• 1650 736-6th AVE S.W.
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Phone: 403-237-0477
  • Web Address: www.amhurst.net

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About Us:

AMHURST PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LTD. is a distinctive residential property management organization that specializes in residential property management and enhancement of value in revenue real estate through sound management principles.

An Alberta Corporation, Amhurst has been actively engaged in the business of distinctive property and asset management since 1982. It enjoys a reputation for being a successful, professional, well-rounded and results-driven management organization. Amhurst manages a select portfolio of properties in Calgary, and serves clients throughout the world


To provide for the property owner, sound management of real estate which will encompass service, value and professional attention to detail.

What We Provide:


Collection of rents and follow-up of delinquent payments; problems with rent collections are handled courteously and efficiently by our team. We pride ourselves in having a zero-tolerance for receivables; We concentrate on optimum market rent and minimum vacancy.


Payments of property operating expenses such as utilities, taxes, insurance, repairs, maintenance and mortgages are made, upon your written instructions, in a timely fashion. We get buying power through our connections in the industry and by paying bills on time. Our focus is on value and service.

Rent Increase Reviews

We closely monitors rents and ensure that your property brings in the optimum market rent without compromising tenant stability.

Client and Tenant Services

We maintain close attention to all client/tenant-related calls, maintenance and repairs including emergencies. We have a twenty-four hour emergency service, and a trained, courteous team. We pride ourselves in dealing with courteous, reliable, cost-efficient trades-people to ensure that your property gets the best attention and optimum value.

Renting of Vacant Properties

Attention to potential vacancy is handled quickly and efficiently by advertising your property for rent, screening potential tenants and ensuring that your property is given maximum exposure with minimum vacancy loss. We draw on a large base of tenants, unsolicited callers and a reputable base of referrals through the Real Estate Industry. We have a record high occupancy rate year-round.

Monthly Operating Statements

On about the tenth working day of the month, an operating statement of the previous month’s activity is mailed to you outlining income, expenses and net proceeds. Copies of any monthly bills are attached to this statement. Your proceeds cheque can be deposited directly to your bank account. We will provide understandable monthly operating statements.

Property Insurance

Competitive property insurance rates are available to our clients through our blanket policy which provides all-risk, liability, glass, contents and loss of revenue coverage. Many more features are carefully crafted into this all-encompassing policy which is underwritten by one of Canada’s more reputable insurance companies (for a nominal administrative fee).

Ancillary services

All your property-related financial, fiscal and operational matters are handled under one roof. We will work with your associates or provide you with a series of referrals that can better meet your specific needs. We are a professional property management company that specializes in property and asset management and does not conflict with real estate sales.

Non-residency tax issues

Non-residents of Canada need to file specific forms and tax returns annually. We handle the entire process with Revenue Canada as your Canadian tax agent. There is a nominal fee for this process.