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Calgary rental market stats

Calgary Search Links Calgary Links # of Listings Listings Avg Price
Calgary Rentals 7621 $1,093
Apartments 1563 $1,166
Basements 877 $889
Condos 1778 $1,635
Duplexes 370 $1,435
Houses 1153 $1,983

Edmonton rental market stats

Edmonton Search Links Edmonton Links # of Listings Listings Avg Price
Edmonton Rentals 3365 $1,039
Apartments 1839 $1,050
Basements 179 $985
Condos 501 $1,420
Duplexes 93 $1,567
Houses 280 $1,905

Community Feature: Inglewood in Calgary

Official contest rules for our Facebook giveaway are at the bottom of this post. Oh Inglewood. Officially named as such in 1911, Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood has ripened into a vibrant and eclectic hub of old and new, aged and fresh. Walk brick pathways along charming storefronts filled with beautiful textures and savoury delights. A street...