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1) Our clients get paid faster
2) No Extra fees.  Just 10% of Rent Received.  No rent, No Fee.

3) All maintenance requests are reported to the owner
4) No cost-plus on our contractors, and the contractors will talk to owners directly to improve understanding and options

5) Open contract.  You can take back your property anytime it is vacant.
and more

If you've done any research on property management you would find that most companies operate on the same business model.  Certainly some do a better job but that usually has more to do with the quality of staff at a given moment rather than by inherent systems.

We used to operate under this traditional model - BUT some of our more energetic clients kept asking for areas of improvement.   Thank you, by the way, for that feedback and requests - they became opportunities.  We are still accepting requests and will solve problems as best we can.