FAQ - Landlords

Advertising a Rental Property

How do I list a property?
  • Click the List a Property button at the top of any page. If you do not already have an account, go to the Create a New Account area, and fill in the blanks to start the process.
  • Once the account has been created, you will be taken to a new form where you fill in the rental property details, select a "photos" option, then select a payment method.
  • Photos can be uploaded anytime after the property details form has been submitted.
  • Payment is made after selecting the payment option desired and pressing the Submit button at the bottom of the form.
    Note: New listings go active once the admin review process is completed.
What is the price to advertise a rental property?

All pricing details are available on the prices page. Prices are based on factors, such as if you are running a new ad, a pre-existing ad, multi-unit listings or if photo services are required, to name a few.

What are the payment options?
  • Visa, MC, or Amex are accepted online (anytime), or over the phone (weekdays).
    Note: New listings go active once the admin review process is completed.
  • Payment by cheque is also an option; however we will not activate a rental ad until the cheque has been received.
Will I receive a receipt?

A receipt is automatically sent to the email address associated with your account. Receipts are also saved and accessible anytime within the “Edit Listing” area and within the “Payment History” area of your Rentfaster account.


How do I upload photos?
  • After submitting the listing you will be directed to the photo upload area.
  • If you are not ready to upload photos at that time, you can log into your account anytime, click Modify Listing, and then click the Add Photos button to access the photos upload area.
Why are the photos not showing with my ad?

When you upload the photos, you will see a confirmation message notifying you that the photos were uploaded successfully. Uploaded photos will show with your rental listing immediately - there is no delay. If you do not see the photos in your ad, the upload failed. Please try uploading them again, or email the photos to us and we will upload them for you. You can email the photos to us by replying to any of the emails we have sent to you and attaching the photos, or by sending them directly to photos@rentfaster.ca. Please ensure your listing rental ID is included with the email.

What type of photo formats are acceptable?

Formats accepted: JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF. If you have photos in a word doc, or pdf, please email them to us and we will be able to turn them into photo files for you.
If you have any problems uploading any types of photos, please email them to us, with some info about which listing is yours, and we will upload them for you as soon as possible.

Can I change the order of the slideshow?

Yes, there is an ‘organize photos’ area where you can drag and drop photos in the exact order you prefer. Make sure to press ‘Save’ afterwards or your re-ordering will be lost. This area is accessible from within the "Edit Listing" area.

If the specific "Organize Photos" area does not work for you (some browsers don't love the feature, specifically older versions of Internet Explorer), click on the "Caption Photos" button, and rank the photos in the order desired. The photos ranked closer to the #1 will show to the front of the slideshow.

How do I label my photos?

This can be done within the Caption Photos area, accessible from within the Edit Listing area.

I don't have good photos of my rental. Does RentFaster.ca take photos?

Yes, we can send out a photographer within the Calgary area to take the necessary photos for your rental listing. Rentals with professional photos have more views and inquiries than those with lower quality photos or no photos at all. Check out the pricing page for more information about our services.

I've paid to have you take the pictures - what should I do now?

If we have not already contacted you, contact us. We can generally set up appointments within 24-48 hours of you contacting us (business days). Appointments are available Monday-Friday, during regular business hours.

How many photos will the photographer take?

Our rental photographers are instructed to take 2-3 angles of each room, as well as a few outside shots of both the front and back of the rental property. If you have other preferences, needs, or features, please let us and the photographer know and we will do our best to accommodate.

When will the photos be posted to my ad?

Within 24 hours of when they were taken. Generally they are up faster than that.

Editing, Fixing, Checking, Renting

How do I make changes to my ad after it has been created?

You can change the ad whenever you like. Log into your account (with your username and password) from the top of any page. Go to the Edit My Listings area, and click the Modify Listing button.

Where is my ad - what is going on?

If your listing has been paid for, it is active. Where your listing shows in the results is entirely dependent on what you enter into the search criteria, and also how you sort the resulting listings. It will vary based on how broad of a search you choose to create. If you take a look at the search page you will see that there are a variety of ways to search for listings, and each different combination will yield different results.

Please ensure you have listed your rental property in the correct categories. You can check this by looking at what is currently selected in your "Edit Listing" area.

The map is showing my property in an incorrect location… How do I fix it?

In the "Edit Listing" section, find the "Fix Map" button (near the top of the page). From there you can drag the map marker to the exact location of your rental listing.

What should I rent my place for?

Check out other properties on the site to gauge what the competition is offering. RentFaster.ca makes this easy for you. From the "Edit Listing" area, click the "Similar Properties" button to see similar properties, average and high/low pricing - all based on the distance from your rental property location. You can also adjust the automated search form. We also suggest doing some additional research and asking anyone in your personal or professional network who has rented their property in the past for suggestions. In the end, the decision is yours.

Do you have more stats?

We sure do! When you have an active listing, check out the "Full Market Stats" area (from within the "Edit Listing" area). The stats area offers current and historical stats with a multitude of filtering options including: city sections, neighbourhoods, points of interest, property type, and number of bedrooms. The feature plots pricing and the number of available rentals on graphs, so you can easily locate trends in the rental market.

How many people have viewed my property listing?

From the Edit My Listings area, or at the bottom of the "Edit Listing" page you can monitor the number of views your listing has received. The views can be seen in daily, weekly or monthly formats. If you have reactivated the listing, we keep the historical views, so you can compare how many views you receive this rental period compared to the number you received during the last one.

How long will my property advertisement last?

Single-unit listings (that are not short-term rentals*) remain posted until they are rented once, whether this takes 3 days or 3 months.
Multi-unit listings** are typically based on a 60 days or 6 month time period. Other time frames can also be arranged. Contact us if you require additional assistance or have further questions about your rental ad.

*Short-term rental = Properties rented on a month-to-month basis, and always looking for new renters.
**Multiple suites for rent located at a single address. Works best for apartment blocks.

If you say it stays until rented, why is there an expiry date?

Listings have expiration dates to help maintain the site with relevant rental listings. If your property listing nears the expiration date, you will receive an email from RentFaster.ca 4 days prior to the date. The email asks you if your property has been rented, and if you need the listing extended, free of charge. Please respond to this email and notify us if you require the ad to be extended. Ensure your email address is up to date in the Edit My Account area of the site.

My place is rented, how do I remove it?
  • From the Edit My Listings section, or at the bottom of the "Edit Listing" page, change the "Rented Status" to "Rented"
  • The listing will be stamped "rented" immediately, and then it will be archived in your account within 48 hours.
  • If your property has tentatively been rented, please don't hesitate to mark the listing Rented. If something happens to the agreement you have - we will reactivate your listing free of charge.
The renter backed out, I want my listing again, why is it asking me to pay?

If the renter backs out, or if they never show, or if something else happens that's out of your control - just contact us and we will be glad to reactivate your listing free of charge and it will stay active until a rental has been successfully rented. Can’t wait? If you cannot reach us immediately, you can pay to reactivate the listing and we will refund the payment as soon as we receive your message.

I activated my place too early (current renter not moving-out yet, renovations needed, or other problems, etc), but I don't want to mark my ad as rented, what do i do?

No problem, please contact us and we will take the ad off for you and when you are fully ready we will activate the ad for you (no extra charges).

Rental Forms and Credit Checks

Do you have rental forms?

If you have an active listing (or have had an active listing in the recent past), check out the Rental Forms area. We offer a few different types of lease forms (in .pdf format), as well as a rental application, inspection checklist, statement of account form, notice to vacate, notice of rent increase, and many other forms you may need during your time as a landlord. Contact us if you any questions.

How can I run a credit check on the prospective renters?

We often recommend having the prospective tenant gather the credit report from a place like transunion.ca, and then submit the report to you. You can see exactly what the report should look like as TransUnion offers sample reports on their site. The cost for the report is approximately $15.

The other option is for you to request all of the tenant's details and then run it through a company called Rent Check Corp.

Transaction History

Tax time - receipts needed, where are they?

Receipts are emailed automatically at the time of payment. However, they are also saved for your convenience through the site. There are two ways to print receipts once you are logged into your account:

  • Select "Modify Listing" (from the "Edit My Listings" page), and then click on the "Invoices/Receipt" button near the top of the page.
  • Select the Payment History link, and then specify the date range you are looking for and press Refresh. From there you can either print a report or email it to yourself.

My Account

I had a listing a long time ago, do you still have it? How do I access it?

Yes, everything should be saved within your account. If you do not see the ad there, please contact us and we will try to locate it for you.

I'm not receiving the forgot password email. What is going on?

It is an automatic email that might be blocked by your email service. Please check your spam/junk folder. If it is not there either, please contact us and we will reset your password and send you the necessary info manually.

The re-set password is not working.

Please ensure both the username and password you are trying match the info within the email.
Try the links within the forgot password email. They should take you directly into your account area (bypassing the login area).

How do I update my account info (email, password, username)?

Once you are in your RentFaster.ca account, select Edit My Account, to update all your info.

FAQ - Renters


How do I find a place to rent?

Every renter has a unique set of complex needs, ranging from number of bedrooms or bathrooms, to parking spaces or pets. Rentfaster.ca provides up to date information and resources, including applications, community profiles, and rental statistics for your area. Finding a rental has never been easier using our new interactive map tool. It allows you to search using your specified criteria and browse neighbourhoods around the location you are hoping to rent in.

RentFaster.ca offers three different search options:

When using either the regular or map search options, you can search by community and proximity...

Community search - 2 options:
  • Select one community and add distance from that community to your search. For example, if you are not sure of all the individual community names around the area of the city you want to live-in, but you are aware that you want to live in or around Killarney - select "Killarney" plus 2 or 3 kms. Your search will then include Killarney plus surrounding community rental listings within your distance criteria.
  • If you know the exact communities, select the 2nd community option and simply click on each community name.
Proximity Search - 2 options:
  • Select a predefined landmark and add distance to find rental properties around that area of the city.
  • Enter an address or postal code, plus distance, to find available rentals in that location.

I don't see what I want - what can I do?

Run your search criteria, after pressing the search button and you see the results page, you can setup an email alert system by clicking on the "Save Search" button. This will email you new and updated listings that match your specific search criteria. Alternately, setup a "Home Wish List" Ad, so landlords can contact you with their rentals.

How can I view only new listings?

Run your search and press the "Save Search" button, located at the top or bottom of the results. This signs you up to receive New Listing Alerts by email within the hour of a matching rental listing being posted. After you find a place, simply press the Unsubscribe link found in any of the notification emails you have received, and the system will unsubscribe your alert.

How do I find rental properties that allow pets?

This filter is available within the "Advanced search", and map search. Select Pets=allowed and Pets=negotiable.

We are moving from 'X' in a few months, what areas are desirable?

A lot of this will be personal preference. Check out the Community Profile pages, and the Map Search. Do you want to live within a certain distance of a reference point (job location, local landmark, etc.)? If so, try the Proximity Search, and then setup a New Listing Alert.



My Faves, where are they?

Currently My Faves are only saved on the computer/device that you saved them from originally. We are unable to save your favourite rentals to the site at this time. To access them, just go to the main menu and click on "My Faves".

Comparing your favourites

Once you are viewing your "My Faves" list on your device, simply check off the box(es) in the bottom right of each rental listing that you want to compare. Once you select the listings you want to compare, click the "compare" button. You will be taken to a new page that will show your listings side by side. The compare tool shows you things like:

  • Property type
  • # of bedrooms/bathrooms
  • Utilities that are/are not included
  • Monthly rental price comparison
  • Smoking, pets, parking
  • Nearby landmarks
  • Public transit options
And more…



I think a rental ad on the site is a scam…

If you find a property that you think is a scam, please contact us. There is a "Report Listing" button in each listing. Please fill out the form to notify us and we will look into the issue as soon as possible. Please also check out the alert page.

What does "Under 18" mean?

That category is intended to mean "adult building". So if "Under 18" = No, the rental is only available to adults over 18 years of age.

Can I access an old ad that is no longer on the site?

Archived ads are only accessible through the landlord's account. The archived ads are saved in a different format, and we are unable to tell you what the ad looked like on the exact date you viewed the ad.

Map search. How do i use this?

Once you've clicked on "Map Search" you will be taken to an interactive map page. At this point you have options to enter some of the following information.

  • Search criteria (or the Listing ID if you have it)
  • Price range (what can you realistically afford to rent?)
  • Type of rental (house, condo, apartment, basement, shared, etc.)
  • Bedrooms and/or bathrooms required of your desired rental

The search results will appear on the right hand side of the page If you want to learn more information about a rental that appears in your search results, simply click on the listing you are interested in and you will receive an MLS style pop-up detailing the property information and other important details.

Each listing will also have the option for you to call or email the landlord with any additional questions or comments you may have. You can also save your listing to your FAVES by clicking on the heart icon on the rental listing.

The interactive map on the left side of the page will also show the different neighbourhoods in the area and each pin will show the number of listings that match your criteria in each area.

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