Are You Ready for Moving Day? – Moving with Confidence

Are You Ready for Moving Day? – Moving with Confidence


Moving requires organization. Not only do you have to ensure everything gets packed away, but that the boxes make it to your new home. Unfortunately, with moving comes chaos and management. Boxes left out in the open are an easy target for people to take, items are not handled with care in transfer, and stuff goes missing. You want to prepare for anything, especially so that you can feel comfortable as you make your way to your new home. And did you know renters insurance could start before you even move in? That’s right! Renter insurance can cover you during the move.


What does Renter’s Insurance Cover on Moving Day?


Perhaps your moving truck gets lost along the way, or that box of your favorite records you left on the stairs goes missing. Although we would like to think that everything will go just as planned, in the shuffle of the day, things may not. If items do go missing, having renter’s insurance can cover you for the cost of replacements.




Depending on what insurance company you are with, there will be a difference between replacement and compensation. Some insurance companies will acknowledge a loss by paying you what the item was worth. This can become an issue if the item is older (such as an old TV or a “well loved” dining room table). These insurance companies will only compensate you with the cost of that item as it is in the current market. On the other hand, insurance companies like Nuera Insurance will work to replace that item. They will take the time to find you a replacement that is similar in kind and quality. Therefore, if your TV is stolen on moving day, you can feel comforted in the fact that you’ll be unwinding in front of a similar TV shortly!


Hiring Bad Movers


The amount of stuff you remember you have once you start packing is overwhelming. Almost everyone will require a mover, but the issue is, who can you trust with your stuff? As much as we would like to believe that all movers are there to help you out and move your stuff safely, some won’t meet these expectations. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your items are stolen or mishandled, ensure the movers make a claim on their insurance policy. Because the items were under their care, they are responsible – meaning you won’t be the one to pay the deductible. If, in the unfortunate circumstance, the movers have stolen the items, Nuera Insurance renter’s insurance will step in.


What to do if Moving Day Goes Badly


Whether your stuff goes missing, is destroyed, or is stolen, take action immediately.

  1. Identify what is missing/has been destroyed in the move
  2. File a police report to inform the authorities of what is missing or destroyed.
  3. Use that report and present it to your insurance providers for the claim. (Of course, you will still have to pay your deductible, but in the end, it will be less than replacing all the missing items)


Moving soon? Ease the stress and contact Nuera Insurance to get a quote for renter’s or condo insurance. That way even if moving day goes awry, it will be a little less bad when you know you are covered!