Kilkenny Community Overview

Kilkenny is a residential neighbourhood in north east Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Most of the development in the neighbourhood occurred during the 1960s and 1970s.

The neighbourhood is bounded on the west by 82 Street, on the east by 66 Street, on the north by 153 Avenue, and on the south by 144 Avenue. Londonderry Mall, a major shopping centre, is located to the south of the neighbourhood along 66 Street.

Londonderry Mall, a major Edmonton shopping centre, is located a short distance to the south in the adjoining neighbourhood of Kildare. Anothor major shopping centre, North Town Centre is loacted to the south west in the neighbourhood of Northmount. Across the street from North Town Centre is a third major shopping mall, Northgate Centre.

The Londonderry Fitness and Leisure Centre and Londonderry Athletic Grounds are both located in the neighbourhood.

There are five schools in the neighbourhood.

  • Edmonton Public School System
    • J. A. Fife Elementary School
    • John Barnett Elementary School
    • Londonderry Junior High School
    • M. E. Lazerte High School
  • Edmonton Catholic School System
    • Father Leo Green Catholic Elementary School

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Kilkenny Apartment Rental Stats

Property Type# of ListingsMin PriceMax PriceAve Price
Apartments     6$800$1350$1043
Basements     3$750$995$865
Houses     2$1650$1695$1672
Townhouses     2$1500$1550$1525
Total Rentals     13$750$1695$1172
City Section# of ListingsMin PriceMax PriceAve Price
NE     249$500$2300$1192
NW     1320$150$3995$1175

Kilkenny Closest Schools

John Barnett School Public Elementary 14840 - 72 Street 0.40 km
J.A. Fife School Public Elementary 15004 - 76 Street 0.45 km
Kildare School Public Elementary 7525 - 144 Avenue 0.53 km
Father Leo Green Separate Elementary 7512 - 144 Ave. 0.63 km
St. John Bosco Separate Elementary 7411 - 161A Ave. 1.22 km
Londonderry School PublicJunior High 7104 - 144 Avenue 0.85 km
J.J. Bowlen SeparateJunior High 6110 - 144 Ave. 1.31 km
Steele Heights School PublicJunior High 14607 - 59 Street NW 1.47 km
Cardinal Leger SeparateJunior High 8808 - 144 Ave. 1.61 km
Dickinsfield School PublicJunior High 14320 - 88A Street 1.63 km
M.E. LaZerte School PublicHigh School 6804 - 144 Avenue 0.94 km
Archbishop Oscar Romero SeparateHigh School 17760 - 69 Ave. 1.81 km
Archbishop O'Leary SeparateHigh School 8760 - 132 Ave. 2.54 km
Fresh Start North SeparateHigh School 9499 - 137 Ave. 2.62 km
Dante Alighieri Italian School PrivateHigh School 8760 132 Avenue 2.62 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Kilkenny Closest Libraries

Highlands Branch 6710 118 Avenue4.57 km
Sprucewood Branch 11555 95 Street5.43 km
Calder Branch 12522 132 Avenue5.96 km
Stanley A Milner Branch 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square7.81 km
Woodcroft Branch 13420 114 Avenue8.45 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Kilkenny Distance to Local Landmarks

Alberta Legislature Building 9.15 km
Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre 10.13 km
Commonwealth Stadium 5.97 km
Concordia College 5.77 km
Downtown Edmonton 8.25 km
Edmonton International Airport 34.80 km
Edmonton City Centre 7.86 km
Edmonton City Centre Airport 6.12 km
Edmonton City Hall 7.97 km
Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital 8.75 km
Grey Nuns Community Hospital 16.60 km
King's University College 9.86 km
Kingsway Mall 6.31 km
Londonderry Mall 1.34 km
MacEwan - Centre for the Arts 11.95 km
MacEwan - City Centre 14.42 km
MacEwan - South Campus 16.84 km
Manulife Place 8.09 km
Misericordia Community Hospital 14.58 km
N.A.I.T 5.80 km
Norquest College - Downtown 8.29 km
Norquest College - Westmount 8.60 km
Northgate Centre 2.69 km
Rexall Place 4.39 km
Royal Alexandra Hospital 6.76 km
Southgate Centre 14.26 km
St. Joseph's Auxiliary Hospital 17.10 km
Stollery Children's Hospital 11.03 km
University of Alberta 10.72 km
University of Alberta Hospital 11.03 km
West Edmonton Mall 14.49 km
Westmount Centre 8.57 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Neighboring Communities

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