Barrhaven Community Overview

Barrhaven is bounded by Fallowfield Road to the north, Strandherd Road to the south, Greenbank Road to the east, and Cedarview Road to the west. Established in the 1960s, Barrhaven was one of a group of new suburban areas built across the Ottawa Greenbelt. The area, owned by Mel Barr, was originally slated to become a horse race track. However, when the Rideau Carleton Raceway opened, Barr opted to develop a new subdivision that was later named after him.  Here is an infographic that describes Barrhaven as a Village of 100 (2011 data)

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Barrhaven Apartment Rental Stats

Currently there are no active rental properties listed within Barrhaven.

Barrhaven Closest Schools

Name Address Distance
Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School 149 Berrigan Drive, Nepean 0.84 km
Jockvale Elementary School 101 Malvern Drive, Nepean 0.93 km
Accel Music Studios 3570 Strandherd Drive, Nepean 0.99 km
École secondaire catholique Pierre-Savard 1110 Longfields Drive, Nepean 1.03 km
Cornerstone Montessori Ottawa Jockvale Road, Nepean 1.08 km
Berrigan Elementary School 199 Berrigan Drive, Nepean 1.08 km
John McCrae Secondary School 103 Malvern Drive, Nepean 1.11 km
Mother Teresa School 440 Longfields Drive, Nepean 1.37 km
Elementary School Catholic Jean-Robert-Gauthier 651, promenade, Chapman Mills Drive, Nepean 1.55 km
St. Joseph High School 3333 Greenbank Road, Nepean 1.58 km
Chapman Mills Public School 260 Leamington Way, Nepean 1.62 km
Monsignor Paul Baxter School 333 Beatrice Drive, Nepean 1.76 km
Ottawa Christian School 255 Tartan Drive, Nepean 1.98 km
Chapman Mills School Age Program 500 Chapman Mills Dr, Nepean 1.98 km
St. Emily School 500 Chapman Mills Drive, Nepean 2.01 km
Little Scholars Montessori - Fallowfield 3500 Fallowfield Road, Nepean 2.22 km
Michelle Jean Public Elementary School 11 CLARIDGE Promenade, Nepean 2.35 km
Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School 170 Stoneway Drive, Nepean 3.00 km
Farley Mowat Public School 75 Waterbridge Drive, Nepean 3.25 km
St. Andrew School 201 Crestway Drive, Nepean 3.35 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Barrhaven Closest Libraries

Name Address Distance
Ottawa Public Library - Ruth E. Dickinson 100 Malvern Drive, Nepean 1.08 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

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