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COGIR Real Estate has been active in the multi-residential building sector since 1999. With over 70 buildings and over 8,400 units, COGIR stands out in the market through its focus on customer service and its goal of creating dynamic living spaces. The multiresidential group includes professionals who dedicate their expertise to creating revenue, serving clients, and managing costs. Properties benefit from various revenue generation programs, with a focus on strategies to maximize potential income (EM2) as well as developing additional income sources.

COGIR Real Estate also has a strong property repositioning expertise, which follows a proven internal process: from a primary market research to phases of redesign, job monitoring and merchandising. Cost management is a key aspect in this field – to that effect, COGIR Real Estate provides purchasing plans and an extensive labour network to exceed the usual performance indicators in the industry. Our team ensures that tenants are satisfied at all times, and that dynamic, attractive communities are created and maintained across our properties. Through its experienced operational team, COGIR Real Estate focuses all efforts towards property optimization, while maintaining healthy cost management.