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Jasper Place is an area in the west end of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. At one time, it was an independent municipality known as the Town of Jasper Place. Following the Second World War, its population swelled rapidly. With virtually no industrial base of its own, an increasing demand for services by the growing population, and the annexation of the land east of the modern 149 Street by the City of Edmonton, the writing was on the wall. Deeply in debt, the town was amalgamated with Edmonton on August 17, 1964. "With amalgamation, the City of Edmonton assumed Jasper Place's bonded indebtedness of $8.177 million, the town's infrastructure and responsibility for all public services such as sewer, water and transportation."

At the time of its amalgamation, it was the largest town in Canada. The town fell within an area bounded by 149 Street on the east, 170 Street on the west, the North Saskatchewan River on the south, and 118 Avenue on the north.

In the early days, Jasper Place was home to a few hundred homesteaders, who lived a meagre life raising a few animals and tending gardens. Houses lacked the amenities of modern life, including electricity, flush toilets, and running water. Water was trucked out to residents at a cost of $1.25 per 500 gallons.

During the 1930s, the population grew as many Edmontonians moved out to Jasper Place to escape high taxes in the city. Many residents worked in Edmonton, and by the 1940s the trolley line extended to the modern 149 Street--close enough to Jasper Place to allow returning workers to walk the rest of the way home.

Following the discovery of oil near Leduc in 1947, the population of Edmonton swelled. Jasper Place absorbed some of the overflow population growth from Edmonton, and in 1948 the community incorporated as the Hamlet of West Jasper Place.

By the 1950s, the hamlet had grown large enough to become a village with a population of 9,000 people.

In the early 1960s, to accommodate continuing growth, Jasper Place (now a town) expanded several schools, began construction of a sports centre, and commenced planning the Meadowlark Park Centre. But projects such as these placed the town deeply in debt and, with the province refusing to grant extra funds, the end was inevitable. In a plebiscite held on October 17, 1962, residents voted in favor of amalgamation with Edmonton. Amalgamation occurred on August 17, 1964. At amalgamation, the population of Jasper Place stood at 38,000 people.

The area is home to Winterburn School (public).

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Condo Units1$1650$1650$1650
Total Rentals3$929$1650$1209

Jasper Place Closest Schools

Name/Address Distance
Winterburn School
9527 Winterburn Road Northwest, Edmonton
0.73 km
BrightPath West Henday Child Care Centre
850 Webber Greens Drive Northwest, Edmonton
1.32 km
Eternal Health Services
21107 108 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
2.08 km
LaPerle School
18715 97A Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
2.08 km
Belmead School
9011 182 Street Northwest, Edmonton
2.75 km
Factory Climbing
10247 184 Street Northwest, Edmonton
2.78 km
WECA Soccer
17503 93 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 3W2 93 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
3.58 km
Centre for Learning@HOME
18207 114 Avenue Northwest #100, Edmonton
4.13 km
Thorncliffe Elementary School
8215 175 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.14 km
The House of Sew
10468 172 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.18 km
St. Martha
7240 180 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.22 km
Thomas More Academy
10403 172 Street Northwest Unit 145, Edmonton
4.22 km
Beaux Esprits Playschool - French Immersion
17740 69 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
4.64 km
Ladybug Playschool
6210 188 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.70 km
Revolution Music
8415 D 169 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.76 km
Bambini Learning Group - Hamptons
5955 199 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.78 km
Sister Annata Brockman Elementary/Junior High School
355 Hemingway Road Northwest, Edmonton
4.86 km
St. Francis Xavier High School
9250 163 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.92 km
Jasper Place High School
8950 163 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.94 km
H.E. Beriault Catholic Junior High School
8125 167 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.99 km

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Jasper Place Closest Libraries

Name/Address Distance
Little Free Library
9852 221 Street Northwest, Edmonton
1.37 km
Edmonton Public Library - West Henday Promenade (Lewis Estates)
818 Webber Greens Drive Northwest, Edmonton
1.41 km
Little Free Library
1086 Secord Promenade, Edmonton
1.74 km
Little Free Library
18911 90A Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
2.10 km
Little Free Library
671 Glenwright Crescent Northwest, Edmonton
3.50 km
Little Free Library
1241 Gillespie Crescent Northwest, Edmonton
3.73 km
Free Little Library
1673 Glastonbury Boulevard Northwest, Edmonton
3.81 km
IKWC Virtual Library
17304 105 Avenue Northwest Unit 200, Edmonton
4.13 km
Little Free Library
903 Goodwin Close Northwest, Edmonton
4.27 km
Little free library
8030 172 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.48 km
Children's Free Little Library
4.60 km
Little Free Library
9311 165 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.67 km
Edmonton Public Library - Lois Hole (Callingwood)
17650 69 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
4.70 km

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Jasper Place Distance to Local Landmarks

Alberta Legislature Building 11.44 km
Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre 14.74 km
Commonwealth Stadium 13.55 km
Concordia College 15.60 km
Downtown Edmonton 12.15 km
Edmonton International Airport 25.94 km
Edmonton City Centre 12.32 km
Edmonton City Centre Airport 11.27 km
Edmonton City Hall 12.42 km
Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital 10.91 km
Grey Nuns Community Hospital 18.08 km
King's University College 17.15 km
Kingsway Mall 11.93 km
Londonderry Mall 17.07 km
MacEwan - Centre for the Arts 5.79 km
MacEwan - City Centre 2.61 km
MacEwan - South Campus 17.48 km
Manulife Place 12.15 km
Misericordia Community Hospital 4.62 km
N.A.I.T 12.09 km
Norquest College - Downtown 11.33 km
Norquest College - Westmount 8.85 km
Northgate Centre 14.37 km
Rexall Place 15.20 km
Royal Alexandra Hospital 12.17 km
Southgate Centre 11.88 km
St. Joseph's Auxiliary Hospital 14.02 km
Stollery Children's Hospital 10.44 km
University of Alberta 10.08 km
University of Alberta Hospital 10.44 km
West Edmonton Mall 4.27 km
Westmount Centre 8.80 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

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