Creating an All-Star Pet Resume

Finding a place to rent with your pet can be a challenge. Even if the landlord doesn’t request it, being prepped with a resume for your four-legged friends could set you apart from the pack. Here are a few points for you to include to make your pet resume shine. 


Try and find the cutest picture of your pup, one that will have the landlord saying “Aww” and instantly falling in love with your fur baby. A picture of your dog at the park, getting some activity will take their resume to the next level. This shows that your dog is cared for regularly and not cooped up inside all the time.

Name and Age 

Although the name and the age of your dog may not get your application rejected, it will make the application more personable and allow the landlord to feel more connected to your pet.

Breed and size 

No dog breed is the same. Some dogs are yappy while others hardly bark, some are energetic while others like to lounge around and cuddle. All dog breeds have their quirks and qualities that make them unique. But the key to this resume is to show that your dog is not the stereotypical dog. 


Let the landlords know if your pet has experience living in a rental before. List any training classes your pooch may have attended, if they are housebroken and respond to voice commands. If your dog doesn’t have any formal training, the SPCA or pet stores offer pet training you can sign up for, then you can note that you have signed up for classes on the resume. 

Pet References 

We all think our dogs are good boys/girls and perfect little angels, but sometimes we might be a little biased towards our pets. With a pet reference, a landlord can verify with others how awesome your dog is. A few references you can include are:  

    1. Previous landlords

    2. Neighbors 

    3. Pet sitters, trainers or vets

Care and Grooming 

Share how often they get groomed, whether they have been desexed, and if they go for regular vet visits. You can also include their vaccination records. This section is more of a testament to you as a pet owner. The potential landlord will have a better understanding of how you take care of your dog based on your efforts to provide health care for your furry friend.

Personality Section 

Just as no bread of dog is the same, no individual dog is the same. They all have unique personalities and traits, just like you and I. This section of the resume can help break down some stereotypes that might accompany your dog’s bread. Let your landlord know if your pup loves to spend time at home and cuddle, or enjoys going out on adventures with you. Add qualities like “Does not chew or scratch furniture”, “rarely barks,” or  “loves kids and is great around other pets.” With you sharing these qualities of your dog, the landlord can get a better sense of who your dog is and feel less unsure about how they will behave, and everyone can live happily among one-another.


The best advice we can give is, be honest about your pet and show how great your furry companion is. If a landlord decides to let you rent their listing, they will find out the truth about your fur baby. It may seem over the top to create a resume for your dog, but this will show the landlord that you really want their listing. Taking the time to share who your dog is may increase your chance of landing that dream rental.


When looking at rental listings, keep in mind your dog may be better suited for a detached rental verse an apartment, be sure to find the appropriate place to apply to. Now start the search for the perfect pet-friendly pad today.