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Sunnyside is an innercity community in Calgary, Alberta located on the north side of the Bow River immediately adjacent to Calgary's downtown. The community partners with the neighboring community of Hillhurst to form the popular area known as Kensington.

Kensington is a Business Revitalization Zone and the communities of Hillhurst & Sunnyside has an area redevelopment plan in place. In short Sunnyside is a trendy area to live and has an exciting future.

Historically, Sunnyside is one of Calgary's oldest communities. Originally settled by homesteaders in the 1880's, the land was purchased by the City of Calgary and incorporated into the city proper in 1904. Although the majority of the original residents of Sunnyside were Canadian Pacific Railway and Eau Claire Sawmill employees, the community now mainly attracts urban professionals and their families due to its quiet neighbourhood atmosphere and close proximity to Calgary's active downtown.

Beginning in 1913, streetcars were the main means of transport within the city. One of the lines travelled east through Sunnyside on 2 Avenue to pick up workers for the CPR. It then went up the hill to the north end of the Centre Street bridge. There, the workers caught another streetcar to downtown. Today you can still see where the streetcar went up the embankment as it is now part of Calgary's paved pathway system; it begins behind the Calgary Curling Club, passes underneath the McHugh Bluff stairs and onwards to the top of the bluff.

Sunnyside's community association is known as the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Association and is reportedly established in 1942. Their mandate today is the same as it was then: Provide and organize sports, recreational, and social activities, and act as an advocacy group for the community's interests on planning and other civic issues.

In the 1970s the integrity of neighborhood was threatened by proposed high-speed transportation routes and by increasing land development. It was proposed that Memorial Drive become a major highway and an interchange be built where Memorial Drive and 10th Street NW intersect today. The Louise Bridge would be replaced by two new bridges; a south bound bridge aligning to 10th Street NW and a north bound bridge aligning to 9A Street. The association adopted an activist approach, and succeeded in blocking the interchange plans and retaining much of the traditional small-scale quality of the community.

In the 1980s a new transportation development was proposed. Calgary's light rail transportation line was proposed to replace 9A Street NW and many homes were to be demolished to make way. This proposal did go through and in 1987 the Sunnyside Station was completed but not before many changes and concessions were made by city planners. While not all the homes and buildings were torn down, many of them were left with no front access point, instead relying on the alleyway.

Today the association remains very involved in the review of development plans through it's Community Environment Committee. The concern today is the City of Calgary's plan for Transit oriented development (TOD). TOD is a plan where higher density development is concentrated near the station (600m radius) to make transit convenient for more people and encourage ridership. The irony of this plan is that Sunnyside is positioned so close to downtown and already has most amenities that most residents walk to their destination. In fact many suburbanites choose to drive to Sunnyside, park their cars and then walk in to downtown for work. Furthermore, because the Sunnyside Station is the last stop on the NW line the trains are often packed to capacity. Although this may be alleviated by the introduction of 4-car trains in the future.

Sunnyside has an elementary school, a station on the C-Train (Calgary's Light Rail Transit system), and a grocery store as well as many popular restaurants, coffee shops, and boutique stores.

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Sunnyside Closest Bus Routes

Route #Name
1 Bowness - Forest Lawn
2 Mt. Pleasant / Killarney 17 Ave.
4 Huntington
5 North Haven
19 16 Avenue North
104 Sunnyside - Foothills Medical Centre
449 Eau Claire - Parkhill
743 Crescent Heights/ Whitehorn Stn

Sunnyside Closest LRTs

Sunnyside CTrain Station 0.36 km
SAIT / ACAD / Jubilee CTrain Station 0.69 km
7 Street SW CTrain Station 0.8 km
8 Street SW CTrain Station 0.81 km
6 Street SW CTrain Station 0.82 km
4 Street SW CTrain Station 0.83 km
3 Street SW CTrain Station 0.9 km
Downtown - West Kerby CTrain Station 0.91 km

Sunnyside Apartment Rental Stats

Property Type# of ListingsMin PriceMax PriceAve Price
Apartments     33$850$2995$1222
Basements     1$1200$1200$1200
Condos     17$1050$3650$1904
Duplexes     1$5200$5200$5200
Houses     2$1700$3800$2750
Main Floors     1$1500$1500$1500
Parking Spots     4$100$135$108
Shared     2$500$625$562
Townhouses     3$890$1795$1191
Total Rentals     64$100$5200$1425

Sunnyside Closest Schools

Name Address Distance
Crescent Heights High School 1019 1 Street Northwest, Calgary 0.84 km
Leroux Music Studios 2114 14 Street Northwest, Calgary 1.86 km
Kickaxe Guitars 1409 11 Street Southwest, Calgary 2.24 km
Free House Dance Plus 2020 12 Avenue Northwest, Calgary 2.29 km
OHC Calgary 1212 1st Street SE, Unit 116, Calgary 2.30 km
Art of Tarot The 924 17 Avenue Southwest, Calgary 2.32 km
Western Canada High School 641 17 Avenue Southwest, Calgary 2.36 km
Company of Rogues Actors' Studio 1232 17 Avenue SW, 2nd FLR, Calgary 2.47 km
Saint Mary's Senior High School 111 18 Avenue Southwest, Calgary 2.59 km
Branton School 2103 20 Street Northwest, Calgary 2.64 km
Calgary Aquabelles Synchronized Swimming Club 2225 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary 2.84 km
Delta West Academy 414 11A Street Northeast, Calgary 2.99 km
James Fowler High School 4004 4 Street Northwest, Calgary 3.15 km
Maria Montessori Education Centre 2634 12 Avenue Northwest, Calgary 3.29 km
Calgary Arts Academy 2036 20 Avenue Southwest, Calgary 3.32 km
St. Francis High School 877 Northmount Drive Northwest, Calgary 3.41 km
William Aberhart High School 3009 Morley Trail Northwest, Calgary 3.49 km
Columbia College 802 Manning Road Northeast, Calgary 4.13 km
Calgary Safety Council 839 19 Street Northeast, Calgary 4.42 km
Kumon Math & Reading Centre 2136 33 Avenue Southwest, Calgary 4.50 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Sunnyside Closest Libraries

Name Address Distance
Alberta Wilderness Association 455 12 Street Northwest, Calgary 1.07 km
Reg Erhardt Library at SAIT MC111, Stan Grad Centre, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, 1301 16 Ave NW, Calgary 1.07 km
Alberta Law Libraries Calgary Courts Centre, Suite 501-N, 601 - 5 Street SW, Calgary 1.24 km
Calgary Public Library John Dutton Theatre 616 Macleod Trail Southeast, Calgary 1.87 km
Central Library 616 Macleod Trail Southeast, Calgary 1.90 km
Memorial Park Library 1221 2 Street Southwest, Calgary 2.02 km
Louise Riley Library 1904 14 Avenue Northwest, Calgary 2.04 km
Catholic Pastoral Centre Library 120 17 Avenue Southwest, Calgary 2.42 km
Alliance Fran├žaise Calgary 1721 29 Avenue Southwest #350, Calgary 3.85 km
Giuffre Family Library 3223 14 Street Southwest, Calgary 3.88 km
Business Library 301 Scurfield Hall, 215 Campus Place NW, Calgary 3.92 km
Doucette Library Education Block #370, 2500 University Drive, Calgary 3.99 km
Health Sciences Library 3330 Hospital Drive Northwest Room 1450, Calgary 4.08 km
Bennett Jones Law Library 2500 University Drive Northwest, Calgary 4.13 km
Canadian Music Centre Prairie Region Room 320, 3rd Floor, University Court Northwest, Calgary 4.20 km
Taylor Family Digital Library 410 University Court Northwest, Calgary 4.26 km
Gallagher Library Room 180, Earth Sciences Building, 2500 University Dr NW, Calgary 4.36 km
Nicholls Family Library at Westbrook Station 1413 33 Street Southwest, Calgary 4.59 km
Westbrook Library 1P4, 1413 33 Street Southwest, Calgary 4.60 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Sunnyside Distance to Local Landmarks

Alberta Children's Hospital 5.02 km
Alberta College of Arts and Design (ACAD) 1.43 km
Ambrose University College 7.91 km
Bow Valley College 1.95 km
Calgary Airport 9.36 km
Calgary Zoo 3.57 km
Chinook Centre Mall 6.80 km
City Hall 1.98 km
Cross Iron Mills 25.80 km
Deerfoot Mall 6.10 km
Devry Institute of Tech 5.77 km
Downtown Calgary 0.86 km
Foothills Hospital 3.91 km
Market Mall 6.21 km
Mount Royal University 6.41 km
Peter Lougheed Hospital 6.88 km
Rocky Mountain College 5.24 km
Rockyview Hospital 7.66 km
SAIT 1.02 km
South Health Campus 21.54 km
Southcentre Mall 11.89 km
Sunridge Mall 6.59 km
University of Calgary 4.35 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

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