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Marda Loop is a Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) in Calgary, Alberta, centred on 33rd and 34th Avenues SW between Crowchild Trail and 19th Street SW. It bisects the neighbourhoods of South Calgary and Altadore and is east of the community of Richmond.

The area has become one of Calgary's most popular outdoor shopping venues. Businesses consist of small-scale retailers, coffee shops, and pubs. The BRZ hosts an annual street festival, the Marda Gras Festival, in early August. The area is named after Marc and Mada Jenkins, who were the owners of the Marda Theatre (Odeon Theatre), the name being a combination of their two names. The theatre was opened in 1953 and closed in 1988, and was demolished in 1990.

Historically, the area has always been a hub of activity for that part of the city as it was once a turnaround point for the "Marda" streetcar line. In recent years, the community saw a serious decline due to the departure of the Canadian Forces base and the closure of the MQ (Married Quarters) area. However, in the last 7 - 10 years, there has been a large upswing in the business and residential community due to substantial redevelopment in the area and the community has regained some of its historical vibrancy.

Recently there has been a significant increase in housing density in the surrounding neighbourhoods, as older homes are giving way to new higher density condominiums. Marda Loop is becoming a trendy area with an influx of higher income households and a business demographic. Evidence of the shift towards a younger and more dynamic population can be seen in new and emerging community events and facilities. The area hosts an annual film festival, a Yoga & Meditation Community Center, and an annual street festival aptly named "Marda Gras".

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Marda Loop Closest LRTs

Shaganappi Point CTrain Station 1.37 km
Sunalta CTrain Station 1.51 km
Westbrook CTrain Station 1.63 km
Downtown West - Kerby CTrain Station 1.85 km
Downtown - West Kerby CTrain Station 1.86 km
8 Street SW CTrain Station 2.04 km
7 Street SW CTrain Station 2.09 km

Marda Loop Apartment Rental Stats

Property Type# of ListingsMin PriceMax PriceAve Price
Apartments     14$740$1195$954
Basements     6$800$1100$953
Condos     19$1350$4000$2216
Duplexes     6$975$4000$2295
Houses     10$1650$4500$2949
Lofts     2$1500$1750$1625
Main Floors     9$950$1500$1233
Shared     4$725$900$831
Storages     1$250$250$250
Townhouses     7$1250$3850$2435
Total Rentals     78$250$4500$1787
City Section# of ListingsMin PriceMax PriceAve Price
Inner-City     3099$185$15000$1450
SW     2807$85$15000$1536

Marda Loop Closest Schools

Altadore School Public Elementary 4506 16 St SW 1.30 km
William Reid School Public Elementary 1216 36 Ave SW 1.37 km
Bishop Carroll High School Separate All Grades 4624 Richard Road SW 1.46 km
Richmond School Public Elementary 2701 22 St SW 1.49 km
Killarney School Public Elementary 3008 33 St SW 1.83 km
Mount Royal School PublicJunior High 2234 14 St SW 1.60 km
Emily Follensbee School PublicJunior High 5139 14 St SW 2.07 km
A. E. Cross School PublicJunior High 3445 37 St SW 2.25 km
Rideau Park School PublicJunior High 829 Rideau Rd SW 2.31 km
Elboya School PublicJunior High 4804 6 St SW 2.57 km
Alternative High School PublicHigh School 5003 20 St SW 1.60 km
Central Memorial High School PublicHigh School 5111 21 St SW 1.80 km
Western Canada High School PublicHigh School 641 17 Ave SW 2.70 km
Westbrook Outreach PublicHigh School #3 1002 - 37 Street SW 3.66 km
Queen Elizabeth High School PublicHigh School 512 18 St NW 3.70 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Marda Loop Closest Libraries

Alexander Calhoun Branch 3223 14 Street SW1.04 km
Shaganappi Branch 3415 8th Avenue SW2.88 km
Memorial Park Branch 1221 2nd Street SW3.46 km
Central Library 616 MacLeod Trail SE4.44 km
Louise Riley Branch 1904 14 Avenue NW4.60 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Marda Loop Distance to Local Landmarks

Alberta Children's Hospital 5.33 km
Alberta College of Arts and Design (ACAD) 4.57 km
Ambrose University College 5.91 km
Bow Valley College 4.56 km
Calgary Airport 13.81 km
Calgary Zoo 5.89 km
Chinook Centre Mall 3.92 km
City Hall 4.31 km
Cross Iron Mills 30.10 km
Deerfoot Mall 10.54 km
Devry Institute of Tech 8.39 km
Downtown Calgary 3.84 km
Foothills Hospital 4.83 km
Market Mall 7.42 km
Mount Royal University 2.00 km
Peter Lougheed Hospital 10.67 km
Rocky Mountain College 7.46 km
Rockyview Hospital 3.81 km
SAIT 4.75 km
South Health Campus 19.31 km
Southcentre Mall 8.66 km
Sunridge Mall 10.27 km
University of Calgary 6.19 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

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