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Currently there are no active rental properties listed within Meadows.

Meadows Closest Schools

Name/Address Distance
Joseph Teres School
131 Sanford Fleming Road, Winnipeg
0.47 km
Transcona Collegiate
1305 Winona Street, Winnipeg
1.30 km
John W. Gunn Middle School
351 Harold Avenue West, Winnipeg
1.30 km
Westview School
600 Hoka Street, Winnipeg
1.59 km
École Regent Park
411 Moroz Rue, Winnipeg
1.68 km
Calvin Christian Schools - Collegiate Campus
706 Day Street, Winnipeg
2.04 km
Ecole Centrale
604 Day Rue, Winnipeg
2.12 km
Arthur Day Middle School
43 Whitehall Boulevard, Winnipeg
2.73 km
River East Transcona School Division
95 Bournais Drive, Winnipeg
2.84 km
Bernie Wolfe Community School
95 Bournais Drive, Winnipeg
2.84 km
Immanuel Christian School
215 Rougeau Avenue, Winnipeg
2.86 km
The King's School
851 Panet Road, Winnipeg
3.01 km
Murdoch MacKay Collegiate
260 Redonda Street, Winnipeg
3.46 km
Sun Valley School/ École Sun Valley
125 Sun Valley Drive, Winnipeg
3.50 km
Collège Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau
216 Redonda Street, Winnipeg
3.50 km
Valley Gardens Middle School
220 Antrim Road, Winnipeg
3.69 km
Kildonan East Collegiate
845 Concordia Avenue, Winnipeg
3.90 km
Salisbury Morse Place School
795 Prince Rupert Avenue, Winnipeg
4.03 km
Cafe Music
1519 Gateway Road, Winnipeg
4.04 km
River East Transcona School Division
530 McLeod Avenue, Winnipeg
4.80 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Meadows Closest Libraries

Name/Address Distance
Transcona Library
111 Victoria Avenue West, Winnipeg
2.17 km
Little Free Library #7219 Transcona
15 Nugent Road, Winnipeg
2.72 km
Winnipeg Centennial Folk Festival
Mockingbird Lane, Winnipeg
3.30 km
Munroe Library
489 London St, Winnipeg
4.31 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Meadows Distance to Local Landmarks

Ben-Gurion University 14.10 km
Billinkoff Errol 8.26 km
Brandon University - Winnipeg Campus 9.63 km
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation 8.48 km
Canadian Mennonite University 9.77 km
CancerCare Manitoba 7.99 km
CancerCare Manitoba 10.48 km
CF Polo Park 13.04 km
Children's Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba 9.95 km
cityplace 8.98 km
Corporate Health Works Inc 8.01 km
Crescentwood Site of Corydon Community Centre 11.86 km
Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine 9.98 km
Dominion Centre 8.12 km
Down town 11.25 km
Duckworth Centre 9.74 km
Envoy Medical Centre 9.17 km
ESM 9.16 km
Fort Rouge Curling Club 10.12 km
Grand Medicine Health Sciences Pharmacy - HSC 9.86 km
Grant Park Festival 12.31 km
Grant Park Shopping Centre 11.96 km
Gravity Lingerie 11.11 km
J.A. Hildes Northern Medical Unit , University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine 10.02 km
Johnston Terminal At The Forks 8.20 km
Juney's Grocery 8.78 km
Madison Square 13.38 km
Medicine Shoppe 9.59 km
Menno Simons College 9.77 km
Mott McDonald 8.99 km
Norwood Walk-In & Family Medical Centre 8.21 km
Nova Physiotherapy 9.29 km
Old Exhibition Arena 10.29 km
Paterson GlobalFoods Institute 8.58 km
Pioneer Arena 9.75 km
Portage Place Shopping Centre 9.26 km
Prothotics Healthwest 9.45 km
Q-Power Inc 7.70 km
Reliable Home Care Agency 12.43 km
Riverview Health Centre 8.50 km
Saint Boniface 6.96 km
Shaw Park 8.28 km
St-Boniface Hospital Research 8.15 km
St. Andrews Airport 16.16 km
St. Boniface Hospital 8.04 km
Teach-in and Protest 8.58 km
Teavana 13.02 km
The Kanee Centre of the Sharon Home 7.75 km
The University of Manitoba - Collège Universitaire De Saint-Boniface 7.45 km
Thirsty's Auction 11.78 km
Triovest Realty Advisors 8.94 km
Université de Saint-Boniface 7.46 km
University of Manitoba:Family Practice Residency Training Unit 7.87 km
University of Winnipeg 9.77 km
University of Winnipeg - Continuing Education 9.09 km
University of Winnipeg - Room 1L11 Lockhart Theatre 9.57 km
University of Winnipeg Div 9.62 km
University Of Winnipeg Division of Continuing Education 9.62 km
University Of Winnipeg Foundation 9.61 km
University of Winnipeg Library 9.69 km
Urban Planet 9.31 km
Varian Medical Systems 9.23 km
Variety Children's Heart Centre 9.72 km
Wildwoodrose pop-up shop 8.71 km
Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport 15.38 km
Winnipeg Prosthetics & Orthotics Specialty Co Ltd 7.79 km
Winnipeg Square 8.59 km
Yvonne Thompson - The Innovative Leader 12.38 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

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