Beverly Heights Community Overview

Beverly Heights is a neighbourhood in east Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Originally part of the Town of Beverly, Beverly Heights became a part of Edmonton in 1961 when the town amalgamated with Edmonton.

The neighbourhood is bounded on the south by the North Saskatchewan River valley, on the north by 118 Avenue, on the west by 50 Street, and on the east by 34 Street and 36 Street.

The Beverly Cenotaph, originally built to remember the men from Beverly who served and died in World War I, is located in Beverly Heights. The original dedication ceremony was held on October 17, 1920, making the cenotaph the first to be erected in the Edmonton area, and one of the earliest in Alberta. The cenotaph was expanded and rededicated in 1958.

Lawton Junior High School was the first junior high school in the Town of Beverly, and is named after Percy Benjamin Lawton. Lawton was a teacher, principal, Supervisor of Beverly Schools, and superintendent. He also served briefly as mayor of the Town of Beverly.

There are four schools in Beverly Heights, the Beverly Heights Public School, the Lawton Junior High School, the R.J. Scott Elementary School, and the St. Nicholas Catholic Junior High School, and Faith Lutheran Private School.

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beverly-heights Closest Bus Routes

Route #Name
2 Lessard - Downtown - Highlands - Clareview
8 Mill Woods TC - Downtown - Abbottsfield
88 Capilano - Downtown
141 Coliseum - Abbottsfield
142 Coliseum - Abbottsfield

Beverly Heights Closest LRTs

Belvedere Station 1.72 km
DL MacDonald Platform 1.99 km
Coliseum Station 2.03 km
Clareview Station 2.34 km
Stadium Station 2.59 km
Churchill Station 3.65 km

Beverly Heights Apartment Rental Stats

Property Type# of ListingsMin PriceMax PriceAve Price
Apartments     5$845$1147$998
Basements     3$700$975$841
Condos     1$800$800$800
Houses     1$1400$1400$1400
Main Floors     1$1297$1297$1297
Townhouses     2$1200$1200$1200
Total Rentals     13$700$1400$1031

Beverly Heights Closest Schools

Name/Address Distance
Lawton School
11602 40 Street Northwest, Edmonton
0.39 km
Suzuki Charter School
10720 54 Street Northwest, Edmonton
1.68 km
Highlands School
11509 62 Street Northwest, Edmonton
1.68 km
Clareview Head Start
1142 Hermitage Rd, Edmonton
2.02 km
Ben Calf Robe - Saint Clare
11833 64 Street Northwest, Edmonton
2.03 km
Guitar Instructor
1135 Hyndman Road Northwest, Edmonton
2.16 km
Eastglen School
11430 68 Street Northwest, Edmonton
2.38 km
Big Rig Driver Education
12809 58 Street Northwest, Edmonton
2.50 km
Virginia Park School
7324 109 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
2.71 km
Sifton School
4305 134 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
2.96 km
Roving Chessnuts
12015 76 Street Northwest, Edmonton
3.27 km
Argyll Centre
6859 100 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
3.53 km
Austin O'Brien High School
6110 95 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
3.77 km
Balwin School
7055 132 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
3.78 km
St. Alphonsus Catholic Elementary/Junior High School
11624 81 St NW, Edmonton
3.79 km
McNally School
8440 105 Avenue, Edmonton
3.90 km
John D. Bracco School
3150 139 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
4.12 km
York Elementary School
13915 61 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.14 km
Childrens Day Out Play School
10005 84 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.32 km
Newman Theological College
10012 84 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.45 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Beverly Heights Closest Libraries

Name/Address Distance
Little Free Library
4621 114 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
0.31 km
Edmonton Public Library - Abbottsfield - Penny McKee
3410 118 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
1.00 km
Little Free Library
11330 60 Street Northwest, Edmonton
1.58 km
Edmonton Public Library - Highlands
6710 118 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
2.38 km
Arnold Guebert Library
2.50 km
Little Free Library
3236 130 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
2.64 km
Edmonton Tool Library
7308 112 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
2.73 km
Edmonton Public Library - Capilano
9915 67 Street Northwest, Edmonton
3.43 km
Balwin Day Care Ctr
13112 68 Street Northwest, Edmonton
3.60 km
Edmonton Public Library - Clareview
3808 139 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
3.88 km
Edmonton Public Library - Londonderry
137 Avenue NorthWest Suite 166, Edmonton
4.54 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Beverly Heights Distance to Local Landmarks

Alberta Legislature Building 7.26 km
Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre 6.10 km
Commonwealth Stadium 4.53 km
Concordia College 2.52 km
Downtown Edmonton 6.32 km
Edmonton International Airport 31.10 km
Edmonton City Centre 6.03 km
Edmonton City Centre Airport 7.23 km
Edmonton City Hall 5.99 km
Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital 7.44 km
Grey Nuns Community Hospital 11.79 km
King's University College 4.76 km
Kingsway Mall 6.21 km
Londonderry Mall 4.33 km
MacEwan - Centre for the Arts 12.32 km
MacEwan - City Centre 15.62 km
MacEwan - South Campus 12.20 km
Manulife Place 6.25 km
Misericordia Community Hospital 14.41 km
N.A.I.T 6.20 km
Norquest College - Downtown 6.95 km
Norquest College - Westmount 9.32 km
Northgate Centre 6.06 km
Rexall Place 3.11 km
Royal Alexandra Hospital 5.91 km
Southgate Centre 11.26 km
St. Joseph's Auxiliary Hospital 13.50 km
Stollery Children's Hospital 9.06 km
University of Alberta 9.05 km
University of Alberta Hospital 9.06 km
West Edmonton Mall 14.50 km
Westmount Centre 9.42 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

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