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At Libertas Property Management, our experienced team offers quality services to both our landlords and tenants. We have our landlords’ best interest at heart because we understand what is needed to protect your investment. We own and successfully manage 50+ of our own investment properties, as well as, service landlords invested in Edmonton from Australia to Korea and Japan. Wherever you are, we will treat your property as if it were our own.

We understand that communication with you is key when it comes to making decisions on your property. The Libertas 48 hr guarantee ensures you receive a response to every phone call, email, fax or any other correspondence within two business days of receipt. To further secure the lines of communication, we offer The Libertas Property Diary™; a documentation system designed to keep you informed about the events concerning your investment. Libertas keeps you connected to your investment.

We have developed systems and operations to successfully screen and place the highest quality of tenants into all of our properties. The relationships we have created with our tenants have lead many to upgrade to a different property within our portfolio to better suit their needs. In addition to the services Libertas Property Management offers, we also offer an Assisted Home Purchase Program that is extended to our tenants so they too can become investor/owners if they choose. Yet another way Libertas cultivates existing relationships into profit rearing joint ventures.

Here is an example of some services Libertas Property Management will provide for you:

  • Real Estate Investors
  • Property Managers
  • Marketing Team
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Cleaning Personnel
  • Renovations Team
  • Property Management Support Team
  • Accounting
  • Administrative

Note: This list is not exhaustive.

Libertas Property Management is devoted to maintaining lasting relationships with our investors/owners as well as our tenants. Our growing success in the property management business is due to the relationships we have built, and continue to nurture. We are Libertas Property Management; committed to management excellence.