Feature Community: Edmonton, Alberta’s Old Strathcona

Feature Community: Edmonton, Alberta’s Old Strathcona


Looking for a community thriving with excitement and activity? Look no further than Edmonton’s Old Strathcona! Located on Whyte Avenue, Old Strathcona is a community filled with local entertainment, food, and retail. In 2013, Old Strathcona and Whyte Avenue were named 12th of the top 20 streets in Canada by Vacay.ca. In the breakdown, they said that Whyte Avenue is “Edmonton’s official party headquarters,” and it is exactly that. This community appeals to all ages with its diverse layout of shops, vast entertainment options, cafes, and restaurants.


Although Old Strathcona may appear to be highly focused on entertainment, there are historic aspects in the community as well. The area is filled with historical buildings, and Edmonton’s arts and culture are celebrated here in the dynamic shops and retail options located on Whyte Avenue. The community celebrates the diversity of its shopping options and supports local boutiques and individually owned stores. Old Strathcona is truly a place to find new and unique things while engaging in the community and its people.


  • Staying true to Old Strathcona’s appeal for fun and adventure, if you are want to try something daring, check out Eternal Ink Tattoo. Whether you want to be spontaneous or you finally want to get that tattoo you have been planning for years, Eternal Ink is just the place. The team has a creative and unique approach to art that will ensure your new ink is just how you desire.
  • Looking for food? Old Strathcona is filled with various cafes and restaurants to satisfy that craving. No matter what your palate, the community has plenty of options for any meal.
  • Searching for delicious Italian pasta and wine? Chianti Café and Restaurant is the perfect option to thrill your taste buds. With a wide variety of delectable pastas, homemade soups, and of course the freshly baked Italian bread, you will be hungry no more. Chianti Café and Restaurant is an excellent lunch and dinner choice and is enjoyable for the whole family!
  • Perhaps you are itching for a fiesta in your mouth with some quality Mexican food? If that is the case, El Cortez Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar is just the place for a blend of modern Latin fusion, traditional favorites, and gourmet street food. They have a main floor open all week long as well as a Tequila Cellar on Friday and Saturdays for late night DJ entertainment.
  • If you are a loud-talker, enjoy a good drink, and love to eat Southern-styled food, Have Mercy is just the place for you. Known for their delicious Southern food (Steak with Beans on Toast or Sweet Corn Hush Puppies), whiskies, craft cocktails, and live entertainment. Have Mercy is filled with a contagious energy and satisfying eats all week long.
  • Of course, fitness is always important in any community, but why not have some fun while you exercise? Located on Whyte Avenue is Aradia Fitness who provides women with unique and creative ways to stay in shape and feel sexy while doing it – pole dancing! With a variety of classes to choose from, it doesn’t matter if it is your first time or you are an expert. The fitness classes are there to increase confidence, have fun, and get a workout. Party options are available if you choose to go with a group of close friends. Stay fit and have fun in Old Strathcona!


Old Strathcona is home to many different events and festivals. At the end of June, the community is hosting the Edmonton International Jazz Festival, free to all. If you want to keep up on the latest activity in this community, check out the Old Strathcona event board. The site lists everything upcoming: live music, outdoor sales, festivals, and the newest promotions available at local retailers.


Plan a day to explore the many exciting opportunities in Old Strathcona. Visit the year round, indoor farmers market and browse the different vendors. Take a walking tour and gaze at the historical buildings that date back to the early 1900’s. Want more to do? Check out The Paint Spot and the gallery showings they currently have, or visit Crankpots Ceramic Studio to get creative with painting ceramics. No matter how you plan your day, there is always plenty to do in Old Strathcona!


If you want to really immerse yourself into the energy of Old Strathcona, there are currently 21 rental listings available on RentFaster.ca. Rentals include houses, condos, and apartments to suit any style of living you require. The area is affordable with an average rental price of $1,288. If your job takes you elsewhere, Edmonton public transportation options are available. For those who work in downtown Edmonton, the commute is 10 minutes by car or 30 minutes by bus. The Old Strathcona area is perfect for easy access to services, food, and amenities while staying engaged in the community. Want an Edmonton rental elsewhere? There are 2875 rentals to choose from in Edmonton.


Get involved, have fun, and feel the thrill of a truly passionate community: Old Strathcona. Check out Rentfaster.ca for current listings and find the perfect rental for you!

Feature Community - Old Strathcona Contest

OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES for the Old Strathcona Local Business Giveaway on Facebook (June 22, 2017)

No purchase is necessary and winner will be chosen in random draw. Each comment gives one entry; multiple entries per person allowed. Contest is open to any Saskatchewan resident over 18 years of age. Contest is open until June 30, 2017 at 11:59 PM. Prize includes various food retailer gift cards, free pole dancing fitness session, and 1 hour session of free tattooing. No substitutes or cash replacement allowed. Skill-testing question required.

Winner will be contacted via Facebook within one week after contest close and has one week to respond to claim prize or a new name will be selected. Odds of winning depend on entries. Gift basket will be delivered via mail to winner’s address within six weeks of accepting prize via Facebook or email.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability.



Eternal Ink

Unit 1 – 10015 82 Ave
Edmonton, AB
Phone: 780.705.0557
Email: info@eternalink.ca
Website: www.eternalink.ca

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eternalinkwhyte/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eternalinkonwhyte/


Chianti Café and Restaurant

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chiantiwhyte/

Instagram: chiantiwhyte

Twitter: @chiantissouth


El Cortez Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar

Website: elcortezcantina.com

Twitter: @elcortezyeg


Have Mercy Southern Table & Bar

Website: havemercy.ca

Twitter: @havemercyyeg


Aradia Fitness

Chantelle Beasley (Owner)
Phone: 780-819-0977
Website: www.aradiafitness.com

Instagram: @aradiafitnessyeg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aradiafitnessedmonton/









Renter’s Insurance for You and Your Pup


Renter’s Insurance for You and Your Pup


Did you know that renter’s insurance can be for you AND your pup? Biting and nipping may seem like fun and games when you are roughhousing with your dog at home. But if someone else is involved, there can be serious legal and financial trouble. What can you do about this when renting? The answer: get renter’s insurance! Nuera Insurance has a unique insurance option that allows for coverage of your dog, should they ever harm someone else. If your dog does happen to bite someone, you can feel comfortable that the situation will be handled appropriately and you will not be stuck with an expensive fine.


When to Consider Renter’s Insurance (Pet Edition)


Although everyone would like to think that they have the best dog, some just can’t break those bad habits. If your dog seems likely to act out or is not as trustworthy as you would like, consider renter’s insurance with pet coverage. Having this type of insurance can help. Even when your dog is provoked – although the dog was simply reacting, if you are not covered by specialized insurance you are still held responsible.


Are you unsure of whether your dog is a risk for outburst? Here are some signs that can help you understand if your dog is a risk.


  • Your dog snaps when startled.
  • Aggressive actions towards strangers.
  • They are uncomfortable in crowds of people.
  • Your dog overreacts to people at the door (mailman, service people, etc.).
  • Your dog has been known to nip or bite in the past.
  • When contained, your dog retaliates.
  • Your dog’s body language exhibits aggression towards you or others.


Sometimes the best ways to avoid incident with your dog simply involves intervention. Below are some ways to reduce the likelihood of your pet’s negative actions.


  • Keep an eye on your dog at home (and outside).
  • If someone tries to approach your dog, kindly ask them to stop.
  • Do not leave your pet alone with children – children can often be unpredictable and unaware of boundaries and cues.
  • Give visitors, friends, and family instructions beforehand to prevent an incident.
  • Spay or neuter your dog – reducing their desire to wander.
  • Leave your dog at home when going to outings with lots of people.
  • When people come to your door, put your dog outside to prevent overreactions.
  • Attend training classes to improve the behavior and socialization of your dog.
  • Speak to your veterinarian for tips.
  • Begin to slowly introduce new situations and people to your dog.


Renter’s Insurance (Pet Edition) Limitations


As there are some dogs labeled “dangerous breeds” there are limitations on the amount and types of coverage Nuera Insurance can provide. Dogs who are classified as “dangerous breeds,” as well as those who have history of reported (or unreported) attacks, may not be covered. For clarity, contact Nuera to see if you and your dog have access to coverage with your renter’s insurance.



Don’t take the risk of assuming your dog can do no harm – guarantee your coverage with renter’s insurance. That way if your dog ever does get naughty, you are not held legally and financially responsible. Contact Nuera to find out your quote and take the guess work out of pet liability!

8 Ways to Spruce up Your Front Step for Summer


8 Ways to Spruce up Your Front Step for Summer


Summer is at our door step! Or in this case, summer is on your FRONT step. Get rid of the chilly looking dead plants and find ways to bring summer to your front step this year. Changing the style and look of your front step can make your home more inviting and add curb appeal. Varying the look doesn’t mean you need to invest in new windows, re-style the steps, or paint the entire house. You can spruce up your entrance with these simple additions that add color and life to the front of your home!


1. Lighting

Lighting - Spruce up Your Front Step for Summer

Lighting is one of the most impactful ways you can spruce up your front step for summer. Every home will have a front porch light, but throughout the year, these light fixtures can get worn down by snow, dust, and wind. Simply replacing the porch light with a new stylish sconce can change the look of your front step. Another way to create personality and add detail to your front step is by putting up patio lanterns or small string bulbs. These simple additions strung across railings or porch balconies can create a beautiful ambiance for the evenings. The twinkly lights will make your home more appealing near and far!


2. Potted Plants

Potted Plants - Spruce up your Front Step for Summer

Potted plants are an easy and inexpensive way to insert color and natural décor to your front step. This living decoration brings a sense of summer and life to an otherwise dull step. Potted plants allow you to be creative with colors and types of flowers and grasses. Select the plants that you like the most and do a little gardening (or purchase them already thriving if your thumb is a different shade than green). When selecting plants, be sure to search for which plants do best in sunlight, part shade, or shade. Depending on how the direction of your home’s front step, you will need to purchase plants accordingly. Want more in your pot? Add some décor sticks, straw, or perhaps even a gnome!


3. Wreath

Wreath - Spruce up your Front Step for Summer

Although some people leave wreaths for winter and Christmas décor, having a wreath in summer is an unexpected way to add flare to your doorway. Be creative and make your own, or head to your nearest home décor store and check out the wide variety available to you. Wreaths can contain anything from leaves and flowers, to pinecones or pieces of wood – and some even less ‘natural’ and more modern. Get creative with your wreath! It is good to consider the color of your door and porch, because if you purchase a wreath of a similar color, it will camouflage and appear dreary. Pick something bright and colorful to really get the summer-vibe on your front step!


4. Doormat

Door Mat - Spruce up your Front Step for Summer

It may seem simple, but the addition of a doormat can add a huge pop of personality to your front step. With access to the various types of unique retailers (Etsy, Amazon, Home Sense, etc.) you can find a door mat that suites your style. Doormats come in tons of different colors, have sayings on them, and are made of different textures (soft for comfort, or rough for scraping off your shoes). No matter what your style is, adding a doormat is an easy and affordable way to spruce up your front step for summer!


5. Tall/Hanging Plants

Tall, Hanging Plant - Spruce up your Front Step for Summer

One of the biggest rules in décor setup is adding height to a space. Having an array of small items, medium, and tall can give the space an eclectic feel. The same goes for your front step. Purchase plants that can be hung or are tall. These will add height and break up the space of your front step. Some examples are potted trees, hanging flower baskets, or tall spiky grass! If you are lacking space on your front step, having hanging baskets can keep things off of the ground (therefore not taking up ‘have to put down my grocery bags because I can’t find my keys’ space), but also add that desired summery look.


6. Mailbox Makeover

Mailbox - Spruce up your Front Step for Summer

In the case where your home still has a mailbox (and has not been transferred to the super boxes), this is a functional way to spruce up your front step. Any mailboxes purchased at a hardware store are simple and plain. Get creative this summer and give it a makeover! You can start fresh and create a new one using whatever materials you see fit, or you can head to your local craft store and add new features. Paint on your family’s name, make the mailbox wooden, or get your kids to create something to show off their art skills!


7. Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture - Spruce up your Front Step for Summer

Depending on the size of your front steps, you may have room to add a small chair, wicker couch, or table. If your front step is smaller, find a small table to put beside the doorway. This can be used to hold up plants or other outdoor décor and add more height to the space. If you have a larger front step, creating a small and cozy furniture setup will instill the sense of comfort. Perfect for those warm, sunshine-filled mornings with a coffee in your hand.


8. Color Your Door

Color Your Door - Spruce Up Your Front Step for Summer

If your front step does not have a lot of room for planters or furniture, consider sprucing your entrance up with color: paint your door! The regular white or brown doors we are so used to seeing can turn into an eye-catching array. Paint your door a baby blue, red, or even a bright yellow and give your front step a little meaning (every colour has a meaning, pick one that reflects you). For a final touch, add a wreath that compliments the color and style of your new door!

What Your Landlord is Responsible For (and what You Need to Cover!)

What Your Landlord is Responsible For (and What You Need to Cover!)


“What am I responsible for?” This is a question asked by every person who rents for the first time. The rules and regulations of responsibility are not always laid out as clearly as we would like, and there is often uncertainty. When it comes to taking care of a rental (keeping it in good shape, fixing problems, etc.) it is important to know who covers what aspects of repair/replacement. Every home goes through wear and tear in normal life; things break and need attention. Of those replacements and fixes, what do you cover and what is your landlord responsible for? Before you move in, your landlord is responsible for ensuring the house is safe and meets legal standards (as well as seeing that appliances work and the rental is clean). But when it comes to a problem, such as a broken fridge for example, it is important to know who will cover it. Here is a list of things you or your landlord is responsible for.


Appliance Breaks – LANDLORD

Appliance Breaks - What Your Landlord is Responsible For

When you sign the rental agreement, it will be identified if the appliances are included within the rental fee. Appliances that are commonly included are the washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator. In instances where appliances break, stall, or die, it is important to get these things fixed/replaced quickly. All appliances included in the rental agreement are therefore things your landlord is responsible for. Unfortunately, if any appliances are not included in the agreement (toaster, microwave, etc.), you are responsible for these fixes and replacements. Be aware that if any of these breaks damage your personal belongings, unless you have renter’s insurance, you will be personally responsible.


Outdoor Maintenance – TENANT

Outdoor Maintenance - What Your Landlord is Responsible for

It is highly recommended that you are familiar with the inclusions of your rental agreement. In many cases, outdoor maintenance (such as mowing, tree care, and other yard work) is the responsibility of the tenant. Of course, with certain types of properties like apartment buildings, yard work is usually done by a contractor hired by the building’s landlord. One type of outdoor maintenance that is not clarified in the Residential Tenancies Act is snow shoveling. It is common with multi-home buildings (apartments, complexes, etc.) that the landlord is responsible for snow removal. But when a tenant is in a single-unit home, the tenant can be the one responsible for shoveling the walks themselves. Be sure to talk with your landlord so you know what to expect for every season.


Leaks and Water Damage – LANDLORD

Leaks and Water Damage - What Your Landlord is Responsible for

In the unfortunate circumstance that your rental begins to leak or undergoes any water damage (flooding, pipe break, etc.), your landlord is responsible for the fixes. Anything included in your rental agreement (water, electricity, building structures, etc.) is your landlord’s responsibility. In occurrences where the rental suffers extreme damage and needs larger repairs, you may be asked to leave the rental until fixes are completed. It is these times that it is important to have rental insurance that is up to date. Rental insurance providers like Nuera, will cover the cost of your stay elsewhere until you are able to return, as well as cover your personal belongings that were damaged. You will need to find a place to stay in the interim, and Rentfaster.ca is a great place to start looking for short-term rentals. When you do have leaks or water damage, tell your landlord right away (with documentation) so they can address it as soon as possible.


Small Replacements (Lightbulbs) – TENANT

Small Replacements - Lightbulbs - What Your Landlord is Responsible For

It may seem that because you have signed the rental agreement, your landlord is responsible for anything that was in the rental prior to your arrival. Many misunderstand that this means that the landlord also covers all small replacements. However, the tenant almost always covers these small replacements. Things such as lightbulbs will not be your landlord’s responsibility (unless special terms have been agreed upon). The only exception to this would be if there was specialized lighting that required bulbs not commonly found or a service/assistance was needed to install the light. In these situations, the landlord may be responsible.


Large Damages – TENANT

Large Damages - What Your Landlord is Responsible For

Just as you put a damage deposit down for hotels and holiday rentals, the same goes for home rentals. At the signing of the agreement, you and the landlord will most likely go through the home and asses the pre-existing damage of the rental. Identifying these pre-existing damages will let the landlord know if you maintained the rental over the time of your stay. Any damages you cause to the property (anything from smashed windows to ripped carpets) will be your responsibility. Of course, there is sometimes leniency with slight wear and tear damages, but any excessive damage is your responsibility. Just because small wear and tear of the property is sometimes waived by the landlord (ex. small stains), you should still prepare to pay for any damage that you cause to the property.



Smoke Alarms - What Your Landlord is Responsible For

Smoke alarms can save lives. Because of this, it is up to the landlord to be sure that these are up to date, in good working order, and comply with the requirements laid out by the law. Although the landlord is responsible for overall maintenance and alarm replacements, the tenant is responsible for some aspects of maintenance and upkeep as well. The tenant should test and clean the smoke alarms (every year), replace flat batteries, and inform the landlord when there is an issue. Keep yourself and other tenants safe and follow these rules so that in case of a fire, your smoke alarms will warn you.



If your rental does come across a problem that your landlord is responsible for, be sure to make them aware of the problem as soon as you can in writing. Until your landlord is informed, no action will be taken to get it fixed. It is a good idea to have a formal piece of documentation that shows your repair request (good to have in cases of miscommunication). It is also important to know that certain rental responsibilities and regulations will differ depending on the province. Be informed on what you are responsible for as well as what your landlord is responsible for so there are no surprises when you run into a situation!









Most Popular Saskatoon Neighborhoods to Live In


Most Popular Saskatoon Neighborhoods to Live In


Saskatoon is a city that is getting more popular by the day. Inhabited for about 6,000 years, it is undergoing changes that are drawing in some major attention. This small Saskatchewan city that bestrides the south of the Saskatchewan River, is popular due to its young energy and affordable living. The average price of a listing is $1,016, making it the place to go for those seeking an affordable change in scenery! Currently on Rentfaster.ca, there are 280 listings available in Saskatoon. The area is known for its upcoming vibrancy as well as the amazing food scene. Planning on moving to Saskatoon? Here are the most popular Saskatoon Neighborhoods to live in!


1. Nutana Neighborhood, Saskatoon

Nutana, Saskatoon Neighborhood

As one of oldest of Saskatoon neighborhoods, Nutana is now filled with energy and excitement. Home to the popular Broadway Avenue, the neighborhood has lots of local and independent shops and restaurants that create a sense of closeness to the community. Nutana is a neighborhood that brings a modern vibe to Saskatoon and is highly engaged in the culture of the area. Being located near the South Saskatchewan River adds a sense of natural beauty to those living in the area, as well is easily accessible to downtown Saskatoon and the University of Saskatchewan. Rentfaster.ca currently has 7 listings in Nutana at an average price of $1,350. If you seek a trendy, accessible, and affordable neighborhood to live in, Nutana is the place for you!


2. River Heights Neighborhood, Saskatoon

River Heights, Saskatoon Neighborhood

Situated in the north of the city, River Heights is a busy Saskatoon neighborhood that is highly involved in recreational opportunities. Because the neighborhood is right along the river, it is the perfect location for those who are physically active with its excellent paths. Biking, walking, running, and rollerblading are perfect for the location. The area is also located near community centers that have various recreational programs you can sign up for. Of course, River Heights also boasts retail stores and restaurants that are easily accessible to those living in the neighborhood. River Heights is very affordable for both owning a home (2013 average price of home $293,006) and renting. From the 2 listings currently available on Rentfaster.ca, the average price of a rental in River Heights is $974 – A steal!


3. City Park Neighborhood, Saskatoon

City Park, Saskatoon Neighborhood

If you desire a unique place to live, immersed in art and architecture, City Park is the neighborhood that fits the bill! Filled with art galleries, historical buildings, and an amusement park, it is a neighborhood that will entertain. Although City Park is small and has fewer amenities compared to other neighborhoods, it is right near the Central Business District, which offers plenty of restaurants, shops, and services. City Park has a total of 43 available listings on Rentfaster.ca, mainly apartments. The average price of a rental in this neighborhood is $1,005.


4. Mayfair Neighborhood, Saskatoon


The Mayfair neighborhood in Saskatoon is one of the oldest in the city. Consisting of mainly single-family homes, Mayfair is said to be an ideal place for the working-class. The area has plenty of shops and restaurants, including the famous Christie’s Mayfair Bakery (known as the city’s finest bakery). The neighborhood has one school (Mayfair School – Elementary) and one Park (A.H. Browne Park). Data collected by the city found that in 2011, 32% of the neighborhood population rented and the other 68% owned. Currently, Mayfair does currently not have any rental listings available, but check back often as new listings come up every day.


5. Sutherland Neighborhood, Saskatoon


Filled with a number of greenspaces and numerous retail options, Sutherland is one of the more popular Saskatoon neighborhoods. Dating back to 1900 when the first houses were built in the neighborhood, the population has continued to grow. The access to recreational opportunities and the Sutherland Public School (elementary) make it a popular option for young families. This neighborhood is also a quick 10-minute drive by car to the Central Business District. With property types consisting mainly of apartments and townhouses, Rentfaster.ca has 18 listings available. The average price of these listings is $1,159.


6. Silverspring Neighborhood, Saskatoon


Of the Saskatoon neighborhoods, Silverspring is the one with the most access to nature, backing on to the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo. As well, the neighborhood has access to lawns, gardens, and the Silverspring park – greenery is not lacking in this neighborhood. This is the perfect neighborhood if you want to be immersed in a residential area as well as enjoy the nature and recreation. The area also has two schools, but limited access to services and retail within the neighborhood limits. Homeownership is high in this area, resulting in fewer rental listings. Currently, Rentfaster.ca has no listings in Silverspring.


7. Riversdale Neighborhood, Saskatoon

Riversdale, Saskatoon Neighborhood

Not to be confused with River Heights, Riversdale is one of the on-the-rise Saskatoon neighborhoods. For many years, the neighborhood has not been seen in a positive light but the area is undergoing huge transformation. Property value has risen and the neighborhood is now viewed as the place to be with more improvements expected. Filled with coffee shops, art galleries, and increasingly new businesses, you can truly feel the culture of Saskatoon. Despite the negative view it has had in the past, this neighborhood is booming with excitement of what is to come and is now becoming a popular place to live! Rentfaster.ca currently has 4 rentals listed with an average price of $1,412.


8. Avalon Neighborhood, Sasakatoon


If you yearn for those Saskatoon neighborhoods where there is a laid-back and calm atmosphere, Avalon is the perfect neighborhood for you! Located near the center of Saskatoon, Avalon consists of more bungalow-style homes and apartments. This area has several parks, allowing residents to escape the busy city-feel and relax while engaging in recreational activities at the Avalon Community Association. There is some access to retail and services, although to get closer to more businesses, you will need to drive north into the Central Business District or Nutana. Of the 2 rentals available on Rentfaster.ca, the average price of a listing is $890.


9. Central Business District Neighborhood, Saskatoon


Just as the name conveys, the Central Business District is one of the best Saskatoon neighborhoods to be if you need close proximity to downtown. This neighborhood consists primarily of apartments, condos, and a few small family homes. The demographic in this area is mainly those who are professionals looking to be close to the location of their career, as well as students, and those retired. The Central Business District buzzes with the hum of businesses, restaurants, bars, and shopping. Although there are no listings available in the Central Business District, there are 2 listings nearby in Caswell Hill that have an average price of $1,113. If you want to be close to the core and energy, the Central Business District is for you!


10. Briarwood Neighborhood, Saskatoon


Briarwood is beautiful, but one of the more expensive Saskatoon neighborhoods to live in. The area has large gorgeous homes, with 95.6% of the population being homeowners. Briarwood is a neighborhood that is family oriented but with few amenities. Although it may not be directly located to services, it is a short distance from the Central Business District. This is convenient for parents who work downtown while having the quiet and beautifully developed neighborhood perfect for raising a family. Due to ownership of most of the residences, there are few rental listings – currently, Rentfaster.ca has one listing with a price of $1,450.













Rentfaster.ca vs. Free Listing Sites

Rentfaster.ca vs. Free Listing Sites


Are you wondering why you should choose Rentfaster.ca over a free listing site? We would like to break it down for you. The difference between Rentfaster.ca and free listing sites is functionality and ease; simple as that. They differ within security, account creation, ease of use, and additional features. It may seem like a good idea to post your rental for free but what are you really getting for that $0 price tag? Is it commitment you are scared of? Rentfaster.ca allows everyone to make an account free of charge! Once you’ve seen just how useful the landlord login actually is, posting a rental is only $30 (plus applicable taxes). Although free listing sites may be free at the beginning, these sites are rarely actually free Free listing sites will let you post for free, but ask for payment to keep your listing relevant and reposted daily, versus falling to the bottom of the list. Rentfaster.ca doesn’t require additional payments and doesn’t let your listing fall to the bottom. Instead, your listing will appear based on search results!


Rentfaster.ca has high functionality making your rental sale easy to track and manage. And like other sites, it is always free for renters to find you – so there are no limitations there. In fact, many renters already know that Rentfaster.ca is the place to go to find quality rentals with trustworthy landlords because it is not free to post. The site also provides a heightened security and great features that make it optimal to use. Here we analyze the differences between creating an account with Rentfaster.ca vs. using free listing sites.


Free Account

Free Account - Rentfaster vs Free Listing Sites

Free listing sites will often have a small account feature that allows you to manage and edit your rental listing. Most times, however, that is all these sites will offer. Rentfaster.ca has free accounts with a number of functions. An account with Rentfaster.ca will let you manage your listings, view statistics, and sign up for notifications. While the listing itself may not be free, you can rest easy knowing that your listing is easily found within our search engine as well as sent out when people subscribe for similar listing criteria. Additionally, you have the benefit of changing rental listing information at any time without removing the ad. With many free listing sites, any changes will require you re-post the listing, often removing it in the process.


The great thing about Rentfaster.ca is that your information will never be lost. Free listing sites will often remove the listing and all of information and images with it. With Rentfaster.ca, even once you have rented your space the information remains accessible if you want to rent it again in the future. In addition, you get a deal! When you reactivate a listing the fee is only $25+applicable taxes (For Single Unit Listings) versus paying the whole amount again.


With your Rentfaster.ca account, you will have access to market information regarding your listing. You can see how many people have viewed your ad and can receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports regarding your listing’s activity! As a landlord, Rentfaster.ca makes it easy for you to compare your property to the competition. With your account, you can see how your property compares and quickly view other properties to see where you stand. In addition, Rentfaster.ca will provide you with trend data to help you understand the market and make better pricing decisions to better sell your rental! When you have rented your listing, updating the price negotiated helps the page’s statistics, helping you and those with similar listings stay competitive. Whenever you list a rental, you can view the statistics of similar rentals to figure out the best price. Creating and managing a listing has never been simpler!



Functionality - Rentfaster vs Free Listing Sites

Recently, Rentfaster.ca has enabled “Map View” and “My Favorite Listings” tabs within the search engine. No longer are you stuck keeping hundreds of browser tabs open. Instead, access all the listings on one page. Since location is everything, Map View search allows you to view a list of the rentals along the sidebar, as well as view the rentals on a map. After narrowing down your criteria, finding out if your ideal rental is in an ideal location is as simple as hovering over the side listing, highlighting it on the map. Most free listing sites do not have a visible map to view listings. In place of this feature, they have a link that takes you to a Google Maps site – forcing you to leave the current site and track many tabs. Other times you will need to actually copy and paste the address into another browser tab yourself. With Rentfaster.ca, when you find a listing of interest, clicking it will open an inner window instead of being sent to another page (and having to click back). Closing this window will not lose your place in the search. When you find the listing you love, click the heart located on the listing. This will add the listing to the “My Favorites” tab at the top. To review your favorites, click the tab and all your top picks will be listed for you to compare and review, no URL saving necessary.



Security - Rentfaster vs Free Listing Sites

At Rentfaster.ca, security is important. When you post a listing, you can now worry less about who is responding to your ad. Rentfaster.ca takes action to prescreen tenants and renters to ensure that you engage with the most reliable people. As well, the staff at Rentfaster.ca consistently look for spam throughout all listings. On free listing sites, you do not have the comfort of knowing that people responding are screened. It is often on free listing sites that horror stories can occur.


Rentfaster.ca’s review process includes mapping functionality and allows you to view and access documents and contracts whenever you like. Free listing sites will not have the same high security to screen tenants/renters. This leaves you more vulnerable to possibly untrustworthy individuals. Take away the stress of the unknown and feel confident in your rental interactions with others.



Features - Rentfaster vs Free Listing Sites

Your listing search is not limited to finding and managing your rentals alone. With the free Rentfaster account, you have access to quality information and documents. View rental statistics (price, time on market, averages, etc.) and compare this information to your own listings. Free listing sites do not have the access and ability to analyze properties, choosing not to share the information with users. When you sign up with Rentfaster you are granted access to all data that our system has gathered to ensure you have everything you need to rent your property competitively.


Another feature that is not often seen with free listing sites is rental photography. Getting sellable photos of your rental is important and can improve the effectiveness of your listing. Unlike free listing sites, Rentfaster offers professional photography for listing your home. For a great price, you have access to getting amazing rental photos that will help you rent your space in no time!


Finally, free listing sites do not offer the high-level documents required to complete a transaction. Simple and professional rental applications and leases will ensure that all information is gathered to protect the safety and security of all parties involved in a rental. For those who are not professional property managers, these simple documents save a lot of stress and time – and could likely be some of the most valuable tools on the site.



The Rentfaster website is stress-free to use, organized, and verified to ensure you can find and list your rentals with ease. Check out our website to get started on finding/renting the perfect listing!

Most Popular Vancouver Neighborhoods to Live In

Most Popular Vancouver Neighborhoods to Live In


Looking for the perfect place to live? Trying to find a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle and needs for a rental? Look no further than Vancouver, Canada! According to Mercer’s 19th annual Quality of Living ranking, Vancouver is the 5th best place to live in the world. Whether you seek a rental that is close in proximity to your work, or are looking to live in a neighborhood where there is a strong sense of community. All Vancouver neighborhoods have a different style to match the rental you desire. Yaletown is a higher end downtown neighborhood, whereas Kistilano is a trendy neighborhood close to the water. Depending on your preferences for lifestyle and location, the rental rate can change dramatically. The average rate of rental listings in Vancouver is currently $1,863 with a minimum price of $1,050. But exactly where in Vancouver is the best place to live? Here are the 8 most popular Vancouver neighborhoods to live in, which are worth taking a look at!


1. West End Neighborhood, Vancouver (Downtown)


The West End of Vancouver (located on the west side of downtown) is a wonderful and diverse neighborhood to live in. Due to its affordability and the surrounding area, this neighborhood is very popular. Currently, the average rental price in West End is $1, 869. The West End contains the popular Stanley Park and is in close proximity to the ocean. In addition to the quick downtown commute, these features make it an attractive place for entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals. If you seek Vancouver neighborhoods situated close to the office while staying within the energy of the people, this is the one for you!


2. Yaletown Neighborhood, Vancouver (Downtown)


Although Yaletown may be the best place to live in terms of location, it is one of the more expensive and already occupied Vancouver neighborhoods. The desire to be accessible to the downtown businesses and to the busy culture in the core, is in high demand. The area is bursting with higher-end restaurants and stores, as well as has access to the marina for those who own boats. Yaletown is definitely one of the trendiest neighborhoods to live in, but will cost you a pretty penny to live there. Currently, there is only one rental available on Rentfaster.ca going for a total of $4,950. The lack of rentals and high price shows the extreme demand of the area.


3. Killarney Neighborhood, Vancouver


According to Vancouver Magazine, Killarney is an area that still has the opportunity to find a home for families. Vancouver is exploding with people, making it hard to find a starter home for many people. Nevertheless, this neighborhood, with a population of 28, 455, is reported to be one of the last places without outrageous prices. The area has multi-family homes as well as high-rises along the Fraser River. This Vancouver neighborhood contains green spaces, walking trails, and access to schools, making it highly desirable. Within the neighborhood there is Champlain Heights, which includes stores and amenities easily accessible for those living in the community. This neighborhood is ideal for young families looking to stay integrated in the Vancouver culture, and is an ideal space to start up!


4. Kitsilano Neighborhood, Vancouver


Located conveniently close to Kits Beach (one of the best city beaches in the world according to a number of international travel magazines), Kistilano is a popular area to live. Compared to other Vancouver neighborhoods, Kistilano has a mix of outdoor recreation opportunities as well as a focus on organic foods and healthy living. Locations closer to the beach are more expensive. But the further away and the closer to the University of British Columbia you go, the prices begin to decrease. Rent prices will vary dependent on the precise area you choose to situate yourself. Currently the one listing available on Rentfaster.ca in Kistilano is $1,395.


5. Fairview Neighborhood, Vancouver


Fairview is a popular area filled with a number of tourist attractions that draw attention to the neighborhood. In particular, this Vancouver neighborhood has Granville Island. Granville Island is a small island located in the middle of the city. Described as an urban oasis, this attraction contains plenty of restaurants, stores, cafes, and other small businesses. The exciting atmosphere of this neighborhood makes it an attractive one to live in for those looking to socialize and engage. The average listing for a rental in this area is $1, 924.The area continues to expand as it becomes more popular and the number of listings is slowly increasing.


6. Kerrisdale Neighborhood, Vancouver


The Kerrisdale neighborhood is an area filled mainly with residents who have been there for many years. The area is a great option for retired individuals or those looking for a slower pace of life. The neighborhood is often recognized for its popular Kerrisdale Village (also known as “The Village”). Kerrisdale Village is a shopping area located in the center of Kerrisdale that contains some of Vancouver’s best shops. The Kerrisdale neighborhood is more affordable compared to downtown Vancouver neighborhoods, making it an appealing neighborhood to gravitate to. As well, Kerrisdale is a quick 25-30 minute commute downtown, beneficial for those in business.


7. Riley Park Neighborhood, Vancouver


Many will know Riley Park because of the Olympic Centre and Nat Bailey Stadium that reside within it. This thriving area is home to various types of shops and food venues to keep anyone engaged and entertained. Of course, Riley Park consists of more than the greenspace and the attractions that make it well known. Riley Park has numerous communities that span from 16th to 41st street. To own a home in this area, the price can be as high as $1 million, whereas renting is more reasonable. According to Vancouver Courier, rental costs in Riley Park can be around $1,490. Riley Park neighborhood is one that will keep you interacting with the people and the area.


8. Marpole Neighborhood, Vancouver


Close to the international airport in Richmond, the Marpole neighborhood is a bustle of activity. Being the main gateway to the airport results in higher traffic, but aside from the busy street, it is a great neighborhood to consider. Marpole has a number of residential areas that are family-oriented. The availability of night life is less than that of busier neighborhoods, but instead the area has more substantial yards and homes. If you want to rent a place that has a higher number of rooms, this is just the neighborhood for you! Rental is said to be affordable with condos, but with larger homes, there is an increase in price. This neighborhood has good things coming on the horizon. Out of the many Vancouver neighborhoods, the City of Vancouver came out with a community plan that will begin to increase and enhance Marpole over the next 30 years.


9. Lynn Valley Neighborhood, Vancouver


Being one of the northern Vancouver neighborhoods, Lynn Valley is a popular area for those looking to be away from the busyness. Due to its distance from the downtown center, the area allows for more residential areas. Vancouver Magazine rated Lynn Valley as the 3rd best place to live in Vancouver. The reason for the high rating is because of the enormous beautiful greenspace the neighborhood has access to, as well as the high-quality schools. For those looking to settle down with a family in Vancouver, this is a more affordable location than those closer to the core. According to the District of North Vancouver, the central hub of the neighborhood is gaining momentum and will be undergoing some large transformations. Be sure to check out this neighborhood soon, as its popularity will only increase!


10. University of British Columbia Neighborhood, Vancouver


The University of British Columbia (UBC) has become one of the popular Vancouver neighborhoods to live in. The school itself is an attractive feature to draw students and teachers to the area. Over the years, the area has become an increasingly popular place to call home. Located on the west of Vancouver, there has been an increase of residential buildings, services, and other shops built. The area is expanding rapidly and will continue to do so once the UBC subway extension is completed. The subway extension will help those living in this neighborhood easily access central Vancouver. This will be an attractive feature for those looking to live in the neighborhood but need to commute downtown! The area is affordable and accessible, making it a neighborhood worth considering!



Depending on your lifestyle, there will always be these diverse Vancouver neighborhoods to meet your needs. Choose from these top 8 neighborhoods to live in and you can guarantee to find everything you are looking for in a rental. Head over to Vancouver for the ultimate living experience!













Why You Need Renter’s Insurance

Why You Need Renter’s Insurance


This blog was written in partnership with Nuera Insurance


Do you need renter’s insurance? The answer to that question is yes. Although renter’s insurance is a topic debated by many, the importance of it far outweighs the doubt surrounding it. There are a few reasons why you need renter’s insurance, and they don’t all have to do with a freak house fire. Some of these reasons are simply because renter’s insurance is required when signing the lease. Renter’s insurance is so important to have and will benefit you long-term in ways you just have not thought of yet! Renter’s insurance is affordable and worth the investment, as it can save you money and time in the future. Here are the main reasons why you need renter’s insurance.


What Does Renter’s Insurance Do?


It is important to know what renter’s insurance is. When you sign an agreement for a rental, the losses to the building are covered by your landlord’s insurance. Although this may cover the cost of the building, it does not cover your personal items. In order to have your belongings covered, you must have renter’s insurance. This therefore ensures that liability is not laid upon you when an accident occurs. Renter’s insurance companies like Nuera Insurance offer unique insurance to protect you from any losses. Nuera covers a variety of incidents, including break-ins, sewer back-up, or identity theft. Having renter’s insurance allows you to be confident that if ever an accident were to occur, you would not be liable.


Why do I need Renter’s Insurance?


There are a number of reasons why you would need renter’s insurance, besides the obvious choice of wanting to take precautions:


Renter’s Insurance is a Requirement

Renters Insurnace is a Requirement

In many cases, landlords will request that you purchase renter’s insurance before renting. Although having renter’s insurance isn’t required legally, most landlords will ask for proof of your renter’s insurance policy before the process is complete. The reason many landlords ask for renter’s insurance, is because they want to ensure you are personally liable for your own contents. Many tenant insurance policies will cover up to $2,000,000 for you in cases of injury or damage.


Renter’s Insurance Covers Your Belongings

Renter's Insurance Covers Your Belongings

If you take a long hard look around your space, you will be amazed at how much stuff you have and what it is worth. Big items, of course, cost the most (television, furniture, laptops, etc.), but there are also the necessities you need for day-to-day living (clothing, appliances, bed, etc.). The numbers are overwhelming if you start to count up the total value of your belongings. If you did not purchase renters insurance you would be responsible for replacing all of those items out of pocket. Whereas, with renters insurance, the replacement cost will cover all those items and ensure they are replaced with similar value and quality.


Renter’s Insurance Helps You When You Need to Leave


Sometimes, in unfortunate circumstances, you may be required to leave your rental space. This can sometimes happen if there is a fire, flooding, etc. No matter what the reason, it is an inconvenience to have to pack up your stuff and find a place to live in the meantime. Luckily, another benefit to renter’s insurance is that they will assist if you are ever forced to leave your home. Renter’s insurance policies will cover additional living expenses. Wherever you end up staying (hotel, inn, etc.), they will pay for that time you are away from home.



Renter’s insurance is beneficial to ensure you are not liable when the unexpected occurs. It is there to guarantee that during this time of inconvenience you are taken care of. Renter’s insurance, contrary to popular belief, is affordable and beneficial. With Nuera Insurance, you can manage your account easily online and feel comfortable that you are covered. Don’t take the risk of liability, get renter’s insurance today and let the stress slip away!

The Process of Renting

The Process of Renting


The process of renting includes more than finding the perfect rental through rentfaster, e-mailing the landlord, and putting down a deposit. More is required behind the scenes than we normally expect. It is a good idea to know the process of renting from start to finish. This will help you be prepared to avoid bad situations and negative experiences and help you understand when a rental seems untrustworthy or too good to be true. Here are the main steps to expect when renting.


Beginning the Search

Process of Renting - Beginning the Search

Beginning the rental search usually consists of knowing what you are looking for in a rental. You start by identifying the features you want, specific areas you prefer to live near, the price range you are comfortable paying, and the types of home you’d be happy in. Knowing these characteristics will help you narrow down exactly what rentals appeal to you. When you begin finding the rental properties you like, save them as a favourite (link to favourite’s blog). After you have done a good comparison, leave a few options open and book a showing. This will help you get a better sense of the rental space and surrounding area. It also verifies the quality that the rental is in.




Once you have confirmed that the rental you selected is the place for you, you will submit an application. A rental application will consist of questions, requirements, and information the landlord is looking for. They will also request contact numbers for references to verify your application. Many landlords will run a credit report to see if you are reputable, as well as a criminal check. Once everything is filled out, it is submitted to the landlord who will then approve it if the renter fits their qualifications

(Landlords: Application templates and examples can be found within the ‘rental forms’ section of your account after login)



Process of Renting - Lease

The lease is an important part of the rental process. It is the contract that proves an agreement has been made between the tenant and landlord. This agreement is set for a specific timeline and an agreed upon payment has been selected. The lease will go over all the specifics you need to be aware of. Go through the lease carefully before signing it, so you know exactly what is within the document. Ensure you are aware of all the rules and understand it completely so you don’t have any surprises later. As the tenant, you must sign and date the lease and then return it to the landlord for finalization. Usually the lease is returned with both the first and last month’s rent paid when the lease is signed.

(Landlords: Lease templates and examples can be found within the ‘rental forms’ section of your account after login)


Rental Insurance

Process of Renting - Nuera Insurance

It is highly encouraged when renting, to purchase rental insurance. Most landlords will request you get rental insurance anyway, but for those that don’t, it is beneficial. When you sign the agreement in the lease, losses to the building will be covered by the landlord’s insurance. To protect your own personal belongings, you need to have your own rental insurance. If no rental insurance is purchased, the liability will lay upon you.


Unlike what many people believe, rental insurance is affordable and worth every penny. We recommend companies like Nuera who provide unique insurance to protect you from potential losses you may experience. Nuera insurance covers anything from a break-ins to identity theft, leaving one less thing for you to worry about. On the other hand, if you were ever forced to leave your rental for whatever reason, a policy with Nurea will cover your temporary living costs in the meantime. Managing your insurance is easy with companies like Nuera. On their website, you can access your accounts quickly and make payments, account changes, or report claims at any time.



Know the rental process so you can be prepared for whatever is thrown at you. Have the confidence to make the right decisions so you don’t get tripped up along the way. May the process of renting be an easy one for you!