Calgary rental listing stats – April 2nd, 2015



  • The historical graphs above are displaying information from the past 3 years.
  • As of April 2nd, 2015, the average price of all active listings is $1811. Note: This price does include a small number of parking spots and storage places for rent.
  • Approximate number of active rental listings: April 2013 = 2300. April 2014 = 3200. April 2015 = 4900.
  • Highest average prices of active listings: 2012 = $1850 (Oct 22/12). 2013 = $2025 (Aug 19/13). 2014 = $2024 (June 23/14). Note: The average price tends to drop each year during the colder months. Are landlords unable to attain the highest rents during these months because demand is lower?

These types of stats are available to to all landlords with listings posted on The stats can be broken down by city section, property type, number of bedrooms, community, etc. These tools can help landlords set the most appropriate rental price for their properties.