Learning to Look Past the Photos in Real Estate

Searching for the right apartment can be a frustrating and daunting task when you start looking at photos. The problem is that many people are not professional photographers and will take terrible photos of the property. These photos have bad lighting, a messy house, or don’t capture the whole room. When hunting for the perfect rental, it is important to learn to look past the photos. Begin to understand that a rental can have huge potential and not be exactly what the photos depict. Here are some tips on how to overlook those bad photos and find the diamonds in the rough!


Look for Windows and Lighting

windows and lighting

A major flaw that many landlords do when taking photos is not letting enough natural light into the room. The pictures end up looking dark and dreary, leaving you with an unwelcoming impression of the property. Just because the photos make the space dark and unfriendly, it doesn’t mean that it is. Those taking the images will often struggle with too much light in their images and reducing visibility; this results in them closing all the windows and blinds and only having a few lights on. The trick to looking past the photo and at the space is to look for windows and light fixtures. They may be dark now, but imagine the amount of light let in when available. Once you open the windows and turn the lights on, it is surprising how much a room will transform!


Don’t Look at Their Style


When looking at rental property images, you will find that some pictures contain the items of the previous owner. You may detest that gaudy photo of cats hanging over the fireplace, but don’t let that deter you from considering the rental. Just because the previous owner has bad taste, understand that the property will not include it. Observe the size of the room, the angles that the room has, and any other features that will make it your perfect home. Avoid making a snap decision based off of the décor the previous owners used. Also keep in mind that walls are easily painted and your own pictures can be hung!





Surprisingly, some people won’t care what types of photos they post on a listing. They will take photos of the house with all of their junk lying around. This sometimes can be due to the fact that they are in the process of packing up. The pictures will look cluttered and messy, but that does not mean that the apartment is dirty. Look to see if you can see the state of the carpet, the size of the rooms, and anything else the clutter may be hiding (good or bad). Disorganization can often distract us from the beauty within and the potential an apartment may have. If the rental is well taken care of, it might only need a clean-up to show off the space!


No Outdoor View


It is common for rental-seekers to skip over listings that lack enough photos. It is frustrating to not be able to see every room or square inch of the property, but that doesn’t mean that it is bad. When there are not enough photos, it is worth it to do some grunt work on your own. Search up the street view on Google Maps, contact the owner for more photos, or schedule a viewing. If the property is in a perfect area, fits within your budget, and has potential, go check it out! Don’t let the lack of photos dissuade you from looking further into the place.




bad angle, photo

Most people taking the photos are not professional photographers, therefore the photos may not properly display the whole space. The frame may cut off an amazing hallway, or the photo is angled too high and doesn’t show off the newly installed hardwood. You may have to take some risks and take the time to view the property. If the photos are taken from the side rather than straight on, the room appears smaller than it is. Learn to see past the awkward angled photos and focus on the features of the space.


Look past the photos in real estate and deeper into the potential a property can have. As a landlord, it is beneficial to have good photos, as most people are visual shoppers. If you don’t have the photography skills required, contact RentFaster.ca! For a small fee of $30, we will come and photograph your space so your listing will increase its viewings!