Walkthrough Checklist: Everything a Landlord Should Look for on a Walkthrough

Walkthrough Checklist: Everything a Landlord Should Look for on a Walkthrough


Renting out your home involves a lot of trust. You need to trust that you have selected the right tenant to take care of your property while they live in it. While it is common practice to do a rental walkthrough at the end of any lease agreement, it is also beneficial to perform landlord checks every so often to make sure the place is not turning into a rental horror story.


Once a tenant has decided to move on (and move out) all landlords must do a walkthrough to ensure that there is no damage that would have to be covered by the deposit. As most know, a deposit of 1 month’s rent is held by the landlord at the beginning of any lease, an given back at the end (if warranted). So, what do you look for on your walkthroughs? How do you ensure that your property was taken care of and is not damaged in any way? Here is your complete walkthrough checklist to make sure your property is in top-notch condition for the next tenant.


Marks on Walls/Scuffs on Floors

Walkthrough Checklist - Marks on Walls

As you add items to your walkthrough checklist, closely inspect the walls and floors for any damage or marks. This is especially important if you clearly identified in the rental agreement that no holes were to be made in the walls. If any pictures were hung, dents were made, or marks were left on the walls they will need to be fixed by the tenant or taken out of the deposit. Also look at the bottoms of walls and on hardwoods, as when placing furniture on moving day, it is possible scratches or damaged was done.



Life happens and sometimes stains are the result. In most cases, stains will come out of the carpets, but in cases where a professional has to be brought in, it can cost you. Check to make sure the rugs and carpets do not have any serious stains or burns or markings on them that would require extra care to remove.


Look for Any Broken Items

Walkthrough Checklist - Broken Items

A good item to have on your walkthrough checklist is looking for any broken items or appliances. If your rental included specific appliances or furniture, take a second to make sure each is in good condition: Turn on the oven and burners to see if they are in working condition, check the legs of furniture, and any glass for cracks and chips. It is also beneficial to take a look inside other appliances (fridge, washer, dryer, dishwasher, etc.) to see that the tenants maintained them and kept them clean.


Outdoor Fixtures

Depending whether your rental has outdoor space or not, check the structures and layout of the outdoor areas. Decks can have damaged boards, loose nails, and other hazards that may need attention. Are any of the boards, railings, or walls wobbly? Having this information allows you to bring it to the attention of the tenant and plan possible fixes if necessary.


Smoke Detectors

Walkthrough Checklist - Smoke Detectors

Some landlords may have a documented schedule of when to change fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. For those who don’t, be sure to add “check the smoke detectors” to your walkthrough checklist. It is crucial that smoke alarm batteries are properly replaced periodically. Depending on the rental agreement, it is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that proper safety procedures are in place. Landlords should guarantee the working order of all smoke alarms and fire extinguishers while doing a walkthrough.


Water Damage

Water damage can be one of the costliest repairs, depending on the severity. Checking for water damage is especially important for landlords who have multi-level buildings to manage. If water damage occurs on the floor of one rental space, it could mean water damage on the ceiling of another. Observe the areas surrounding bath tubs, showers, washers, and sinks to see if any water damage has occurred. While checking these areas, watch for any faucets or taps that may be dripping as well. Those will need replacement or fixing as soon as possible (and not at the expense of the tenant)!


Sealed Windows

Walkthrough Checklist - Sealed Windows

As you observe the rooms, take a look at each of the windows to see if they are properly sealed. Windows that have loose seals, do not close properly, or are broken in any way can seriously affect your energy bills. In colder months, the heating will have to work harder to warm those rooms that have cool drafts coming through unsealed windows. Identifying these problems early on can help avoid costly bills and unhappy tenants later on. This will fall under your own expense as a landlord, unless it is obvious that the tenant tampered with them.



Once you have completed everything on your walkthrough checklist, you can feel confident that your property is in good shape. If there is damage or problems with the rental, bring it to the attention of the tenant and have it priced out in advance. The tenant should be given the opportunity to fix items themselves (filling holes, renting a carpet cleaner, etc.). If the costs do not total the deposit, you must give the remainder back, with accumulated interest. After everything is fixed up – take note of the new state for the next tenant.

15 Coolest Airbnb Rentals in the World

15 Coolest Airbnb Rentals in the World

Traveling is a wonderful opportunity to see new places, experience new cultures, and taste new foods. But when travelling, where do you stay? While Rentfaster is the place to look for long-term rentals, city hoping is served well by Airbnb rentals! These amazing rentals are situated across the globe and each rental is different than the next. Perhaps you are searching for a gorgeous beach house or a cozy cabin, or maybe an authentic castle is your dream getaway. No matter where your travels lead you, there will be an Airbnb rental that has just what you are dreaming of. Home is always where your heart is, but sometimes a trip away from home can be just what the heart needs! Here are 15 of the coolest Airbnb rentals in the world!


1. The Gatehouse to Ayton Castle

The Gatehouse to Ayton Castle - Airbnb Rentals

Location: Eyemouth, Berwickshire, United Kingdom

Price: $169/night


Have you ever dreamed about living in a castle of your own? Dream no more, because with Airbnb rentals like this you can have a small castle to yourself. Located in the north of the United Kingdoms, this quaint castle is as good a getaway as any beach resort. The cozy castle, fit for two, features a log-burning fireplace, spiral staircase, and is only a four-mile drive from beautiful beaches. If you want to stay in a castle with the comforts of home, check out The Gatehouse to Ayton Castle for your next vacation.


2. One-of-a-kind Converted Magic School Bus Adventure

One-of-a-kind Converted Magic School Bus Adventure - Airbnb Rentals

Location: Salinas, California, United States

Price: $72/night


If a house or condo is too blasé to peak your interest on vacation, there are more unique experiences available. Introducing, the Magic School Bus. This fun and unique rental is perfect for those who want to get away to the outdoors (but not too outdoors). This fun bus is equipped with LED lighting, recycled redwood walls, and an optional Kundalini yoga session (complete with gong mediation). Situated on 5 acres of land, bus renters are free to explore the area. Defy the norm and choose Airbnb rentals just like the one-of-a-kind Converted Magic School Bus Adventure!


3. The Cozy Palace

The Cozy Palace - Airbnb Rentals

Location: Marrakesh, Medina, Morocco

Price: $56/night


If you get excited when you think of exotic places, The Cozy Palace could be just the Airbnb rental for you. In Morocco, this quaint gorgeous Riad is the ideal place for those looking to feel like the upper class of the Mediterranean. The rooms are inspired by Moroccan culture and art, and a terrace on the roof gives you the perfect opportunity to stare out at the horizon. The tranquil palace will offer peace and relaxation in a traditional Moroccan home!


4. Windmill in the Netherlands

Windmill in the Netherlands - Airbnb Rentals

Location: Abcoude, Utrecht, Netherlands

Price: $422/night


If unique is what you desire in your Airbnb rentals, then this windmill in the Netherlands will leave your head spinning. With true rustic, large wooden beams, you will live inside the windmill body itself. Complete with kitchen, dining area, bedrooms, and bathrooms, inside looks just like home. When rented, the entire windmill is yours to occupy, up to the tiny bedroom hidden the higher beams of the structure. The rental is close to Amsterdam (15 minutes away) so you can enjoy the capital while also experiencing the countryside.


5. Bird Island

Bird Island - Airbnb Rentals

Location: Stann Creek Dist, Belize, Belize

Price: $775/night


Your perfect island vacation is waiting for you in Placencia, Belize! Although this private island is more expensive than other Airbnb rentals available, you are definitely getting your money’s worth. On Bird Island, you cater to yourself and make your schedule as you go – the remote island offers total privacy and is fully accessible to you alone. Activities involve kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, and all-day hammocking! If you are looking for a rental that gets you away from the busy city, Bird Island is as good as it gets!


6. Secluded Intown Treehouse

Secluded Intown Treehouse - Airbnb Rentals

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Price: $489/night


Some Airbnb rentals allow you to immerse yourself in nature, but how much closer can you get than a treehouse? Secluded in the middle of Intown Atlanta, this treehouse is a ‘young at heart’ paradise. It has 3 separate rooms connected by a rope bridge, each room offering its own wonderful unique experience to unwind in. The rental is only able to cater to 2, which is all that’s needed for couples to spend some quality time together in the trees. For those who are not ready to commit to the outdoor lifestyle, there is a washroom available as well as a fan and mattress warmer to battle the elements. The treehouse is complete with twinkly lights, giving the rental a magical feel.


7. Ultimate Modern Escape – Golden BC

Ultimate Modern Escape – Golden BC - Airbnb Rentals

Location: Columbia-Shuswap A, BC, Canada



Perhaps your vacation goals are to get you into the trees, but not be “roughing-it.” Introducing the modern cabin – they best way to stay in the trees while having access to everything you need. This modern cabin has large windows, vaulted ceilings, and beautifully designed bedrooms and a fully functional kitchen. All your needs will be met inside, so you can enjoy your adventures outside. The cabin is located on the Blaeberry river and is surrounded by the best hiking trails and mountain views. This is one of those Airbnb rentals that is good for any time of year, but is especially cozy for those Canadian winters!


8. St Pancras Clock Tower

St Pancras Clock Tower - Airbnb Rentals

Location: London, England, United Kingdom

Price: $216/night


Staying in London? Want to stay in a clock tower? This guest suite available in the clock tower apartment of St Pancras Station is one of a kind. The apartment looks out over the famous Kings Cross Station and is fully furbished. The style of the rental is cozy, with brick walls and wooden flooring, complete with modern touches in other rooms. Many of the rooms include filled bookshelves, enough to convince any bookworm to stay for months!


9. Heward’s Fully Restored 1920’s Sheep Wagon

Heward’s Fully Restored 1920’s Sheep Wagon - Airbnb Rentals

Location: Shirley Basin, Wyoming, United States

Price: $163/night


Step out of this Airbnb and right into a scene from ‘Little House on the Prairie’! Understand what the sheepherder lifestyle was like by renting out this restored sheep wagon. The tiny but unique rental truly offers an experience of a lifetime, as you live in extremely close quarters. The wagon contains one bed, a small table, a wood burning stove, and cold boxes to keep your food cold. Located on 30,000 acres of a family ranch, you are able to explore the area and its activities (hiking, fishing, hunting, and biking). Once you have lived in this wagon you will get a glimpse of what it was like to live in the past!


10. Castle in Périgord

Castle in Périgord - Airbnb Rentals

Location: Montferrand-du-Périgord, Aquitaine, France

Price: $199/night


Instead of staying in a castle with the comforts of home, you can stay in a castle with the comforts of stone! This beautiful castle in France (dated back to the 1400’s) has all the features of a traditional castle like those seen on the big screen. Spiral staircases, stone walls, arched doorways and windows – this rental will fulfill your medieval fantasies! A few villages are located close by that allow you to explore Aquitaine, France during your stay. This is one Airbnb rental that will offer you peace and quiet and amazing views while you treat yourself like a king.


11. Geodesic Dome

Geodesic Dome - Airbnb Rentals

Location: Facinas, Andulasia, Spain

Price: $79/night


Laze in the sun, enjoy the fresh air, and sleep in a geodesic dome. One of the coolest Airbnb rentals is found in Spain – a giant igloo on a wooden platform. The group of dome rentals is an open concept that has a community kitchen and a risqué outside shower and Moroccan styled-toilet. The domes are quite small and have only a single bed and limited furniture, everything else (table, bathrooms, etc.) is outdoors. This is one rental where you are free in nature – and with a gorgeous view to boot!


12. The World Famous Seashell House – Casa Caracol

The World Famous Seashell House - Airbnb Rentals

Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Price: $389/night


All Airbnb rentals have their own unique charms and qualities that draw interest, but none so much as the Seashell House. This world-famous rental is made for any beach-seeker who would prefer to avoid the crowds. Once rented out, the entire home is available for private use including the gorgeous house-front pool. Not only is the beach theme on the outside of the house, but is carried inside with its sand-sculptured furniture and seashell décor. In this Airbnb rental, you can truly feel like you are living under the sea!


13. Here be Dragons…

Here Be Dragons - Airbnb Rentals

Location: Westhall, United Kingdom

Price: $502/night


Are you a fantasy nerd? Come and stay in this creative house and enjoy the colors and sights of the “fascinating and unexplored.” With the surprising dragon located on the top of the house, the interior is just as curious. Each room has unique colors and design, filled with books, one of a kind furniture, and cultural artwork that will keep you in awe. While staying here, you have access to the summer house, which is a finely decorated outdoor space perfect for reading, taking a nap, or just relaxing. Come and explore the creative, because anything could happen when there be dragons about!


14. Afghani Yurt

Afghani Yurt - Airbnb Rentals

Location: Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

Price: $46/night


If you are searching for something a little more spiritual, this Afghani Yurt in Germany will ground you. The yurt has a comfortable bed, electricity and candles, but all else is outside. There is no running water, and if water is needed a basin is available. Located in a garden, the pool is the best enjoyed on hot days (with a shower available). This serene area will have you on a spiritual journey in no time.


15. Underground Hygge

Underground Hygge - Airbnb Rentals

Location: Orondo, Washington, United States

Price: $326/night


If you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, there is an Airbnb rental awaiting your arrival! Located in Washington, United States, this underground hygge rental allows you to live like a hobbit with the home’s round shaped door and natural décor. The earth home looks out on to the Columbia river as well as stunning local hills and orchards. Inside the small home is a bed for two, a fireplace, small bathroom, and a quaint sitting area. If a trip to New Zealand is not in the budget, this hobbit hole is second best!

Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Calgary’s New Basement Suite Rules

 By: Kahane Law

Recently, there has been new legal developments impacting basement suites in the City of Calgary (the “City”). On July 22, 2015, the Calgary City Council passed a bylaw that makes it easier, cheaper and quicker to either construct a legal basement suite, or legalize an existing suite. Since then, over 383 families in Calgary have applied to have their basement suite legalized. Here are the top 10 things you need to know about developing or legalizing your basement suite.


1.      What is a Secondary Suite?

A secondary suite is a defined as a separate living space created within a main residence that is designed to accommodate a single family. Examples of secondary suites include basement suites, garden suites, in-law suites, and above-garage units.

Secondary suites must have their own sleeping, kitchen, living and bathroom areas. They may also include shared areas such as a backyard, parking spaces, laundry and storage area.


2.      What Are The Benefits of Developing/Legalizing My Basement Suites?

For home owners, owning a legal basement suite can pay off by: 

  • allowing you to rent out the suite, boosting your income and helping you pay down your mortgage quicker or offset the cost of property taxes and home maintenance
  • providing you extra space to provide accommodations for visitors, such as your elderly parents, disabled family members and children
  • increasing the value of your property

 For tenants, legal basement suites are beneficial because: 

  • unlike condos or apartments, basement suites are primarily located on the ground giving you access to outdoor space like a backyard
  • legal basement suites meet the requirements under Alberta’s Safety Codes Act


3.      What Safety Features Do Legalized Basement Suites Have? 

On November 1, 2015, the City introduced changes to the Alberta Building Code (the “Code”).

Legal basement suites are required to meet Alberta’s safety codes, which can help protect tenants in emergencies, such as fires. Legally, all legalized basement suites must have three key safety features: 

  • Bedroom Windows – there must be at least one window in each bedroom that you can open from the inside, without the use of any special tools or keys. The window should be accessible, unobstructed, and large enough so that anyone can fit through it in the event of an emergency. If the window has security bars, they should be operable from the inside, without having to use any tools.
  • Smoke alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors – each unit in the property, such as each bedroom and common areas, must have working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors that are connected to each other. This is so that when one alarm is activated, all the alarms within the units will sound. Both the landlord and tenants should test these alarms and detectors on a regular basis to ensure they are maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Exits – each unit within the home must have at least one exit leading to the outside. There must also be solid core doors that have self-closing devices.

Tip: Landlords should hire contractors who are familiar with the changes to the Code. It is cheaper to get things done right the first time than to fix them to meet legal requirements later down the road.


4.      What Was the Old Process to Legalize a Basement Suite? 

Prior to the changes, the old process of legalizing a secondary suite included applying for a development permit AND a building permit.

The process of applying for a development permit includes things like checking whether the zoning of the land allows for a basement suite, whether the use of the land is permitted, if the parcel meets size dimension requirements etc. 

The process of applying for a building  permit is similar. It ensures that the basement meets the legal requirements in the Code.


5.      What Is the New Process to Legalize an Existing Basement Suite on Zoned Land?

Currently, landlords wishing to legalize an existing basement suite on land that is zoned, can skip applying for a development permit (DP) under the DP Exemption Program if the suite meets the rules of the Land Use Bylaw. Each district has different rules. To find out whether basement suites are allowed in your district, enter your property’s address in the property information tool.

If eligible for the program, you can save around $2,200 and hours of paperwork, such as commissions for architectural drawings. Instead of taking up to three months to process, getting a basement legalized can be processed in a matter of days.


6.      What If My Property Does Not Qualify For the DP Exemption Program?

If you want to apply to legalize an existing basement suite on land situated in a district that does not list basement suites as a listed use, you can apply for a Land Use Re-designation Application. This application allows you to apply to change the district of a property. Currently, the City is waiving the application fee.


7.      How Do I Find Out If a Basement Suite is Legal?

On September 28, 2015, the City launched an online Secondary Suite Registry and registered sticker program. This allows individuals to verify if a basement suite meets the Alberta Building Code requirements at the time of an inspection by the City.

Individuals can enter in the property’s address, community, or registry sticker number to identify whether a basement suite is legal. Landlords who register their legalized secondary suite can also receive a registered sticker that they can use to market their suite to prospective tenants. For a map of all verified basement suites, click here.



8.      I Want To Build a Legal Basement Suite In My House – How Do I Apply for a Building Permit?

Thinking of developing a legal basement suite on land situated in an area zoned for secondary suites? Follow these steps to apply for a building permit:

Step One: Make sure you have prepared the items set out in the building permit complete application requirement checklist.

Step Two: Book an appointment online.

Step Three: Fill out the application forms and submit it for review at the 3rd floor counter at the Municipal Building.

Step Four: After completing the steps, you may begin construction on your legal basement suite. Make sure the suite is built according to the legal requirements outlined in the building regulations assessment checklist.

Typically, the application process will take about three to six months.


9.      What Happens If I Do Not Apply for a Legally Require Building Permit?

If you fail to apply for a building permit before starting work on your basement suite, you may risk: 

  • being subject to a stop work order issued by a City inspector
  • receiving a fine
  • being forced to undo work already completed
  • issues with selling your property or filing an insurance claim in the future

Call before you dig. As a homeowner, make sure you know if a building permit is required before constructing your basement suite. Even if you hire a contractor who claims that a building permit is not required, you will be held responsible if fined.


10.    How Do I Find Out If I Need a Building Permit to Develop My Basement Suite? 

You are legally required to apply for a building permit if: 

  • you are developing an existing basement
  • the renovations are more extensive than mere cosmetic upgrades
  • you wish to add or remove walls
  • you plan to make structural changes

Still unsure if you need a builder’s permit? Contact the City’s Planning Services Centre at (403) 268-5311.

Note: it is also your responsibility to make sure that the work you are planning does not violate any existing restrictive covenants, caveats, or any other restrictions against the property.


Real Estate Lawyer Help with Basement Suites

Thinking of legalizing your basement suite? Applying for a building permit to upgrade your illegal basement suite or looking to build a legalized one? Now is a better time than ever to apply for permits as the City is currently waiving application fees for Development Permits AND Land Use Re-designation. Contact Kahane Law Office’s team of highly experienced real estate lawyers. We can help simplify the process. Call us today at 1-877-225-8817  or, if you are in Calgary, 403-225-8810. You can also email us here directly.


Verifying a secondary suite in Calgary 

RentFaster.ca has worked with the City of Calgary so property owners and managers can mark their listing as a certified secondary suite just by including their permit number. You’ll see an icon on applicable listings that will show the updated information from the city.


Are You Ready for Moving Day? – Moving with Confidence

Are You Ready for Moving Day? – Moving with Confidence


Moving requires organization. Not only do you have to ensure everything gets packed away, but that the boxes make it to your new home. Unfortunately, with moving comes chaos and management. Boxes left out in the open are an easy target for people to take, items are not handled with care in transfer, and stuff goes missing. You want to prepare for anything, especially so that you can feel comfortable as you make your way to your new home. And did you know renters insurance could start before you even move in? That’s right! Renter insurance can cover you during the move.


What does Renter’s Insurance Cover on Moving Day?


Perhaps your moving truck gets lost along the way, or that box of your favorite records you left on the stairs goes missing. Although we would like to think that everything will go just as planned, in the shuffle of the day, things may not. If items do go missing, having renter’s insurance can cover you for the cost of replacements.




Depending on what insurance company you are with, there will be a difference between replacement and compensation. Some insurance companies will acknowledge a loss by paying you what the item was worth. This can become an issue if the item is older (such as an old TV or a “well loved” dining room table). These insurance companies will only compensate you with the cost of that item as it is in the current market. On the other hand, insurance companies like Nuera Insurance will work to replace that item. They will take the time to find you a replacement that is similar in kind and quality. Therefore, if your TV is stolen on moving day, you can feel comforted in the fact that you’ll be unwinding in front of a similar TV shortly!


Hiring Bad Movers


The amount of stuff you remember you have once you start packing is overwhelming. Almost everyone will require a mover, but the issue is, who can you trust with your stuff? As much as we would like to believe that all movers are there to help you out and move your stuff safely, some won’t meet these expectations. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your items are stolen or mishandled, ensure the movers make a claim on their insurance policy. Because the items were under their care, they are responsible – meaning you won’t be the one to pay the deductible. If, in the unfortunate circumstance, the movers have stolen the items, Nuera Insurance renter’s insurance will step in.


What to do if Moving Day Goes Badly


Whether your stuff goes missing, is destroyed, or is stolen, take action immediately.

  1. Identify what is missing/has been destroyed in the move
  2. File a police report to inform the authorities of what is missing or destroyed.
  3. Use that report and present it to your insurance providers for the claim. (Of course, you will still have to pay your deductible, but in the end, it will be less than replacing all the missing items)


Moving soon? Ease the stress and contact Nuera Insurance to get a quote for renter’s or condo insurance. That way even if moving day goes awry, it will be a little less bad when you know you are covered!

10 Questions to Ask a Potential Tenant

10 Questions to Ask a Potential Tenant


It is common for renters to be cautious when renting as they are hesitant about moving into a new place. On the other hand, it is also crucial for landlords to be cautious and take action towards finding the best tenant. Being a landlord, you are solely responsible for selecting the best individual for the residence. It can be stressful deciding who to choose, having to lay out the rental terms, and you hope that the relationship is a positive one. To avoid having a rental horror story (where property gets destroyed or a landlord is taken advantage of), asking questions can relieve this fear. Questions offer more information and history on a tenant which can then help you judge who is the best fit. Here are 10 questions to ask a potential tenant to ease the pressure.


1. Why are you moving?

An important question to ask each potential tenant is why they are moving. Some tenants will consider this a personal question and refuse to answer, in which you can determine whether you think it is suspicious. But asking this question can also elicit information of what your tenant is like. Are they moving to be closer to a new job? Did they get kicked out of their last rental? Do they need a new place with more space? Listening carefully to their answers can identify whether the individual has a good reason to want to move into your property. Trusting your instincts will confirm if they are the right tenant or not.


2. When do you plan on moving?

When do you plan on moving

One of the more significant aspects of renting is to make sure that both you and your tenant’s timelines coincide. Of course, in most cases there can be flexibility on the move-in date, but in some cases, scheduling discrepancies arise. Asking ahead of time when the potential tenant plans to move in can help you determine whether or not their plans match up with yours. If they hope to move in the next 2 weeks, and you are only starting the interview process, you’ll have less time to decide.


3. What is your monthly income?

When renting out your property you want to know that your tenant is able to afford the rent and will make the scheduled payments. As a landlord, it is smart to ask your tenant how much they make monthly and even ask for bank statements for proof (which you are allowed to do). If your rental rate is $1,500 a month, you need to make sure that the tenant makes at least 3x that a month. A basic rule of thumb is to find a tenant who makes a yearly income that is 40 times the property’s monthly rent. You might be willing to make exceptions in some cases if the tenant is willing to pay the first few months’ rent in advance. Having this information gives you a better idea if your potential tenant will be reliable financially.


4. Will any pets move in with you?

Will any pets be moving with you

Although your listing identifies whether or not pets are allowed, always cover your bases. Ask each tenant if they plan to bring an animal with them when they move in. If your property is pet friendly, you may want to inform them ahead of time the policies you have with pets. Depending on the type of property and what animal they have, designated pet-areas could cause a problem for the tenant (ex. Dogs needing to go outside).


5. How many people will live in the property?

How many people will be moving in? Although this seems like a common question to ask, there is always the chance that the person decided last minute to bring a room-mate along. Knowing just how many people are moving in could affect the security deposit, as well as the cost of utilities. Depending on the size of the property, there are some laws in place that allow a certain number of people per bedrooms of the rental. This can especially be an issue if a bedroom is not up to code (ex: windows are not large enough). Verify the number of people planning to move in and avoid possible problems or lawsuits in the future.


6. Will you allow me to do a credit and background check?

Will you allow a credit and background check

If you require more background information on your tenant to see if they are reliable and trustworthy, ask them for a credit and background check. If the tenant denies immediately you have the choice to eliminate them from the prospective tenants. If the tenant does allow you to do this check, the credit check will display whether or not your tenant pays their bills on time. Chances are if they pay their bills, they will also be reliable on rental payments. As for the background check, it will tell you if they have been evicted in the past or have any criminal records. Remember to get their approval for these checks in writing so you always have a paper trail!


7. Do you require parking or other amenities from the rental?

It is always a good idea to go over the inclusions of the rental. Going over key amenities can assist both yourself and the tenant stay on the same page. Ask them if they require parking, how many vehicles they have, and whether they want access to facility amenities (gym, pool, laundry etc.). Asking them these questions will allow you to clarify what the price includes and what features have additional costs. It is better to explain thoroughly so you avoid confusion or frustration later once the agreement has been signed.


8. Can I ask for references from your previous landlord and employer?

Can I ask for references from your previous landlord and employer

This is a question that can tell you a lot about a potential tenant. Don’t jump to conclusions if they do not want previous landlords contacted. It could be the landlord who is crazy, and not the tenant – keep asking questions. If they do allow you to reach out to these references, do it. Employers can inform you on their performance, reliability, and trustworthiness. A person who is always late for work, has low work ethic, or is rude can suggest that the tenant might cause problems elsewhere. Speaking with previous landlords is a great opportunity to ask questions like:

  • Did the tenant pay rent on time?
  • Were there any complaints from neighbors about the tenant?
  • Do you know why the tenant is planning on moving?
  • Was there any damage to the property while the tenant lived there?
  • Did the tenant pay the expected amount?
  • Would you rent to this tenant again?

Once you have answers from these 3rd party references, you can feel confident in your decision.


9. Are you willing/able to pay the security deposit once the agreement is signed?

If you feel the applicant matches your ideal tenant, consider asking if they are willing to pay the security deposit at the signing. Depending on the tenant’s financial situation, that may not be something they can do until the beginning of the month when they move in. It is beneficial to do a quick overview of the expectations for the deposit return (no damage, limitations to changes in the home, etc.) as well as identify your goals for inspections. Remember, it is your responsibility to pay the interest on the security deposit, rates set by the government each year. If they agree to the payment, prepare a receipt for the tenant as evidence that the deposit was agreed upon and paid.

10. Do you have any questions or concerns?

Do you have any Questions or concerns

One of the final questions to ask a potential tenant is if they have questions or concerns. From your questions, they might have noticed a scheduling issue, a limitation that does not meet their expectations, etc. You want to ensure that your tenant will feel comfortable with the rules, regulations, and inclusions of the rental. Once you have asked your questions and they have asked theirs, you are that much closer to selecting your best candidate!

10 Questions to Ask a Potential Landlord

10 Questions to Ask a Potential Landlord


Renting a home involves a lot of trust on both the landlord’s part and the renter’s. There are many different topics to discuss to ensure that both parties are on the same page. When a tenant does not ask enough questions, misunderstandings and problems can arise. As a renter, it is crucial that you know every term included in the rental agreement and are fully knowledgeable about the expectations of your potential landlord. Take the time and ask questions about the lease, payments, inclusions, etc. Even if you are 80% sure you know the answer, it is good to ask and be completely confident in the answer, the landlord expects it. Here are 10 questions to ask a potential landlord before you sign on the dotted line:


1. What is the breakdown of the rent?

Often times, renters look at the price of a rental and assume that it covers everything they need. However, the price you see is often only the price for rent itself, and utilities, internet, cable, and additional parking fees are extra. When discussing the agreement with your landlord, ensure you cover the entirety of what is and is not included in the rent. It would be a very unwelcome and costly surprise to sign the agreement and suddenly find out that all of the above were not included.


2. Are there any additional fees?

Are there Additional Fees

Depending on what type of property you seek, there may be additional fees for certain features. If you are looking at an apartment, parking (as well as other amenities) may have an additional cost not included in the rent. These additional fees can play a larger role in determining if the rental fits your budget and you’ll need to decide if these extra costs are worth investing in. For instance, if you own a car and indoor parking is an additional fee, are you willing to pay for a spot or take the risk of finding street parking each day? Having this information can also help when comparing rentals, perhaps where parking is an additional fee in once place, it is free in another!


3. What is the expected move in date?

Some landlords put up a listing and hope to fill it as soon as possible. When moves have a rush date it could be mandatory that you begin paying and moving in only a few days. If the landlord wants to fill the property right away, you need to consider the amount of time it would take for you to get the deposit, pay rent, leave your current residence, and find a way to move in. It takes a lot of effort and can be frustrating and stressful if you sign the agreement without flex-time. Ask your landlord the date they expect you to move in and if there is any flex time to put a deposit down to hold the rental, but move in (and begin paying) a couple weeks later.


4. What are acceptable payment methods?

What are acceptable payment methods

One of the most important questions to ask your potential landlord is what types of payment they will accept. Some landlords may request a specific method to help them manage their accounts, while others may be picky about ensuring they get it at a specific time. Ask the landlord if they accept all methods (cash, cheques, e-transfer, bank transfer, etc.) or if a certain type of payment is preferred. This is important for those who do not have easy access to bank (as it will add a monthly errand) but their landlord requires it. Double checking with them will avoid later confusion and problems.


5. Are inspections made regularly?

One of the most common complaints about renting is the delayed response time to a problem in a rental. There is nothing more frustrating than reporting an issue to your landlord (leaky sink, wiring issue, etc.) and not having it attended to. One way to avoid this problem is to ask your landlord prior to signing the agreement how often inspections are made. An organized landlord who is on top of property maintenance should have a schedule to regularly check rentals and have them upheld. It is also good to ask your landlord what the procedure is for inspections – do they notify you beforehand or do they knock on the door and enter at their convenience? How do you submit a claim? Having this information can prepare you for the system your landlord uses to run the property.


6. Is the rental pet friendly?

Is the rental pet friendly

If you have a pet, one of the most important things to consider asking your landlord is if the property allows pets. Unless you plan to leave Fido behind (which we highly doubt), knowing the rules and restrictions for pets at the property can help you determine if the rental is right for you. Thankfully, for those using Rentfaster.ca to find their rental, all listings clearly identify if they are pet friendly. This makes searching for the perfect rental easy, as you can select certain search parameters to find only the rentals that allow animals. It is also important to discuss the expectations around having a pet on the property. There may be certain areas that your pet has access to or limited areas where your pet is allowed to use the washroom. Some rentals are even specific on the size of pets they allow. Clarify this so you and your furry friend are sure you are moving into the perfect place!


7. Is there a guest policy?

For those who have active social lives and enjoy hosting parties and having family come over, it is good to be aware of property guest policies. Depending on the type of property you seek (apartment vs. house), there may be rules and limitations to having guests over. Some properties have limited parking that could present a problem. For other close-proximity properties, there are quiet hours that require you to keep late-night conversations to a minimum. Ask your landlord all about the policy on guests to ensure that if your long-lost noisy cousin comes to stay over for a week that it does not result in an eviction notice.


8. What are the rules for decorating the property?

What are the rules for decorating the property

Some landlords will not allow any permanent changes to the property. Changes such as painting, hanging pictures, installing technology on a wall, etc. however, may be allowed. If you are looking forward to personalizing your space, it is good to ask your potential landlord what changes are permitted. If the changes are not acceptable, this can help you decide if you like the property enough as it is. If not, then you may want to continue your rental search. Knowing the limitations and rules for decorating can also keep you informed so that the changes you do make will not affect your deposit. Don’t get caught in forgetting to ask and then finding out months later that the changes you made will deny you from receiving your safety deposit back.

9. Are there any improvements or renovations planned in the near future?

Although this may seem like an unnecessary question, being aware of any changes to the building could save you a headache. If the landlord plans on doing construction or renovations in the next few months, noise and disruption are expected. By taking the time to ask your potential landlord, at least you are aware that the property will be loud with the process. This can be extremely significant for those with small children or individuals who work at home as the noise could present as a serious problem.


10. What is the timing on the lease?

What is the timing on the lease

Discussing payment inclusions and method is one thing, but you should also ask your landlord about the timing on the lease. Not every rental will have a month-to-month payment and some will ask for a few months in advance. Some landlords will also require a tenant to commit to a two-year lease. If you are only planning on living in a place for one year before moving elsewhere, a rental with advanced lease will not fit your schedule. No matter how much you love the property and it matches your requirements, a longer lease will present as a problem. It is not against any rules to try to speak with the landlord about a shorter lease. Maybe they think you will be the perfect tenant and will happily make an exception. Just be sure to consider all aspects of the lease so that when you sign on the dotted line at your perfect rental it fits your timing.


11 Lawn Ornaments that are Not Tacky

11 Lawn Ornaments that are Not Tacky

When discussing lawn ornaments, people commonly think of creepy-looking gnomes, eccentric fake flowers, and other gaudy items. Lawn ornaments are usually terrible and ugly yard decorations that ruin the look of a house. But what most people don’t realize is that there are plenty of lawn ornaments available that can actually accentuate your yard and bring style and life to your home’s exterior. Besides a garden and trees, lawn ornaments add more color, height, and texture to your front/back lawn. Don’t restrict your lawn ornaments to dancing frogs, flamingos, or garden fairies! Here are 11 lawn ornaments you can use to spruce up your front yard that are not tacky.


1. Bird Baths

Bird Bath Lawn Ornament

Looking for something simple? Perhaps you want a lawn ornament that brings nature to you? A bird bath is a wonderful way to add height to your front lawn without being tacky, and helps nature’s songbirds stay cool! The best thing about birdbaths is that there is so much selection to choose from. You can purchase a simple standing bath, a waterfall, a fountain, or simply a decorative bowl on the ground. If you are not one for having birds chirping near your window, bird baths can also be used to grow flowers. Planting flowers inside the bird bath frees up more garden space for you while also giving your garden height (and saves the bees. Yay nature)!


2. Windmills

Windmills don’t have to be the tacky pinwheels you see at carnivals. It may shock you to know that there are a number of windmill lawn ornaments that look beautiful on a lawn! You can get anything from a little Dutch windmill to put in your garden, or a replica of a farm’s windmill. Windmills add height to your lawn as well as movement – giving life to an otherwise static yard. When purchasing your windmill, always make sure it matches the look of your home. When lawn ornaments clash with the exterior, you quickly venture into ‘tacky’ territory.


3. Garden Urn

Garden Urn Lawn Ornament

Instead of always planting your flowers in garden beds or planter pots, get creative with their location. One lawn ornament that can look beautiful (if decorated right) is a garden urn – large decorative pots that bring architecture and design to your yard. These come in various shapes (tall and skinny or wide and detailed) and are usually a natural stone colour inspired by ancient Greek architecture. Let coloured flowers and vines pour out of these to make it look as though this garden accidentally grew in a beautiful urn!


4. Lighthouses

Depending on the style of your home, lighthouses can be a cute addition to your front lawn. Lighthouses add a nautical, rustic, or whimsical feel to a lawn without being tacky. Paint your lighthouse to match the colours in your garden or on your house. Before you add a lighthouse to your lawn, consider where you live – if you live in the city in a large modern house it may appear out of place. Lighthouse lawn ornaments are most popular in coastal areas or homes that have a water-front style.


5. Bird/Bat Houses

Bird-Bat House Lawn Ornament

Depending what type of animals live in your area, bird and bat houses are a great addition to a yard. Not only do they provide a space for the animals to live, they add colour and personality to a home. Bird houses can be painted bright shades, built to look like a mansion, or be small enough to just house that feathered friend you always see in your tree. Bat houses are another option. Keeping bats around will keep the bugs down and give them a place to live that does not include the small spaces in your house, and they add style as well. You can purchase a bird/bat house or you can make your own with a few pieces of wood and paint! If you want to avoid the bird/bat house looking tacky, choose colours that stylishly stand out or compliment your home’s exterior.


6. Animal Ornaments

Although we often see tacky cartoon-styled animals in stores, there are many lawn ornaments that look like realistic animals. Owls, birds, and rabbits are fun natural additions to your yard. These ornaments can be hiding in bushes, placed in trees, and stood upon perches to make them look more realistic. It is when animal ornaments look fake and out of place that they become tacky. Animal ornaments work well if they are not the center focus of your yard. Place them in spaces that animal would naturally reside to get the best effect – and in extreme moderation.


7. Benches

Bench Lawn Ornament

Benches are a functional way to fill empty space in your lawn as well as create an inviting feeling to your front yard. Although they are not technically considered lawn ornaments, benches still add style, depth, and texture to your yard – everything a lawn ornament should do. There are many different types of benches available in various shapes and materials, and colours as well. Try a bright sunshine yellow bench or blend in with rustic wood. Not only do they look great on your front yard, but they give you a place to sit down and relax outside!


8. Statue

Many statues available in stores are extremely tacky. Little dogs holding a welcome sign, and cherubs are often thought as gaudy lawn ornaments to have in front of your house. Avoid these tacky lawn ornaments and find stylish statues instead. Because statues are made into almost anything, there is a large variety of selection (animals, Ancient Greek statues, or modern art). Sculptures and gnomes, although thought of as tacky, can be fun when they are put in the right location. For these statues, be sure to skillfully place them. Consider the look of your house and purchase statues that match the theme.


9. Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder Lawn Ornament

Bird feeders are one of the more traditional lawn ornaments and rarely look tacky in a yard. Take into account the possible places you could put a bird feeder – do you have a tree, a porch, or a place to hang it? Or do you need to search for a bird feeder that is connected to a post? Once you have established where you are going to put it, start searching for a bird feeder that is perfect for the types of birds you’d like to attract.


10. Lanterns

What better way to add flare to your lawn while brightening it up than a lantern? You can purchase a large lantern to place beside your front steps, or buy a string of lanterns to brighten up a front porch. This wonderful lawn ornament is perfect for any style of house (rustic, modern, traditional) as lanterns can be selected to match (wooden lantern, circular lantern, or an old gas lantern). They will look great in the daytime and even better at night when they shed soft light upon your front yard in the evenings.


11. Decorative Rocks

Decorative Rocks Lawn Ornament

It may seem strange that rocks could be considered lawn ornaments, but when rocks are polished, set up in patterns, or stacked upon one another they are tasteful additions. There are many different things you can do with rocks to enhance the look of your lawn. You can leave them as they are, stack them into an inuksuk, or use them to create a homemade sundial! Many home renovation and garden stores will even supply tinted rocks to add colour to your walkway. Let the natural look of rocks add detail to your lawn without looking tacky.


Use these non-tacky lawn ornaments to spruce up your front yard. Let them be what adds texture, colour, height, and design to your home. In the end, as long as they put a smile on your face, they deserve a spot in your life.


Kinds of Parking to Look for When Renting (and What You Need to be Aware of) 

Kinds of Parking to Look for When Renting (and What You Need to be Aware of)


When searching for a rental, considering important factors such as number of rooms, proximity to work, and the type of property can help eliminate rentals that will not work for you. One aspect that many people forget to inquire about is parking. If you own a vehicle this is a crucial requirement as it could determine if a place is a good fit. Depending on what type of property you desire (apartment, house, condo, etc.) the parking will differ. You are probably wondering, why is this important, why would parking matter? The answer: you need to store your car somewhere! Knowing this information can ensure your car is in a convenient place and in safe conditions year-round. Here are the different types of parking to look for when renting and the reasons you need to be aware!


Street and Outdoor Parking

Street - Outdoor Parking

If you are looking at a property that only has street parking, a parking pad, or is outdoors, you should ask the landlord for more parking information. Depending on what street the rental is located on, there are some restrictions for parking. Particular side streets have city parking signs that require you to pay or have unavailable/limited parking during certain hours. This can be a nuisance if you are constantly having to move your car and locate free parking just to get home. With street parking, it is beneficial to look into the coverage of your car insurance. Because your car is on a busy street, it has a higher risk for damage with the high traffic. Speaking to your insurance provider may prove that there is an increased cost for your insurance.


With any outdoor parking, you should consider every weather condition and understand that your car is susceptible to weather damage. Rainy seasons bring hail and the winter seasons bring freezing temperatures. Ask your potential landlord precautionary questions: Is there a plug in for your car so it starts in the colder months? Are there areas nearby you can park your car to prevent hail damage? Is there a history of break-ins or vandalism in the area? Asking these questions and knowing fully what the parking situation is like at the rental can help prevent future problems and tickets.


Permit Parking

Permit Parking

If the rental you are interested in has permit parking, there are specific things to be aware of. In most cases, landlords charge an additional fee for a parking permit, and have a limit of 2 cars. Although you may have more luck with finding parking, it does not always mean that you have a guaranteed spot. Ask the landlord if the permit will confirm you get a spot. Not all locations will have the same number of parking spaces for the number of permits given out. If this is the case, it is likely that at times you may have to drive elsewhere to park and walk to your rental. If you are the type of person who likes to throw gatherings with friends and family, permit parking is an issue for guest parking. Guest parking is limited and can restrict the amount of people you invite over. Speak with the landlord and discuss optioms so you know just what you get in terms of parking space with your rental.

Underground/Garage Parking

Underground-Garage Parking

Underground and garage parking is often thought of as a luxury with a rental. It prevents weather damage to your vehicle and car-comfort as most parkades are heated. These parking spaces also allow for more security and added safety. It is these covered parking areas that are perfect for keeping your car in perfect condition, great for those with luxury and expensive vehicles. Inquire about the additional cost of underground parking for your rental, or if it will be included. Depending on the place, building, and access, fees may increase (ex. Parking spaces closer to the main level may have additional costs). Something to consider is the accessibility to the garage. Not all garages are attached to the building and others may lack elevators. This is important to know for transporting groceries from the car to the rental, as well as a possible issue for those with older family members unable to take stairs to the rental.



Once you have addressed these questions and concerns with the landlord, you will be better able to determine if the rental is right for you. You need a home, but remember, if you own a car, it needs to “live” somewhere too!

Feature Community: Edmonton, Alberta’s Old Strathcona

Feature Community: Edmonton, Alberta’s Old Strathcona


Looking for a community thriving with excitement and activity? Look no further than Edmonton’s Old Strathcona! Located on Whyte Avenue, Old Strathcona is a community filled with local entertainment, food, and retail. In 2013, Old Strathcona and Whyte Avenue were named 12th of the top 20 streets in Canada by Vacay.ca. In the breakdown, they said that Whyte Avenue is “Edmonton’s official party headquarters,” and it is exactly that. This community appeals to all ages with its diverse layout of shops, vast entertainment options, cafes, and restaurants.


Although Old Strathcona may appear to be highly focused on entertainment, there are historic aspects in the community as well. The area is filled with historical buildings, and Edmonton’s arts and culture are celebrated here in the dynamic shops and retail options located on Whyte Avenue. The community celebrates the diversity of its shopping options and supports local boutiques and individually owned stores. Old Strathcona is truly a place to find new and unique things while engaging in the community and its people.


  • Staying true to Old Strathcona’s appeal for fun and adventure, if you are want to try something daring, check out Eternal Ink Tattoo. Whether you want to be spontaneous or you finally want to get that tattoo you have been planning for years, Eternal Ink is just the place. The team has a creative and unique approach to art that will ensure your new ink is just how you desire.
  • Looking for food? Old Strathcona is filled with various cafes and restaurants to satisfy that craving. No matter what your palate, the community has plenty of options for any meal.
  • Searching for delicious Italian pasta and wine? Chianti Café and Restaurant is the perfect option to thrill your taste buds. With a wide variety of delectable pastas, homemade soups, and of course the freshly baked Italian bread, you will be hungry no more. Chianti Café and Restaurant is an excellent lunch and dinner choice and is enjoyable for the whole family!
  • Perhaps you are itching for a fiesta in your mouth with some quality Mexican food? If that is the case, El Cortez Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar is just the place for a blend of modern Latin fusion, traditional favorites, and gourmet street food. They have a main floor open all week long as well as a Tequila Cellar on Friday and Saturdays for late night DJ entertainment.
  • If you are a loud-talker, enjoy a good drink, and love to eat Southern-styled food, Have Mercy is just the place for you. Known for their delicious Southern food (Steak with Beans on Toast or Sweet Corn Hush Puppies), whiskies, craft cocktails, and live entertainment. Have Mercy is filled with a contagious energy and satisfying eats all week long.
  • Of course, fitness is always important in any community, but why not have some fun while you exercise? Located on Whyte Avenue is Aradia Fitness who provides women with unique and creative ways to stay in shape and feel sexy while doing it – pole dancing! With a variety of classes to choose from, it doesn’t matter if it is your first time or you are an expert. The fitness classes are there to increase confidence, have fun, and get a workout. Party options are available if you choose to go with a group of close friends. Stay fit and have fun in Old Strathcona!


Old Strathcona is home to many different events and festivals. At the end of June, the community is hosting the Edmonton International Jazz Festival, free to all. If you want to keep up on the latest activity in this community, check out the Old Strathcona event board. The site lists everything upcoming: live music, outdoor sales, festivals, and the newest promotions available at local retailers.


Plan a day to explore the many exciting opportunities in Old Strathcona. Visit the year round, indoor farmers market and browse the different vendors. Take a walking tour and gaze at the historical buildings that date back to the early 1900’s. Want more to do? Check out The Paint Spot and the gallery showings they currently have, or visit Crankpots Ceramic Studio to get creative with painting ceramics. No matter how you plan your day, there is always plenty to do in Old Strathcona!


If you want to really immerse yourself into the energy of Old Strathcona, there are currently 21 rental listings available on RentFaster.ca. Rentals include houses, condos, and apartments to suit any style of living you require. The area is affordable with an average rental price of $1,288. If your job takes you elsewhere, Edmonton public transportation options are available. For those who work in downtown Edmonton, the commute is 10 minutes by car or 30 minutes by bus. The Old Strathcona area is perfect for easy access to services, food, and amenities while staying engaged in the community. Want an Edmonton rental elsewhere? There are 2875 rentals to choose from in Edmonton.


Get involved, have fun, and feel the thrill of a truly passionate community: Old Strathcona. Check out Rentfaster.ca for current listings and find the perfect rental for you!

Feature Community - Old Strathcona Contest

OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES for the Old Strathcona Local Business Giveaway on Facebook (June 22, 2017)

No purchase is necessary and winner will be chosen in random draw. Each comment gives one entry; multiple entries per person allowed. Contest is open to any Saskatchewan resident over 18 years of age. Contest is open until June 30, 2017 at 11:59 PM. Prize includes various food retailer gift cards, free pole dancing fitness session, and 1 hour session of free tattooing. No substitutes or cash replacement allowed. Skill-testing question required.

Winner will be contacted via Facebook within one week after contest close and has one week to respond to claim prize or a new name will be selected. Odds of winning depend on entries. Gift basket will be delivered via mail to winner’s address within six weeks of accepting prize via Facebook or email.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability.



Eternal Ink

Unit 1 – 10015 82 Ave
Edmonton, AB
Phone: 780.705.0557
Email: info@eternalink.ca
Website: www.eternalink.ca

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eternalinkwhyte/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eternalinkonwhyte/


Chianti Café and Restaurant

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chiantiwhyte/

Instagram: chiantiwhyte

Twitter: @chiantissouth


El Cortez Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar

Website: elcortezcantina.com

Twitter: @elcortezyeg


Have Mercy Southern Table & Bar

Website: havemercy.ca

Twitter: @havemercyyeg


Aradia Fitness

Chantelle Beasley (Owner)
Phone: 780-819-0977
Website: www.aradiafitness.com

Instagram: @aradiafitnessyeg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aradiafitnessedmonton/









Renter’s Insurance for You and Your Pup


Renter’s Insurance for You and Your Pup


Did you know that renter’s insurance can be for you AND your pup? Biting and nipping may seem like fun and games when you are roughhousing with your dog at home. But if someone else is involved, there can be serious legal and financial trouble. What can you do about this when renting? The answer: get renter’s insurance! Nuera Insurance has a unique insurance option that allows for coverage of your dog, should they ever harm someone else. If your dog does happen to bite someone, you can feel comfortable that the situation will be handled appropriately and you will not be stuck with an expensive fine.


When to Consider Renter’s Insurance (Pet Edition)


Although everyone would like to think that they have the best dog, some just can’t break those bad habits. If your dog seems likely to act out or is not as trustworthy as you would like, consider renter’s insurance with pet coverage. Having this type of insurance can help. Even when your dog is provoked – although the dog was simply reacting, if you are not covered by specialized insurance you are still held responsible.


Are you unsure of whether your dog is a risk for outburst? Here are some signs that can help you understand if your dog is a risk.


  • Your dog snaps when startled.
  • Aggressive actions towards strangers.
  • They are uncomfortable in crowds of people.
  • Your dog overreacts to people at the door (mailman, service people, etc.).
  • Your dog has been known to nip or bite in the past.
  • When contained, your dog retaliates.
  • Your dog’s body language exhibits aggression towards you or others.


Sometimes the best ways to avoid incident with your dog simply involves intervention. Below are some ways to reduce the likelihood of your pet’s negative actions.


  • Keep an eye on your dog at home (and outside).
  • If someone tries to approach your dog, kindly ask them to stop.
  • Do not leave your pet alone with children – children can often be unpredictable and unaware of boundaries and cues.
  • Give visitors, friends, and family instructions beforehand to prevent an incident.
  • Spay or neuter your dog – reducing their desire to wander.
  • Leave your dog at home when going to outings with lots of people.
  • When people come to your door, put your dog outside to prevent overreactions.
  • Attend training classes to improve the behavior and socialization of your dog.
  • Speak to your veterinarian for tips.
  • Begin to slowly introduce new situations and people to your dog.


Renter’s Insurance (Pet Edition) Limitations


As there are some dogs labeled “dangerous breeds” there are limitations on the amount and types of coverage Nuera Insurance can provide. Dogs who are classified as “dangerous breeds,” as well as those who have history of reported (or unreported) attacks, may not be covered. For clarity, contact Nuera to see if you and your dog have access to coverage with your renter’s insurance.



Don’t take the risk of assuming your dog can do no harm – guarantee your coverage with renter’s insurance. That way if your dog ever does get naughty, you are not held legally and financially responsible. Contact Nuera to find out your quote and take the guess work out of pet liability!