Lower Town Community Overview

Lowertown is bounded by the Rideau River to both the north and the east. Daly-Besserer-Rideau Streets lay on the southern border, and Cumberland Avenue lies to the west. Originally a cedar swamp on the lower of two plateaus west of the Rideau River, it was (in contrast to Uppertown) clear cut of trees and given a grid style street layout. During the 1820s-1830s construction of the Rideau Canal created an influx of Irish immigrants, French Canadians, and Scottish stone masons. While the Scottish immigrants moved to Uppertown with the English population, the Irish and French took up residence in the more affordable Lowertown area (which included the lands on both sides of what is King Edward Avenue today). The layout of the modern Lowertown dates back to the Post-War era when a renewal and improvement plan, the Gerber Plan, was initiated in an attempt to accommodate the growing population by giving Ottawa’s downtown a more practical layout.  However, as the plan included demolishing many people’s homes (as had actually occurred in Lowertown), it was halted after residents in neighbouring communities witnessed what had occurred in Lowertown.

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Lower Town Apartment Rental Stats

Property Type# of ListingsMin PriceMax PriceAve Price
Apartments     18$950$3500$1773
Houses     6$1030$1295$1120
Total Rentals     24$950$3500$1609

Lower Town Closest Schools

Name/Address Distance
York Street Public School
310 York Street, Ottawa
0.28 km
Ottawa Torah School
151 Chapel Street, Ottawa
0.45 km
Samba Swing Ottawa
211 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa
0.52 km
Justin Duhaime Guitar Music
39 Dufferin Road, Ottawa
0.72 km
103 York Street, Ottawa
0.72 km
Epals Classroom Exchange Inc
353 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa
0.78 km
Conseil Des Ecoles Publiques
339 Rue Wilbrod Street, Ottawa
0.79 km
The Francojeunesse School - Kindergarten Pavilion and Garden
339 Rue Wilbrod Street, Ottawa
0.79 km
Canadian Academy of Health Sciences | L’Académie canadienne des sciences de la santé
70 George Street 3rd Floor, Ottawa
0.96 km
Canada School of Public Service
373 Sussex Drive, Ottawa
0.96 km
GTA Photography Classes | Summer Camps
100 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa
1.10 km
Telfer School of Management
55 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa
1.18 km
90 University Private, Ottawa
1.31 km
Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies
11002-120 University Private, Ottawa
1.39 km
Trille Des Bois - CEPEO
140 Genest Street, Vanier
1.39 km
St. Brigid School
200 Springfield Road, Ottawa
1.40 km
QC Event School
38 McArthur Avenue, Vanier
1.46 km
QC Makeup Academy
38 McArthur Avenue, Vanier
1.47 km
Ashbury College
362 Mariposa Avenue, Rockcliffe Park
1.66 km
Elmwood School
261 Buena Vista Road, Rockcliffe Park
1.93 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Lower Town Closest Libraries

Name/Address Distance
Ottawa Public Library - Rideau
377 Rideau Street, Ottawa
0.48 km
New Edinburgh Little Free Library
210 River Lane, Ottawa
0.58 km
Ottawa Korean Library
173 Bolton Street, Ottawa
0.76 km
Free Book Exchange
341 Stewart Street, Ottawa
0.82 km
Little Free Library
341 Stewart Street, Ottawa
0.82 km
Lettres En Papier
Rideau Street, Ottawa
1.12 km
Management Library
55 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa
1.15 km
Brian Dickson Law Library
Fauteux Hall, F4&F5, 57 Louis-Pasteur Private, Ottawa
1.17 km
Isobel Firestone Music Library
50 University Private, Ottawa
1.17 km
Morisset Library
65 University Private, Ottawa
1.19 km
Faculty of Social Sciences Library
120 University Private, Ottawa
1.40 km
Little Library
44 Rockcliffe Way, Ottawa
1.43 km
Library of Parliament
111 Wellington Street, Ottawa
1.52 km
County of Carleton Law Association
2004-161 Elgin Street, Ottawa
1.58 km
Vanier Little Free Library
155 Vachon Avenue, Vanier
1.61 km
Library of Parliament - Sparks Street Branch
125 Sparks Street, Ottawa
1.65 km
Commissaire à l'information du Canada (Plaintes en vertu de la Loi sur l'accès à l'information)
Ottawa (Bil)
1.70 km
Ottawa Public Library - Main
120 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa
1.74 km
Ottawa Public Library - Rockcliffe Park
380 Springfield Road, Rockcliffe Park
1.92 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

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