Cathedral Apartment Rental Stats

Property Type# of ListingsMin PriceMax PriceAve Price
Apartments     27$550$1125$825
Duplexes     1$900$900$900
Houses     1$975$975$975
Total Rentals     29$550$1125$832

Cathedral Closest Schools

Name/Address Distance
Regina Catholic School Division
2160 Cameron Street, Regina
0.43 km
Buzz Axe Productions
502-2720 College Avenue, Regina
0.91 km
Music in the House
2345 Smith Street, Regina
1.24 km
Albert Community School
1340 Robinson Street, Regina
1.34 km
ctc TrainCanada - Regina
216-2125 11th Avenue, Regina
1.40 km
Fraser Pipe Band
1821 Scarth Street, Regina
1.49 km
Lakeview Elementary School
3100 20 Avenue, Regina
1.52 km
Luther College High School
1500 Royal Street, Regina
1.76 km
Luther College High School West Entrance
Dewdney Avenue, Regina
1.81 km
Regina Salseros
1501 11th Avenue, Regina
2.06 km
Curtis-Horne Christian School
3718 Hill Avenue, Regina
2.16 km
Mes Amis Preschool
3301 Garnet Street, Regina
2.25 km
Balfour Collegiate
1245 College Avenue, Regina
2.35 km
St. Luke Alternate School
625 Elphinstone Street, Regina
2.50 km
Trent's Guitar Studio
6 Princess Place, Regina
2.70 km
Coronation Park School
3105 4 Avenue North, Regina
3.24 km
Dr. Martin Leboldus High School
2330 25 Avenue, Regina
3.25 km
Megaw's Montessori Academy Preschool
3915 Montague Street, Regina
3.29 km
Archbishop M.C. O'Neill Catholic High School
134 Argyle Street North, Regina
3.47 km
Campbell Collegiate
102 Massey Road, Regina
4.01 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Cathedral Closest Libraries

Name/Address Distance
Regina Public Library - Connaught Branch
3435 13th Avenue, Regina
0.11 km
Regina Public Library - Central and Children's Branch
2311 12 Avenue, Regina
1.21 km
Regina Public Library - Albert Branch
3355 6th Avenue, Regina
1.45 km
Kyla Will Massage Therapy
2344 Broad Street, Regina
1.78 km
Ehrlo Sport Venture
2730 5th Avenue, Regina
1.83 km
Regina Public Library - Prince of Wales Branch
445 14 Avenue, Regina
3.13 km
Regina Public Library - Regent Place Branch
331 Albert Street, Regina
3.15 km
Dr. John Archer Library
University Drive North, 3737 Wascana Parkway, Regina
4.18 km
Dr.John Archer Library
4.18 km
Luther College Library
3737 Wascana Parkway, Regina
4.46 km
Sask Provincial Library
409 Park Street, Regina
4.79 km
Regina Public Library - George Bothwell Branch
2965 Gordon Road, Regina
4.91 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Cathedral Distance to Local Landmarks

1Droid Enterprise! 1.75 km
24 Hr Animal Care Centre 5.26 km
Administration - Humanities Building (AH) 4.21 km
Allan Blair Cancer Centre 1.05 km
Apartment 3B 0.91 km
Argyle Park Rink 2.10 km
Avon Shopping Centre 2.72 km
Canadian Cancer Society 1.02 km
Cancer Patient Lodge 1.21 km
Carling Corner Shopping Centre 2.12 km
Centennial Shopping Centre 2.16 km
Centre for Academic Technology 4.39 km
Classroom Building (CL) 4.10 km
College West Building (CW) 4.23 km
Cornwall Centre 1.52 km
Cornwall Court 1.34 km
Dr. William Riddell Centre (RC) 4.35 km
Education Auditorium (EA) 4.45 km
Engineering Student Society 4.39 km
Farmers Market for Fall 2016 1.52 km
First Nations University of Canada 4.56 km
Fraternal Order Of Eagles 2.05 km
Glencairn Shopping Centre 5.15 km
Golden Mile Shopping Centre 3.37 km
Haztech 5.30 km
Imperial Park Rink 3.47 km
J & T First Aid Consulting 1.68 km
Jeannette's online sales stores 1.41 km
Kids First Regina 1.06 km
Ladies California Fitness Centre 4.27 km
Litzenberger Park Rink 4.88 km
Mayfair Diagnostics Regina 1.15 km
Mortise & Tenon 1.14 km
Mosaic Stadium 0.83 km
Mosaic Stadium 0.83 km
Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field 0.83 km
Murray Balfour Arena 3.86 km
Neighborhood Stripmall 2.79 km
Nu Image Medical Esthetics 3.72 km
Outpost Health Care 1.23 km
Pasqua Hospital 1.05 km
Pilot Butte Airport 14.26 km
Planned Parenthood Regina 2.06 km
Premium Label Outlet Regina 5.67 km
Queen City Wellness Pharmacy 2.45 km
Regent Park Shopping Centre 3.20 km
Regina General Hospital 2.11 km
Regina Health District Home Care 3.96 km
Regina International Airport 2.54 km
Regina Surgical Centre 1.90 km
Research and Innovation Centre (RI/RIC) 4.15 km
Spot Check Services 1.24 km
The Medicine Shoppe 2.56 km
The University of Regina - Luther College 4.46 km
Transwest Centre 4.19 km
Triple Seven Chrysler Pre Owned 3.32 km
University of Regina 4.42 km
University of Regina - College Avenue Campus 1.53 km
University of Regina Food Court 4.31 km
University Of Regina Women's Centre 4.39 km
Vapexcape 1.35 km
Victoria Gate 6.42 km
Victoria Square Mall 5.61 km
Wascana Prov. Office Building 2.59 km
Welsh Professional Physical Therapy & Acupuncture 1.17 km
Western Limited 1.35 km
Wheat City Curling Club 1.19 km
White City (Radomsky) Airport 22.97 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

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