Garden City Apartment Rental Stats

Property Type# of ListingsMin PriceMax PriceAve Price
Apartments     5$875$1345$1069
Total Rentals     5$875$1345$1069

Garden City Closest Schools

Name/Address Distance
Kaye's Driving School
958 Airlies Street, Winnipeg
0.16 km
Tauber Music School
2211 McPhillips Street l, Winnipeg
0.63 km
Little Dipper Montessori Nursery School
75 Cottingham Street, Winnipeg
0.67 km
École seven oaks middle school.
800 Salter Street, Winnipeg
1.77 km
Ideal Driver Training
1180 Fife Street, Winnipeg
1.96 km
A-One Driving Academy
50 Milner Street, Winnipeg
2.26 km
C & K Music
972 McPhillips St, Winnipeg
2.34 km
Lord Nelson School
820 McPhillips Street, Winnipeg
2.52 km
Ecole Riviere Rouge
55 Swinford Way, Winnipeg
3.38 km
Terri Myers Music
211 Kimberly Avenue, Winnipeg
3.66 km
Keyboard Ventures Music School
310 Weitzel Street, Winnipeg
3.72 km
Ultimate Guitar Works
475 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg
3.74 km
R. B. Russell Vocational School
364 Dufferin Avenue, Winnipeg
3.82 km
David Livingstone School
270 Flora Avenue, Winnipeg
3.84 km
Winnipeg Adult Education Centre
510 King St, Winnipeg
3.85 km
John Henderson Junior High School
930 Brazier Street, Winnipeg
3.89 km
St Alphonsus School Inc Before & After Program
341 Munroe Avenue, Winnipeg
4.09 km
Can Do People
948 William Avenue, Winnipeg
4.46 km
Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute
173 Talbot Avenue, Winnipeg
4.51 km
River East Collegiate
295 Sutton Avenue, Winnipeg
4.62 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Garden City Closest Libraries

Name/Address Distance
370 Selkirk Avenue, Winnipeg
3.53 km
Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library
727 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg
4.64 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Garden City Distance to Local Landmarks

Ben-Gurion University 9.33 km
Billinkoff Errol 5.58 km
Brandon University - Winnipeg Campus 6.09 km
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation 5.89 km
Canadian Mennonite University 6.23 km
CancerCare Manitoba 6.94 km
CancerCare Manitoba 7.35 km
CF Polo Park 7.78 km
Children's Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba 4.75 km
cityplace 5.98 km
Corporate Health Works Inc 8.10 km
Crescentwood Site of Corydon Community Centre 9.13 km
Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine 4.68 km
Dominion Centre 7.15 km
Down town 5.09 km
Duckworth Centre 5.92 km
Envoy Medical Centre 4.81 km
ESM 5.28 km
Fort Rouge Curling Club 9.22 km
Grand Medicine Health Sciences Pharmacy - HSC 4.59 km
Grant Park Festival 10.48 km
Grant Park Shopping Centre 9.91 km
Gravity Lingerie 8.44 km
J.A. Hildes Northern Medical Unit , University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine 4.67 km
Johnston Terminal At The Forks 6.56 km
Juney's Grocery 3.31 km
Madison Square 8.06 km
Medicine Shoppe 9.21 km
Menno Simons College 6.24 km
Mott McDonald 6.14 km
Norwood Walk-In & Family Medical Centre 7.15 km
Nova Physiotherapy 6.13 km
Old Exhibition Arena 3.17 km
Paterson GlobalFoods Institute 5.18 km
Pioneer Arena 4.06 km
Portage Place Shopping Centre 5.82 km
Prothotics Healthwest 6.22 km
Q-Power Inc 6.13 km
Reliable Home Care Agency 7.68 km
Riverview Health Centre 8.69 km
Saint Boniface 6.14 km
Shaw Park 5.80 km
St-Boniface Hospital Research 7.08 km
St. Andrews Airport 14.89 km
St. Boniface Hospital 6.95 km
Teach-in and Protest 5.56 km
Teavana 7.82 km
The Kanee Centre of the Sharon Home 3.73 km
The University of Manitoba - Collège Universitaire De Saint-Boniface 6.47 km
Thirsty's Auction 6.34 km
Triovest Realty Advisors 6.01 km
Université de Saint-Boniface 6.54 km
University of Manitoba:Family Practice Residency Training Unit 6.93 km
University of Winnipeg 6.01 km
University of Winnipeg - Continuing Education 5.85 km
University of Winnipeg - Room 1L11 Lockhart Theatre 5.92 km
University of Winnipeg Div 6.09 km
University Of Winnipeg Division of Continuing Education 6.14 km
University Of Winnipeg Foundation 6.05 km
University of Winnipeg Library 5.96 km
Urban Planet 5.91 km
Varian Medical Systems 6.57 km
Variety Children's Heart Centre 4.57 km
Wildwoodrose pop-up shop 5.42 km
Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport 7.63 km
Winnipeg Prosthetics & Orthotics Specialty Co Ltd 7.36 km
Winnipeg Square 5.72 km
Yvonne Thompson - The Innovative Leader 7.61 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

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