How to Use Area Rugs Properly in a Small Home or Apartment

How to Use Area Rugs Properly in a Small Home or Apartment

There are some challenges that come with decorating and filling a small home or apartment – area rugs are one of these challenges. Area rugs are great to keep your feet warm in the winter and make a room appear cozy and comfortable. But when you have a small space how do you know what area rug to purchase? When choosing an area rug for your space, there are a number of things to assist you in finding the perfect rug for the perfect spot! Here is how to use area rugs properly in a small home or apartment:


Separating Rooms in Open Concept Homes

Area Rugs - Separating Rooms in Open Concept Homes

If your apartment is open concept, rugs are the perfect way to “separate” spaces. By adding a rug you are able to great a visual ‘barrier’ to the beginning and end of the ‘living room’, keeping it separate from the kitchen and dining room. It also lends itself to a base for furniture to sit on. This creates the sense that the furniture is within a designated area. The space is now defined with the rug that acts as the “perimeter” of a room. Easy and effective!


Use Area Rugs that Compliment Furniture or Decor

Use Area Rugs that Compliment Furniture and Decor

One of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing a rug is that it clashes with the room (modern home with traditional rug). Find an area rug that compliments your furniture and décor. The best way to do this is to look around your room and get a sense of what style it is. Is it rustic, modern, classic? Once you have determined what your style is, selecting a rug to compliment the room’s style will be simple! Still not sure? Pinterest has plenty of suggestions based on room style!


Secure Under Couch or Table Legs

Area Rugs - Secure Under Couch or Table Legs

If the rooms in your home are small, it is likely that they will have high foot traffic. One common problem with rugs is that they get bunched up or caught when stepped on. Fix this problem by anchoring rugs in high traffic areas with your furniture! Secure those ends under your couch, table legs, bed, or perhaps a heavy vase or other decorative item! Keeping the ends secured will prevent your area rugs from moving around and causing gathering.


NOTE: When purchasing your rug, always be sure you have measurements in mind. A rug that is oversized (or even too small) can make the room look awkward. Select a rug size that comfortably holds all your furniture.


Use Contrast Patterns

Area Rugs - Use Contrast Patterns

Having rugs that contrast your room (instead of blending in with the background) bring colour and detail into a space. Add a rug with a contrasting pattern and place it under your dining room table, your couch, or your coffee table! This is especially beneficial for glass items (such as a glass coffee table). Having a designed or patterned rug beneath adds personality. Be sure that you choose a rug that is contrasting but not clashing with your other furniture and décor (see above point!). Find rugs that repeat a pattern, have similar colours to those in the room, or include a new pattern to your space.


Keep Your Lifestyle in Mind

Area Rugs - Keep Your Lifestlye in Mind

When selecting an area rug, consider the lifestyle that is lived in that room. Does your eating area experience regular messes? Do you have children who like to paint in the living room? Do you have pets that chew bones on the carpet? Keeping these things in mind will help you decide what type of rug you need (or if you need one at all). Some rugs require more maintenance for cleaning, while others are simple to remove a stain. Darker colours will show less mess, while thicker rugs will require deeper cleaning to get out all that dust, debris, and dog hair!



You will love your area rug! And keep in mind that it is not as permanent as a carpet, so once you’re tired of it, you can get a new one! Above all else, make sure you smile when you walk into the room.