a full-size table or desk. Have some folding chairs nearby and your table solution is complete! In addition, there are two self-storing leaves that lengthen the table, perfect for having company over for dinner!


6. Palazzo Bed

Available at: ResourceFurniture.com

Palazzo Bed - Multipurpose Furniture

If you are a person who likes to host and have family over for the holidays, tight sleeping quarters may be something you are familiar with. With the Palazzo bed, you no longer have to worry about blowing up mattresses on the ground. This comfortable sofa easily turns into a secure bunk bed! The Palazzo bed is a wonderful alternative to taking up needed floor space and ensuring that your guests are comfortable throughout the night. And when they are gone? Lounge out and relax after a quick transformation to it’s couch form.


7. Ludovico Office

Available at: ExpandFurniture.com

Lidovico Office - Multipurpose Furniture

If your small apartment doesn’t have an office, the Ludovico office is your multipurpose furniture solution. All contained in a single boxed storage unit, you have access to a desk, chair, shelf, and drawers. Instead of using large separate pieces of furniture that take up half of the room, this multipurpose furniture option saves space by keeping it in all one compact location.



BONUS: Folding Picnic Table and Bench

Available at: Wayfair.ca

Folding Picnic Table and Bench - Multipurpose Furniture

Does your rental have a small deck or balcony? If so, get yourself this multipurpose furniture piece for the outdoors! This amazing piece is both a bench and a picnic table, transformed by quickly folding the movable pieces. The bench/picnic table is ideal for decks or balconies that have little space but are used for group entertainment. Now you have the option for outdoor meals or sitting and gazing out at the stars!












How to Remove Stains from Your Carpet Before a Rental Walkthrough

How to Remove Stains from Your Carpet Before a Rental Walkthrough

Oh no! Your landlord is coming tomorrow for the walkthrough and you have a stain on your carpet! Life happens and accidents occur: spilt red wine, dripped wax, or exploding pens. What do you do when you only have hours to remove stains and ensure you get your safety deposit back? When cleaning a stain, it requires much more than simply soaking it up or spraying it with cleaner. You want to protect the carpet when cleaning the spot. It is also beneficial to use a substance that removes the spot completely. Here is how to remove stains from your carpet before a rental walkthrough.


Natural – Vinegar and Water

One of the most popular ways to remove stains naturally is to use a mixture of vinegar and water. The addition of vinegar to the spot creates a natural chemical reaction that works to remove other substances out of your carpet fibers. Make your mixture using 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water. Simply spray the liquid on to the carpet stain, letting it soak in for a few seconds. Then take a damp cloth and place it on top of the affected area. Turn on your iron and iron the spot for roughly 30 seconds, once you remove the covering cloth, the stain should be gone!


NOTE: If the stain was long-term, you may need to repeat these steps until it is completely removed.


Chemical – Ammonia

Ammonia is a chemical that is used to make your carpets as clean as you first had them. Take an equal amount of ammonia and hot water and mix them together in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on to the stain (ensuring that the problem area is completely covered with the ammonia mixture). Just as you iron with the vinegar and water, do the same for this cleaning chemical. Place a white cloth or towel over the spot and use your steam iron to go over the stain. You may need to change towels frequently as they quickly absorb most of the stained elements. Doing this should detach the substance from your carpet leaving it clean once again.


Natural – Vinegar and Baking Soda

If you are looking for a safe and natural way to remove stains that will not require toxic chemicals, try this natural solution. Remove any debris or dirt nearby, and once the area is cleared, sprinkle baking soda over the stain. Fill a spray bottle of vinegar and spray the vinegar on the baking soda spots. This will cause a natural reaction and the substance will begin to absorb the blemish. Leave this to soak for about 30 minutes, then using your clean white cloth, dab the area to soak up the rest of the remaining pigment and vinegar-baking soda mixture. Then once your carpet is clean, simply vacuum the area and your floors will look as good as new!


NOTE: Remember, whatever the stain is (wine, pet urine, food, etc.), always blot the spot and never rub. Rubbing can cause further damage and affect the surrounding area.


Chemical – Store-Bought Stain Removers

A number of stain removers are available in stores. Each product uses powerful chemicals to remove marks from the carpet and bleach it back to the original colour. OxiClean, Spot Shot, Resolve; all of these products are easy to use and work to chemically remove marks from the carpet. Simply spray the product on the affected area, let it absorb, and then dab the stain away with a clean white cloth. Depending on the product you choose, each uses a number of chemicals (sodium hydroxide, chlorine, perchloroethylene, or 2-butoxyethanol) to remove odours, rid unwanted colours, and clean the carpet fibers deeply.


NOTE: Many purchased stain removers contain harmful or dangerous chemicals. Be sure that you isolate the area from pets and children while the carpet is being cleaned. Always read labels on products to ensure you take the proper safety precautions.



Now that you know how to remove stains from your carpet, be comforted that your safety deposit will be returned!









Content Insurance 101: Everything you Need to Know About Protecting Your Belongings

Content Insurance 101: Everything you Need to Know About Protecting Your Belongings


If you take a look around your home and begin to add up the cost of everything, the total may surprise you. In situations where emergencies occur, you want to be in a position that gives you full coverage for your items (aka: content insurance). Say that your home were to suddenly catch fire, would your insurance cover everything you owned? Although $25,000 may seem like plenty of coverage, when compared to the actual cost of items lost, it can be less than you need. We hope that something as devastating as a fire never occurs, but if it did, do you have the correct renter’s insurance to replace your belongings? Here is everything you need to know about content insurance.


Covering Your Belongings

Many insurance companies will compensate you for belongings lost at the price they are worth in the current market. This can be a loss for you depending on when you purchased the item. The television set you lost was 7 years old and is now only worth $100 in the market today versus the $1,500 you spent when you purchased it. If you are only compensated with the current worth of your items, you are going to have a hard time replacing things. It is beneficial to guarantee that your renter’s insurance will cover replacement costs to help you get an item that is similar in kind and quality. At Nuera Insurance, you can feel comforted that if your stuff was destroyed, your contents will be replaced with similar items. Nuera Insurance wants to see that you get just what you need to return to normal, and will cover items of like quality, not price!


How Much Content Insurance You Need

When loss does occur, you need to provide your insurer with a list of the items affected. This can be difficult when trying to remember all of the contents you possessed. That is why it is beneficial to prepare before incidents occur. Keep a detailed list of your items and, over time, jot down when you bought the item and how much it cost you. Keep copies of receipts, photos, and appraisals for items purchased as these will help you in your claim. Try to have these stored in an online format (Google Docs, Dropbox, etc.) so that if a fire was to destroy your home, you still have evidence of your purchases and the price you bought them at.


Keeping your Content Insurance Current

If you already purchased a content insurance policy but then bought a new high-ticket item for your home afterwards, go back and increase your content insurance limit! Contact your insurer and add on that brand-new expensive coffee table. You want to be sure that it is covered too! Taking action to keep your content insurance policy current will help you in situations when you need to make an accurate claim.


So how much content’s insurance should you have? Go through your home and tally up the rough cost you would require to replace the contents you own. Whatever that number is, speak with your insurance company to discuss policy options. Renter’s insurance is one of the cheapest insurance policy’s you can purchase, and it acts as a precaution for unexpected events. It is better to know you have enough to cover losses than suddenly finding you can’t replace half of your belongings.


Don’t have renter’s insurance? Contact Nuera Insurance to get a quote today and safeguard your contents and belongings!

 Feature Community: Calgary, Alberta’s Aspen Woods

 Feature Community: Calgary, Alberta’s Aspen Woods

Located in the Southwest of Calgary, Alberta lies the community of Aspen Woods. Aspen Woods is filled mainly with residential detached homes, acreages, and breath taking views of the Rocky Mountains. This beautiful neighbourhood is close to city parks in the South of Calgary and has quick access to the mountains – a desirable trait for any who seek the outdoors. Since development in 2001, Aspen Woods is highly sought after for its quiet living and gorgeous properties. The community is a wonderful option for those starting out and looking to settle down, with a majority of the population being between the ages of 20-64.


Despite the quiet lifestyle of the community, there is plenty to do. Walking trails, recreation programs hosted by the SCA Community Association, or even driving to nearby parks such as Edworthy Park. Of course, if you are looking for a community with shopping, Aspen Landing Shopping Centre is a popular place to be. Filled with independent boutiques, diverse restaurants, a grocery store, and other services, everything you need is found in this “unique village concept centre.”


  • Sometimes the best part of being part of a community is the new experiences and services available close to home. In Aspen Landing, take up a new hobby in the fine arts or sign your child up for music lessons at Music and Play. Here you can choose from a wide variety of lessons: music, theatre arts, dance, or performance. Learning new artistic skills and getting involved is an excellent way to truly enjoy what your community has to offer.
  • If you are new to the area and are needing some new items for your kitchen or home, check out Kala and Lime! The store is fully stocked with the latest and most stylish kitchen products, or home décor items to make your space better.
  • Nothing is better than the smell of freshly baked bread and a nice warm loaf to come home to. The Lady Bug and Café is the perfect place to satisfy that baked-goods craving, grab an espresso and relax. Their café features organic, homemade, and local goods that your taste buds will thank you for! Head on over to this European styled bistro for breakfast, lunch, or a snack!


Whether you are looking for somewhere to eat (fancy or casual), shopping for clothes (adult or child), or want to paint some pottery, Aspen Landing is the place to go! The beautifully rustic-styled shopping opportunity is located beside Marjan Lake and Hashem Pond – the water provides that “out-of-city” feel. If you want a community that is situated in nature and is away from the noise of the city, look no further than Aspen Woods.


Aspen Woods is the perfect community to take you out of the city without having to make a long commute. Only a short 15-minute drive from Downtown Calgary, it is the ideal location for business people. If you do not have a car, the 69 Street LRT station is easily accessible as a commute option. Located in the southeast corner of the community the LRT is reachable from anywhere in the community by bus. Currently, on Rentfaster.ca there are 40 rentals available with an average price of $2,213. Compared to the nearby community of Springbank Hill, where average rental prices are slightly higher ($2,405) with fewer options available (14).


Aspen Woods is ideal for a slower pace of life and a close-community feel. It is the perfect location to stay close to work while still staying close to the mountains. If you are an outdoorsy-type person who wants to raise a family or settle down, Aspen Woods is for you. Check out Rentfaster.ca to view the listings in Aspen Woods and find your rental today!


Rentfaster Aspen Woods Prize Pack

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No purchase is necessary and winner will be chosen in random draw. Each comment gives one entry; multiple entries per person allowed. Contest is open to any  Alberta  resident over 18 years of age. Contest is open until September 30, 2017 at 11:59 PM. Prize includes $150 certificate to use for any class at Music & Play, Kala and Lime S’well Water Bottle (750mL), and a $50 gift card to Ladybug and Cafe. No substitutes or cash replacement allowed. Skill-testing question required.

Winner will be contacted via Facebook within one week after contest close and has one week to respond to claim prize or a new name will be selected. Odds of winning depend on entries. Gift basket will be delivered via mail to winner’s address within six weeks of accepting prize via Facebook or email.

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