The Dangers of Renting with Just Anyone – Horror Renting Stories

The process of renting can be a great experience with no major hiccups, or a bad one filled with challenges and obstacles. Most times these negative experiences occur because the rental was done through an unreliable source, such as free or questionable sites. These are the kinds of sites that allow anyone and everyone to post or reply to an ad, with no screening procedures to eliminate scams from the rest. Instead of dealing with a company or relator you are working with an individual you know very little about. There are various things that both landlords and renters can do to avoid a horrible renting story, things such as: doing thorough research, taking the time to look into a property, and using written and official documents. If you come across a rental property or tenant that seem too good to be true, they probably are. Reduce your rental risk and do the research while also using a good source so you can be stress-free when the time comes for the rental agreement!


A lot of trust goes into rental agreements made through casual sites. That trust is broken when either the landlord or the renter are left with terrible circumstances. For landlords, one of the worst things to occur is having your property destroyed. Many first-time landlords make the mistake of not screening those who are interested in the rental, and their property is damaged. In these situations, the damage costs usually come out of the landlord’s own pocket. With proper screening, you can ensure that your tenant is one who you can trust to keep your place in order and ensure your rental property benefits you in the long run.


Landlord Scenario #1:


A man in Lethbridge, Alberta who was recently married, decided that renting his old place would be a great way to keep his old home and use it to earn some extra income. Being a first-time landlord he did not have the information and familiarity required to help him avoid choosing bad tenants. After renting the property, he stopped by the home and found that the front window had been smashed in. Unpleased with the care for his home, he made the decision to evict the tenants. When he went back to the property after they had left he found his house in a very different state. The property was utterly destroyed: garbage was scattered everywhere, broken glass on the floor, stained carpets, a boarded-up window, holes in the walls, items indicating drug use on the floor, and much more. The damage was estimated to be about $8,000 in repairs. The landlord was devastated to find his house so poorly taken care of and was dismayed to know that most of the damage repairs would have to come out of his own pocket. He now knows that if he is ever to rent the property again that good background checks and reviews of the tenants should be done to ensure his property is better taken care of.


Landlord Scenario #2:


In Toronto, a landlord began the search to fill her condo rental property with a tenant that would take care of her place and wouldn’t cause any trouble. A woman who applied for the condo seemed to be an excellent candidate for the place, appearing very responsible, and she soon became the tenant. Almost as soon as the place was rented out, the landlord became aware that her tenant was actually renting the condo out to other individuals. They assumed that Elizabeth Tremblay was using a homestay site, which offered rentals for short amounts of time. It was only after she realized this that the cheques began to bounce and Vivian was left unpaid. When the case went to trial, Elizabeth Tremblay was arrested and was found to have been forging documents as well to get the property in the first place. Once the police did some more looking into Tremblay they found that she had done similar things like this before. The landlord decided to not go back into the renting business and is traumatized by the struggle she went through.


Unfortunately, the human race is not always as honest and reliable as we would like to believe. People lie about the condition of a rental space, use the place for questionable things, or leave you with a terrible apartment that does not match the photos. Being a renter can be intimidating and it is best that you put in the time and effort before committing to a place found on an unreliable site. A lot of rental scams involve people renting out a property that they do not own – they take your money and when you arrive on moving day, you are informed that the space is already taken. It is beneficial to visit the rental space and make sure everything checks out before signing any agreements.


Renter Scenario #1:


Free sites can be a great to find used goods and purchase antiques and other desirables from people in the local area. Many of these sites also have a section where individuals can post rental properties – it was here that a woman in Toronto rented a studio apartment from a man who claimed he was a doctor. The deal was made that rent would be $750 a month, everything included. She agreed to pay the landlord the first month and final month’s pay in cash up-front. She was given the keys and told to enjoy her new place, but when she arrived, she noticed that the apartment was in the same condition as when she had first viewed the apartment. All of the furniture and other items were still in the house and clothes were scattered around as though the place had been lived in until the moment she walked in. Neighbors told her that the owner seemed to be an unreliable person and was actually in the process of being evicted. Even the building property owner claimed that the man in the apartment had not paid him rent and had even sold his own furniture. There was no sign of the man who seemed to have bolted and the unsuspecting woman lost $1,500 dollars she’s not likely to get back.


Renter Scenario #2:


Two young women who had recently graduated college decided that they were ready to go out and look for a small place that the two of them could share. They went to a rental office and after some searching found a place that they loved. The apartment was rented and they were looking forward to moving in the summer. Before the moved they decided to stop by the place to get some room measurements, but when they arrived at the address, nothing looked the same. They had no memory of the things they were seeing and when they knocked on the door and looked around they realized that it was not the apartment they had originally decided upon. The girls went back to the rental office to see if a mistake of address had been made. When looking at the lease they noticed that the form had white-out over the address and number and they realized they had been baited and switched. They were told that the apartment they originally wanted was already gone and the agent they had met with didn’t know this. Instead of letting them know the agent had just switched it to another property when the mistake was identified. Luckily the girls were able to get their money back after a lawyer spoke to the office. Unfortunately, due to the little time they had until they needed a place, the situation left them looking at even worse apartments.


At we want to ensure you have the best possible experience, and help you avoid having a horror story of your own. It is for this reason that we have staff who check for spam and are able to get it under control. Our review process includes mapping functionality and allows you to view and access the documents and contracts whenever you like. Last year we partnered with Nuera Insurance and created the opportunity for Online Tenant Insurance – benefiting both tenants and landlords. Instead of trying to manage on unofficial and possibly risky sites, has ensured that our website is organized, easy to use, and has the products and services you need for a good home rental experience! Avoid those horrifying experiences and feel good about renting once again!





7 Best Crockpot Recipes

Many people think that when using a crockpot, they are restricted to making only soups and chili. The truth is that crockpots can be used to make almost anything and they make it for you! These amazing appliances are great for those busy-bodies who don’t have the time to prepare a large dinner after work. They save time, need little effort, and make amazing food! Simply throw all the ingredients into a pot, turn it on and head to work. Your creation will be done by the time you get home! The best thing about the crockpot is that it isn’t limited to one type of meal. Crockpots can be used to make stews, soups, cakes, lattes, roasts, and much more! Here are 7 of the best crockpot recipes to keep your meal plan exciting and easy!


  1. Chicken Noodle Soup

For those times you are feeling under the weather, or just looking for something to warm your soul, make this soup! A homemade chicken noodle soup that is filled with fresh vegetables, noodles, and juicy chicken. It is as simple as throwing in most of the ingredients for 6-8 hours and then adding some finishing touches afterwards. A great meal to come home to on those cold and windy days!



  • Chicken Breast
  • Chicken Stock
  • Minced Garlic
  • Onion
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Dried Thyme
  • Dried Rosemary
  • Bay Leaves
  • Spaghetti Noodles
  • Lemon
  • Fresh Parsley
  • Black Pepper and Salt (to taste)


  1. BBQ Ribs

Yes, you can even make BBQ ribs in your crockpot, avoiding using the actual BBQ outside! This recipe is so simple that you will be in awe of how easy dinner can be. These BBQ ribs only need spices and meat, so no need to run to the grocery store for obscure ingredients. Make a salad, mashed potatoes, or steamed vegetables for a side and your dinner is complete!



  • Pork Ribs
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Garlic Powder
  • Onion Powder
  • Your favorite Seasoning Blend
  • Black Pepper and Sea Salt (to taste)


  1. Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast doesn’t always have to be boring cereal and toast. Shake it up by making breakfast in your crockpot, so that when you wake up breakfast is ready! Put the ingredients in right before you go to bed and a quick 6-8 hours later you will be ready to eat! Not to mention you will wake up to the beautiful smell of breakfast casserole just waiting to be eaten. If you don’t have all of these ingredients, you can easily throw in ingredients found in your fridge and make it specially yours!



  • Hash Brown Potatoes
  • Bacon
  • Onion
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Green Bell Pepper
  • Eggs
  • Milk


  1. Jambalaya

There is something about comfort food that makes us feel relaxed and… comforted! Jambalaya is the perfect evening meal that is satisfying and makes great leftovers! The whole family will love this one and make them come back for more. The flavor will thrill your taste buds and you can choose the amount of spice you want – throw in an extra two jalapeños for some real kick!



  • Andouille Sausage
  • Uncooked Shrimp
  • Chicken Breast
  • Bell Peppers (Yellow, Green, and Red)
  • Onion
  • Jalapeños
  • White Rice
  • Chicken Broth
  • Crushed Tomatoes
  • Minced Garlic
  • Cajun Seasoning
  • Salt and Pepper (to taste)


  1. Veggie Lasagna

Not all pasta dishes need a noodle. For those who are trying to avoid carbs or need gluten free options, this is the meal for you! A healthy lasagna made with eggplant and zucchini that can be made in your crockpot! This recipe is a great way to change up pasta night and requires barely any effort.



  • Zucchini
  • Eggplant
  • Tomato Based Pasta Sauce
  • Red Onion
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Low Fat Cottage Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Mozzarella
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Salt (to taste)


  1. Risotto with Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese

Not all crockpot recipes have to be your average, well-known meals. You can make exciting and new dishes with your crockpot that avoid the routine soups and stews. This Risotto dish will bring all kinds of flavors into your mouth and leave you feeling satisfied and healthy! Best of all, this crockpot dish does not require any stirring, so you can be out and about all day and not have to worry!



  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Shallots
  • Kosher Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Dry White Wine
  • Butternut Squash
  • Vegetable Broth
  • Short Grain Brown Rice
  • Sage
  • Goat Cheese
  • Sea Salt and Pepper (to taste)


  1. Chocolate Lava Cake

Are you looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth? Do you need a desert but have no time to make anything? This chocolate lava cake is just what you need! Although it may not be the healthiest thing your crockpot will make, it sure will be tasty! It is simple and can be baked in a quick 2 ½ hours. Who needs a birthday cake when you can have a crockpot cake!




  • Chocolate Cake Mix
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Chocolate Pudding
  • Chocolate Chips


Map View – Make Your Rental Search Simple

Searching for a rental property can be frustrating when trying to figure out where each listing is located. You have multiple browsers open with google maps, as well as the various rental properties you are interested in. Flipping back and forth is extremely annoying and more work than needed. If only there was a way to view the listings as well as a map of the area! Now, there is! has created an easy and simple way for you to view rental listings without the various browser tabs. Introducing our new Map View option. It combines the best parts of list-view and map-view to make renting stress-free! This search method saves you time, as everything is located on one browser page. It includes advanced search features, map viewing opportunities, and easy-to-use icons. Finding the perfect rental will be a breeze!


Locating a Listing


This rental search is one step up from google maps. Map View displays all the listings in an area within one window. When you find your desired location, numerous pins will appear showing you how many listings are available. This makes it easy to browse surrounding areas and find the place that is just right for you. It is as simple as moving the map or entering in a listing ID or search criteria to help you effortlessly search high numbers of listings. If you are flexible on what area you want to live in, you can filter based on search criteria. Utilize the advanced search options to find listings that fit your price point, size, and type of living space. Map View avoids having to scroll through hundreds of rentals and instead easily finds the listings that match your rental requirements.



Searching the Numerous Listings


If you prefer to look for properties by scrolling through the listings, Map View also allows this. The listings are located on the right of your screen, showing all key information so that you can quickly identify the properties that peak your interest. Hover over any listing with your mouse and the marker will be highlighted orange on the map to show where it is located. On the other hand, if you click a marker on the map, the listing as well as those nearby, will appear at the top of the listing search. This helps you quickly find a rental that looks and fits your expectations, and also allows you to assess if it is the best area for you right away.



Keeping Track of Your Favorites


Reduce the hassle of copying a URL and saving it elsewhere and instead use your login to save your favorites! On the list of rentals in Map View there will be a heart on the right of each listing. By simply clicking this it will remember that property for you so that you can continue your search. It is easy to view all of your favorited properties by simply clicking the favorites tab located beside the search results tab.


Features on Each Listing


All listings include basic information about the property, such as a feature image, location, price, and size. Provided is also the direct contact information for the landlord (a phone number) as well as a button to e-mail the landlord right away (a pop-up screen appears allowing you to write a quick e-mail and return to your search).  On the far right of the listing box are icons that let you favorite the property as well as see if the listing is pet friendly. Below this are two useable google icons: a directions icon and a street view icon. These are there to assist you in finding directions to a property. It is also a great option to see potential commute times!



With this new search tool, finding the perfect rental will be nothing to sweat about! Check out the Map View search today to see what listings are in the area you desire! Have any questions, shoot us an e-mail or direct message us on Twitter or Facebook and we will be happy to help!

How to Arrange a Bachelor Apartment

When people come across a rental bachelor apartment, they are often overwhelmed by the wide open and empty space. It causes people to turn away and look for other options because they don’t want a place where the kitchen would be in the same room as the living room and the bedroom. What people don’t realize is the immense potential these spaces have. If you properly arrange these types of apartments, the possibilities are endless in the ways you can use your living space. There are various strategies that can assist in make the space comforting, filled, and less intimidating. Adding walls is a great way to separate spaces or play with your furniture arrangement. This is a type of apartment that is not restricted by any odd corners or random walls. The room is yours to do what you will with it! So, what are some strategies you can utilize to make the space work for you?


Adding Walls

In today’s day, there are solutions to any home problem or need, even adding walls! Wall partitions are a great way to separate rooms in a bachelor-style apartment, letting you decide how big or small a “room” will be. Wall partitions don’t simply have to be a grey stand on wheels, like we see in so many offices, there are many unique styles and colors out there to fit your own décor style. You can use beams, windows, a wall made of pallets, curtains, or even a large shelving unit filled with your favorite things. By adding walls, you will create a smaller feel to the large apartment, leaving a cozy space for you to work, sleep, eat, or do whatever you need to do away from the other spaces.


Furniture Arrangement

furniture arrangement in bachelor apartment

If you aren’t interested in setting up a wall in the middle of your apartment, but still want to create the illusion of rooms, furniture can easily be arranged to make this happen. Depending on the direction you face your furniture it can act as a barrier, therefore enclosing off a room. Have your couch facing away from the kitchen table – that way if all of your furniture is turned away from the kitchen and is instead facing the other living room furniture items (television, arm chairs, coffee table, etc.), then you will create the sensation of a “separate room.” This can also be done with cabinets and dressers, bookshelves (be sure they are securely fastened and stable), or coat racks.


Fill the Walls

Wall art and standing décor will assist to fill those seemingly empty spaces of a bachelor apartment. With such a large room, you don’t want to over-load it, but you also don’t want to leave the space looking un-lived in. Purchase art that matches your colors and themes and put it on your walls. Although it is hanging on a wall, it will give the space a comfortable feel. If you want to fill the space even more, purchase larger décor that can sit on the floor but has height to it. This will give the room a vertical look and it will not be focused so much on the pieces that are sitting on the floor.


Stay Organized

When clutter begins to build, it is these times that bachelor-style apartments can look messy, unorganized, and cold. Come up with unique and creative ways to store your stuff. Use baskets, shelving units, or drawers that fit under couches or a bed. Get your stuff out of the way so that the apartment can look neat and tidy, and therefore more welcoming. When purchasing furniture for your apartment, be sure to invest in larger dressers, side tables, and bookshelves that have many options for you to get your stuff organized and avoid the clutter. The other option is to buy ingenious furniture that can double up as storage – there are beds you can purchase that will lift up and have drawers and shelves underneath!


Use Lighting to Your Advantage

lighting in bachelor apartment

One of the worst things you can do for your bachelor apartment is hang heavy curtains over the few windows you may have. When less light is let into the apartment, the feeling of duskiness and emptiness will ensue. A great way to add personality and fill your space is by adding hanging lights. There are various styles that can add style and light to your rooms, so you can maintain your theme throughout the apartment. Instead of filling your floors with standing lamps, making the room appear more cluttered than it is, get the light fixtures off the floor and use find the type of lighting that best fits. Chandeliers, basic lamps, string lights, fake candles, anything that will match your space and brighten in up!



color in bachelor apartment

When painting your apartment, it is important to consider which “rooms” will be the most lit. If your bachelor-style rental does not have many windows, you will want to avoid using dark colors that will make the room feel dreary. Focus on your lighting and use color to brighten up the darker areas of the space. Almost any shade of white or yellow will artificially brighten up a room, these colors are great to use because they can be paired with almost any accent color of your choosing. Use your accent colors to make the large space feel more welcoming is by adding those pops of color on throw pillows, décor, art, and carpets. These will draw the eye and fill the room, without taking away from the overall style you have created.


See the Potential in a Bachelor Apartment

Next time you are viewing a bachelor apartment, alter your perspective and instead of seeing a large empty room, see the vast potential that the space has to offer! By using these tips and tricks you will end up with a large space that has been made cozy. The space has no walls but can still be functional. Create rooms using different arrangements, and add your own style and personality to your walls and décor. Once you have put your stuff in its place you will be in awe of how that large empty room suddenly became a home!

Community Feature: Inglewood in Calgary

Official contest rules for our Facebook giveaway are at the bottom of this post.

Oh Inglewood. Officially named as such in 1911, Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood has ripened into a vibrant and eclectic hub of old and new, aged and fresh. Walk brick pathways along charming storefronts filled with beautiful textures and savoury delights. A street over, the river slips by verdant forests. Peaking between buildings of 9th Avenue, a street that used to hold the title of Calgary’s main street, downtown’s towers stretch into a blue sky. Here, you are simultaneously at the heart of inner city living, in a close-knit small town and in the rustic outdoors.

There’s a lot to see and do in Inglewood. An arts and culture district with more than 100 shops and eateries, the community is also home to the Calgary Zoo, Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Bow Habitat Stations, Inglewood Wildlands Park and Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery.

Thinking to join the ranks of the 4,000 or so residents of Inglewood? Or just want to indulge in Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood? We took the time to roam the boutique stores and restaurants of Inglewood, talk to residents and capture some shots of this feature community – and trust us, what you see and hear here is only the beginning of inimitable businesses to visit and sites to see.

Local Laundry is a modern and fresh apparel company devoted to making clothes that represent Calgary and its communities. Their classic apparel featuring modern YYC graphics are staple items for any proud Calgarian’s wardrobe. The founders, Connor Curran and Dustin Paisley, were inspired by the pride that people have in their neighbourhoods and communities, which is why they have jumped on board to help us celebrate the community of Inglewood.

Local Laundry is dedicated to giving back to the Calgary community by donating 10% of their profits to local charities. We love the work they do! Use the discount code RENTFASTERLOVESLOCAL for 10% off your order at

Rosso Coffee

The flagship location of a local Calgary business, Rosso Coffee Roasters in Inglewood came to fruition on the dreams and hard work of two brothers, David Crosby and Cole Torode. Rosso has amazing coffee, but even more than that is a nod to a local team doing direct fair trade sourcing and their own roasting. Enjoy a stellar cup of coffee and bask in their richly-coloured, sunny café on 9th Avenue.

Junction 9

As you come across the iconic Inglewood bridge from downtown and hit 9th Street and 9th Avenue, you’ll find Junction 9. Named for more than the location, this wellness hot spot is a hub for community and achievement. Check out yoga, pilates and fitness in this community of supportive folks on their own journeys to better their wellbeing. They also have a full-service café featuring some of Calgary’s favourites like Phil & Sebastian coffee and tea, True Buch Kombucha, Juice Because cold-pressed juice and Tea Trader teas.


Started up by Kyle Chow, originally from Moose Jaw, Plant is the response to cold winters on the prairies – a chance to bring something beautiful, living and restoring into the home. This unique and undeniably cool little shop on 9th Avenue sells a selection of terrariums, indoor gardening and landscaping supplies, natural artwork, functional vintage goods and more. Most of their products are created in the store, including a growing line-up of holders that are unique as they plants they sell. They also provide workshops too.


This fabulous independent grocer on 9th Avenue adds an element of modern to the area, but had humble beginnings as a small niche speciality store. Now one of the best grocers and eateries in the area, Bite has everything including a fresh bakery, full-service butcher, organic and local produce, curated cheeses, specialty oils and vinegars. Stop in for groceries but stay for a delectable meal at the eatery.


A niche store that is stocked on everything yarn, Stash is a charming house-turned-store that offers classes, a huge line-up of gorgeous products for the knitter and loomer, and a cool vintage place to check out when you stroll through Inglewood. Veronica Murphy took over Stash in 2012 and immediately set to work on a vision of creating a multi-purpose, multi-craft learning and workspace. New and seasoned knitters alike definitely need to explore this great space and community.

Hose & Hound

Inside a 1907 fire hall, this iconic neighbourhood pub has an audience of locals and city-wide Calgarians alike. This is not only a funky spot to hang and enjoy the historic décor, but they have a solid line-up of pub foods, a long list of beers on tap, and long-term staff who know what they’re doing. Outside are two patios and one is covered and heated.

The Apothecary

This unique store is a delight to the senses. Carrying natural bath and body products along with over 80 essential oils, The Apothecary in Inglewood began when owner Jill Hawker finally set up shop after years of successfully creating and distributing her own brand of products – All Things Jill. Stop in to treat yourself to an aromatherapy gift and shop for teas, handmade cards and some other goodies.

Ironwood Stage & Grill

Ironwood is an all-ages outpost with live music, cocktails and upscale pub far in a low-lit setting nostalgic of old blues bars filled with smooth acoustics and good energy. In the heart of the community, this Inglewood staple resides in the old Gary Theatre and showcases over 300 shows a year. Rich in history and flowing with character, this is a must-see venue for Calgarians and visitors alike. Check out Open Mic night each Wednesday and Big Band Brunch each Saturday.


It’s no surprise espy founder and owner Megan Szanik was a Top 40 Under 40 in 2014 – she’s created a unique, local clothing experience and some seriously great charitable endeavours. The espy experience for men and women is focused on styling, affordable fashion and community involvement. The designer boutique has a wide range of pricing and brands, and is staffed by professional fashion stylists. Be prepared for a warm welcome, truly useful service and some satisfying additions to your wardrobe.


OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES for the Inglewood Local Business Giveaway on Facebook (posted November 25, 2016)

No purchase is necessary and winner will be chosen in random draw. Each comment gives one entry; multiple entries per person allowed. Contest is open to any Calgary resident over 18 years of age (or within 20km of Calgary). Contest is open until December 9, 2016 at 11:59 PM. Prize includes $50 gift card to Rosso Coffee Roasters, $50 gift card to Plant, t-shirts from Local Laundry and a 5-pass yoga card to Junction 9. Approximate value of $250. No substitutes or cash replacement allowed. Skill-testing question required.

Winner will be contacted via Facebook within one week after contest close and has one week to respond to claim prize or a new name will be selected. Odds of winning depend on entries. Gift basket will be delivered by hand to winner’s address by December 31, 2017.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability. 

GIVEAWAY – One Year FREE Storage wants to help you de-clutter your home or rental property!

To do that, we are excited to partner with YYC Storage to give away FREE STORAGE FOR ONE YEAR (a value of up to $1200)!

yyc storage ad 5 web res


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After Wed Aug 17th at 8pm, the winner will be randomly chosen and notified via the comment section of the contest post and via direct Facebook message.


YYC Storage terms and conditions, including eligibility, finalist selection and notification, and prize details, can be found here.

Thanks for participating and good luck!

NEW FEATURE: Online Tenant Insurance strives to provide the highest quality service to the landlords and renters who use our site. As part of this commitment, we aim to provide many tools and services that create an effective relationship between landlords and renters that extends beyond the initial match of a renter to a property for rent. We want the best for our customers! and Nuera Insurance have partnered together to bring an exciting new feature to for landlords and tenants – Online Tenant Insurance. We have made the process so simple, fast, and convenient for tenants to purchase comprehensive insurance and for landlords and property managers to ensure their tenants have appropriate coverage.

Online Tenant Insurance has many benefits for landlords, property management companies, and renters that we are happy to extend through this service.

benefits tenant insurance

Landlords and Property Managers can begin the process by following these 3 simple steps:


We know that finding a good fit between renters and landlords can be a complicated process. We hope this new feature makes the process a little easier and your overall experience a little better. As always, thank you for using and Nuera Insurance! Questions and feedback are welcome in the comment section below.

logos tenant insurance

Top Things to Ask About Your New Rental Property

Written By Guest Blogger Mary Sauer of Modernize


Choosing a house or apartment to rent is a big decision. At Modernize, we believe in creating a space that feels like home, whether you own the property or will simply be renting for a short time.  Even though the commitment isn’t nearly as long-term as buying a house, it is still important to take the decision seriously, as choosing the wrong rental property could greatly inconvenience your life for the length of the lease.

The rental market in Alberta is changing with more options available to tenants. There are 10,000 Alberta listings on, an increase of almost 40% from this time last year. Asking the right questions is the best way to be sure you are getting what you need from a rental property and that you are taking advantage of the market in Alberta.


blog post 1


Making Sure Your Rental Property Meets Your Expectations

Before you begin negotiating any changes to your lease, you will want to ask questions that ensure your basic expectations are being met by your rental property. Start with the basics, asking questions about the terms of the lease and the basic amenities included with the property. Appropriate questions might include:

  • How much is the rent? Is there a security deposit required? Are any utilities included in the rent?
  • How long is the lease? What are the penalties for breaking a lease?
  • Are pets allowed in the apartments? Is an additional security deposit required?
  • When the lease is up, are renters responsible for paying for professional cleaning services?
  • When will my security deposit be returned to me?


Negotiating Additional Amenities or Terms Into Your Lease

 The questions above cover the basics, but with the abundance of rental properties available in Alberta, motivated landowners may be willing to negotiate additional amenities or terms into your lease. Take advantage of the current market by asking that the owner of your property consider working with you to incentivize you to sign a lease. Appropriate questions might include:

  • Can I negotiate a shorter lease?
  • Are there any rent discounts available if I sign a longer lease?
  • Will you include landscaping or snow removal services in the lease?
  • Can I make changes to the rental property like painting the walls or hanging artwork on the walls?


Ask for Every Negotiation be Added to the Lease

If you are able to negotiate added amenities or make changes to your lease, it is important to make sure every change is put into writing. Without a written record of your agreement, there is no proof of the promises made by your landlord. Finally, before signing your lease, review it one last time to make sure no changes have been made without your knowledge.


blog post 2


Reading through a lease and negotiating each of the terms may seem unnecessary and time consuming, but it is worth the effort. Save yourself a headache and make sure you have chosen a property that will truly feel like home by carefully touring each property and asking these stress-saving questions.

RentFaster Helps: Charity Competition Edmonton vs Calgary

This holiday season would like to help those experiencing poverty and homelessness in the communities of Calgary and Edmonton by donating to The Mustard Seed.

The Mustard Seed provides housing, shelter, food, clothing, employment, health services, and emotional wellness care to Calgarians and Edmontonians in need. This cause is so important, especially during Alberta’s harsh winters.

To help involve the communities we work with and, of course, to add an element of good old-fashioned competitive spirit between our favourite cities, we are hosting an EDMONTON VS CALGARY Charity COMPETITION!

Let’s see if we can channel the rivalry for some GOOD and help many Calgarians and Edmontonians this holiday season! will donate $1 for every person who participates.

If you’d like to participate, head over to our Facebook Page and Comment CALGARY or EDMONTON on this post:RentFaster Helps Facebook


Or head over to our Twitter page and quote the tweet with a comment of which city you’d like to designate your donation!

RentFaster Helps Twitter


Our hope is that through this competition we will be able to feel a stronger sense of community with our fellow Albertans and most importantly join together in the spirit of giving this holiday season. It’s easy to lend your support – let’s see which city comes up with the most!

This competition will run until Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 so we can deliver checks to the Edmonton and Calgary Mustard Seed locations before Christmas.

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Competition Rules

Enter for this competition on the Facebook Page or the Twitter Page. On Facebook, entry is achieved by commenting “Calgary” or “Edmonton” below the post. On Twitter, entry is achieved by Quote Tweeting the tweet with either a “Calgary” or “Edmonton” comment. Each entry counts toward a $1 donation, up to our maximum donation limit of $2,000.00 CA (combined limit for both Facebook and Twitter entries). Other comments are welcome but will not count toward a donation. One entry per person per social media platform is allowed. Any comments made after Dec 22nd, 2015 11:59 PM MST will not count toward a donation. Donations will be made before December 25th, 2015.


Thank you for participating and we hope you enjoy joining us in giving! is Hiring!

RentFaster is hiring is looking to fill the role of a Customer Service/Technical Support Professional. began in 2003 to help homeowners advertise their vacancies and renters find their perfect home. We are now the leading online home listings service for Calgary with plans to grow in Edmonton and beyond. has rapidly changed over the years as our knowledge of the rental industry and available technology has evolved. We strive to provide the most technologically advanced yet user-friendly site by constantly updating with new features geared towards renters and landlords.

We are looking for the right candidate to join our pursuit of excellent user experience and top-notch customer support. We are seeking someone who can wear a few hats with ease and enthusiasm and who is comfortable in a flexible, autonomous role.


You’ll handle incoming calls/emails from clients and, while resolving their issues, explore their needs and current service experience.  Success in this role requires:

  • Superior communication skills allowing you to present ideas, concepts and support in a clear and accessible manner.
  • A professional style with a sympathetic approach.
  • The ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
  • A competitive personality willing to go the extra mile to achieve personal and team goals.
  • Strong proofreading ability in order to review listings and written communication quickly for accuracy and potential issues.
  • If you have an appetite for and ability in social media writing and sharing, we would love to make that a small part of the job, especially since more and more of our customer service may be through these channels.


In this role, you will be an expert in providing basic technical guidance coupled with world-class customer service as you work via phone and email to maintain various aspects of the website. Success in this role requires:

  • A basic technical foundation; expectation that you will easily navigate the website, email  and other various technical items. Experience in technical support or completion of a related course of study would be an asset, but not mandatory.
  • An ability to work quickly and independently to review listings, manage expiring ads, address alerts and provide back end support to ensure quality of the website
  • A sense of excitement and ability to embrace change when dealing with new people, ideas and technology.
  • The ability to learn and adapt quickly as our website, app and features tend to do the same.

At, we are a small but growing company with lots of opportunity for contributing in different ways. Our small ownership and operational teams are young and have a knack for playfulness and idea-sharing. And our space in the beltline is a central, cool place to work with some flexibility for home-based work if you please. When we find the right experience and skill set in someone, we will reward it with compensation, culture and opportunity.


Please forward resumes and inquiries to