15 Years of Helping Tenants and Landlords

15 Years of Rentfaster! 

It is a big month for Rentfaster as we celebrate 15 years of helping renters find accommodation and landlords advertise their vacancies in a user-friendly, and effective way. This past month, we have reflected back to where Rentfaster.ca started and how it has evolved over the years. Even with the change, the founding principle has never changed – providing a great experience for landlords and renters.

When Rentfaster.ca launched in 2003, the internet was pretty new, and the rental process was quite different. For example, If a landlord wanted to find a tenant, the owner would post their properties for rent in the newspaper with a 250-word description and a single picture, if they had it. Renters would then go through the newspaper circling the properties of interest and reach out via phone. Of course, this method led to a tenant finding a rental. However, a tenant finding the perfect space, with knowledge on the rental market was definitely an opportunity missed. As the popularity of the internet grew, the opportunity for a better solution arose, this is when RentFaster.ca was born. 

Changing and Growing

Rentfaster has been changing since the beginning as we are constantly making the renting process user-friendly while thinking about the needs of renters and owners.  Since the launch, Rentfaster has been leading the internet listings service industry with many firsts: an interactive map feature, real-time market stats, embedded videos, and virtual tours. The site’s look and features have changed drastically in the last 15 years and so have the locations. When looking back, it was a daunting challenge to take Rentfaster.ca from Calgary to Edmonton, then across Alberta and now nation-wide. Every city is unique and building a system that effectively includes each is a tough task. When you add in the real estate market ups and downs, the rapid changes in technology and the ever-increasing market competitors, we are being faced with new challenges and opportunities daily.


Biggest Moments

One of the biggest moments since launch was the decision to expand nationally. Canada is a big country – intimidating even. This expansion was a unique and exciting challenge that has pushed the Rentfaster.ca team to grow and move outside our comfort zones. We were very fortunate to have the support from existing clients when we took this leap. 


Moving Forward

Rentfaster’s mission is to listen to what renters and owners want. We are the only internet listings service offering a technical support line for users to share what features they want and need. From user feedback, we learn what updates are necessary for the site and the renting process. For example, both renters and owners dislike the back and forth of the application process. So, we have built a one-time application the renter fills out and can easily provide to multiple owners. Owners have easy access to consistent, complete information from potential tenants and can easily perform a credit check. 

Another exciting feature users can expect to see in the upcoming months is more comprehensive market stats and a new pricing tool. With this tool, landlords have access to all historical data related to rental costs and the average days on the market. With this information, landlords will be able to make informed decisions on their listing. 


Thank you! 

The process of getting Rentfaster.ca to where it is now has been a journey. We are thankful to our clients who have been with us since the beginning. The words of encouragement we receive daily are uplifting and provide fuel to get through the tougher days. The ideas we receive provide us with the inspiration needed to create a constantly evolving site. We are here 15 fantastic years later because of you.  

From all of us at Rentfaster.ca, thank you.