Silverspring Community Overview

Silverspring is a residential neighbourhood located in northeastSaskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. It is a suburban subdivision, composed mostly of low-density, single detached houses. As of 2007, the area is home to 4,936 residents. The neighbourhood is considered a high income area, with an average family income of $85,084, an average dwelling value of $322,670 and a home ownership rate of 97.8%. According to MLS data, the average sale price of a home as of 2013 was $407,171.

Community overview retrieved from wikipedia.

Community overview from Wikipedia.

Silverspring Apartment Rental Stats

Currently there are no active rental properties listed within Silverspring.

Silverspring Closest Schools

Name/Address Distance
Silverspring Co-Operative Preschool
610 Konihowski Rd, Saskatoon
0.55 km
Mother Teresa Co-operative Preschool
738 Konihowski Road, Saskatoon
0.76 km
Grace Christian School
502 Webster Street, Saskatoon
1.07 km
Lutheran Early Learning Centers Preschool
603 115 Street East, Saskatoon
1.33 km
St. Volodymyr School
302 Kellough Road, Saskatoon
1.52 km
Saskatoon PhysioYoga - Saskatoon
501 Gray Avenue #4, Saskatoon
1.71 km
Happy Little Hearts Preschool
530 Rogers Road, Saskatoon
2.23 km
Holy Family Catholic School
815 Stensrud Road, Saskatoon
2.34 km
Willowgrove Elementary School
805 Stensrud Road, Saskatoon
2.36 km
Park Heights Preschool
60 Ravine Drive, Saskatoon
3.01 km
Silverwood Heights School
403 Silverwood Road, Saskatoon
3.58 km
Dance Class Saskatoon
2020 College Dr, Meeting Room #2, Saskatoon
3.67 km
Ben Schenstead Music Studios
110 Thain Crescent, Saskatoon
3.68 km
École Sister O'Brien School
451 Silverwood Road, Saskatoon
3.73 km
Saskatoon International High School
605 Acadia Drive, Saskatoon
3.82 km
Northern Heights Co-operative Preschool
274 Russell Rd, Saskatoon
3.91 km
North Park Richmond Heights (NPRH) Preschool
1505 9 Avenue North, Saskatoon
3.96 km
Little People's Preschool - St. Angela
302 Russell Road, Saskatoon
4.05 km
Maria Montessori Preschool
820 9 Avenue North, Saskatoon
4.11 km
Allegro Montessori School
4215 Degeer Street, Saskatoon
4.12 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Silverspring Closest Libraries

Name/Address Distance
Diocese Of Saskatoon Resource Centre
123 Nelson Road, Saskatoon
0.80 km
Alice Turner Branch Library
110 Nelson Road, Saskatoon
1.13 km
Canada National Water Research Library
11 Innovation Boulevard, Saskatoon
2.59 km
Rusty Macdonald Branch Library
225 Primrose Drive, Saskatoon
3.23 km
Veterinary Medicine Library, University of Saskatchewan
52 Campus Drive, Saskatoon
3.39 km
Engineering Library, University of Saskatchewan
57 Campus Dr Room 1B08, Saskatoon
3.52 km
Education & Music Library
Education Building, 28 Campus Drive Rm 2003, Saskatoon
3.70 km
Science Library, University of Saskatchewan
114 Science Place Room 180, Saskatoon
3.80 km
Murray Library
3 Campus Drive, Saskatoon
3.99 km
Law Library, University of Saskatchewan
Law Building, 15 Campus Drive Room 8, Saskatoon
3.99 km
Wheatland Regional Library Headquarters
806 Duchess St, Saskatoon
4.15 km
Health Science Library
105 Wiggins Road, Saskatoon
4.17 km
Leslie and Irene Dubé Health Sciences Library
Health Sciences Building, E1400, Academic, 104 Clinic Place, Saskatoon
4.23 km
Pediatric Residence Library
R U H Hospital, Saskatoon
4.34 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Silverspring Distance to Local Landmarks

Administration Building 3.80 km
AIESEC Saskatoon 3.97 km
Archibald Arena 3.33 km
Bayside Mall 5.42 km
Bob Van Impe Field 8.65 km
Canada 328 Army Medical Cadets 5.52 km
Canadian Cancer Society 5.17 km
Canadian Mental Health Association, Saskatoon Branch 7.01 km
Centre for Continuing and Distance Education 4.23 km
Centre for the Study of Co-operatives 3.95 km
Clarence Downey Speed Skating Oval 8.71 km
Complete Health Services Ideal Protein Centre 5.65 km
Confederation Mall 9.03 km
Costco Saskatoon South 4.88 km
Cumberland Shopping Centre 5.13 km
Dental Clinic 4.16 km
Dundonald Park Rink 9.32 km
Edwards MBA 5.78 km
Edwards School of Business 3.88 km
Emmanuel & St Chad College 3.60 km
Gabriel Dumont Institute 6.89 km
Gordie Howe Field 8.82 km
Gordie Howe Kinsmen Arena 8.55 km
Grand Central Plaza 6.21 km
Griffiths Stadium 3.95 km
Grosvenor Park Centre 4.85 km
Health Science Building 4.07 km
Health Sciences B450 4.11 km
Lawson Heights Mall 3.59 km
Leakos Field 8.44 km
Louis the 8th Mall 5.13 km
M D Ambulance Care Ltd 6.57 km
Midtown Plaza 5.91 km
NAW 4.38 km
Nurse's Alumni Wing 4.33 km
River City Centre 4.13 km
Riverside Badminton & Tennis Club 7.11 km
Robi Massage Therapy 5.55 km
Royal University Hospital 4.16 km
Saskatoon City Hospital 4.60 km
Saskatoon Community Clinic - Westside 7.57 km
Saskatoon International Airport 7.68 km
Saskatoon Wellness Centre 7.43 km
Scotia Centre 5.70 km
Sears 5.97 km
Sexual Health Centre 5.44 km
SMF Field at Gordie Howe Park 8.82 km
Speech-Language Pathology 4.24 km
st pauls s hospital saskatoon 8.55 km
St. Paul's Hospital 7.69 km
TRLabs 2.63 km
University of Saskatchewan 3.52 km
University of Saskatchewan 3.85 km
University of Saskatchewan Archives 3.99 km
University of Saskatchewan College of Dentistry 4.21 km
University of Saskatchewan Engineering Building 3.50 km
University of Saskatchewan Geological Museum 5.17 km
University of Saskatchewan Language Centre 4.23 km
University of Saskatchewan: Post Graduate Medical Education 4.10 km
Varsity Common 5.17 km
Walk-In Clinic at Walmart Saskatoon North by Jack Nathan Health 2.05 km
West Stands 4.00 km
West Winds Primary Health Centre 9.28 km
Westgate Plaza 8.36 km
Westside Community Clinic 6.70 km
Women's Mid-Life Health Centre of Saskatchewan Inc 4.60 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

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