Home, just the word brings memories to each of us. The smells of baking, the laughter of loved ones, the place we relax and be ourselves. No matter the situation of your home, this is all true. It is our haven where we go each day. What makes a home a haven is different for each of us. The look and feel is part of that sense of home.

If it is time to renew the look of your rental home, start by having a clear idea of what you would like to change:

  • Do the walls need updated painting? All rooms or just the main living areas?
  • What about flooring or draperies?
  • Do any of the fixtures need updating or replacing?
  • Any areas needing repairs or maintenance?

These updates are changes that will improve your home but remember, this is a rental property so you will want to discuss any of these ideas with your landlord first. If you have rented the property for some time these changes may be due for an update anyway and your landlord could be open to covering the cost. Keep in mind, orange as a wall colour is not a big selling feature. Off the wall, ideas may not go over well with the landlord. When you move, you may be required to return the property to its original look and condition.

We suggest having an estimate of the cost of the materials and the labour for any updates before you speak with your property owner. Go in prepared and build your case. Can you do any of the work yourself? Are you prepared to share the cost or even cover the entire cost if the answer is no? Most landlords do not object to painting.

There are some changes that can also make your rental property feel like your own and are almost no cost. How about:

  • Declutter. Everything should have a place and be in its place. Do you really need everything out on the counters? Do you really need all of the kids’ art on the fridge?
  • Organize. After decluttering to remove all those items we never use and have decided what you are keeping, have a place for everything. Clothes in drawers; cupboards cleaned and like type of items together; towels in the cupboard, etc.
  • Clean. Keeping your home tidy with everything in its proper place is great. Top it off with a good clean: kitchens and bathrooms need regular cleaning, beds should be made, and floors need vacuuming.

You can now see what your home really looks like. Nothing is on the floor, the kitchen has everything put away, bedrooms are tidy. Now, how about a few accents to put your personal touch to the look of your home.

Without breaking the bank, you can add touches like:

  • New floor mat at the front door for a splash of colour. How about the kitchen or bathroom too?
  • Put the most precious of the kids’ art in a low-cost frame – collage type works great.
  • Drape a large scarf over the window blinds or over the back of the couch or chair. It’s always a good idea to have one main colour with two accent colours in your home.
  • Plant lover? Consider your space then add a couple of plants for that splash of the outdoors. In small spaces don’t add a large plant, it will overpower any room.
  • Add better lighting with an inexpensive lamp. (Make sure all of your lights have bulbs in them)
  • Add space with shelving. Ikea has great apartment-style shelving.
  • A few throw pillows in the living room and/or on beds can complete a room. If you have pillows but they are in need of replacing don’t throw them out. Fabricland, Walmart and other stores often carry pillow replacement covers.
  • Have extension cords showing? Not just for the look but also for safety make sure cords are tucked under baseboards or held against the wall with cord organizers. Tidy clean look

Start with the easy part to make your rental property a home – declutter, organize, clean. Talk to your landlord about the bigger changes to your home. Now add your personal touches; pillows, rugs, plants. If you need some inspiration for your new home or have big home dreams you are waiting for, start by creating a few boards on Pinterest. Your beautiful home will be welcoming and ready for new memories and laughter – even a rental property. Start finding your new rental property on Rentfaster.ca today