Huntington Hills Community Overview

Huntington Hills is a residential neighbourhood in the north-west and north-east quadrant of Calgary, Alberta. It is bounded to the north by Beddington Boulevard, to the east by Deerfoot Trail and the Nose Creek, to the south by 64 Avenue N and to the west by the Nose Hill Park and 14 Street W. Center Street runs through the neighbourhood.

The land was annexed to the City of Calgary in 1961 and Huntington Hills was established in 1967.

The community is served by Alex Munro Elementary, Catherine Nichols Gunn Elementary, Dr. J.K. Mulloy Elementary, Huntington Hills Elementary, John G. Diefenbaker High and Sir John A MacDonald Junior High public schools, as well as by St. Helena Junior High School, St. Henry Elementary School and St. Hubert Elementary School (catholic). Private schools include Calgary Chinese Alliance School, Italian School of Calgary, and Russian Language and Literature Education Inc.

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Huntington Hills Closest LRTs

Brentwood CTrain Station 3.3 km
University CTrain Station 3.37 km
Banff Trail CTrain Station 3.7 km
SAIT / ACAD / Jubilee CTrain Station 3.84 km
Lions Park CTrain Station 3.85 km

Huntington Hills Apartment Rental Stats

Property Type# of ListingsMin PriceMax PriceAve Price
Apartments     11$750$1250$966
Basements     12$400$1300$937
Condos     1$1100$1100$1100
Duplexes     9$995$1500$1136
Houses     7$1450$1950$1682
Main Floors     8$950$1500$1265
Shared     7$400$550$478
Townhouses     11$1000$1999$1361
Total Rentals     66$400$1999$1112
City Section# of ListingsMin PriceMax PriceAve Price
Inner-City     3173$185$15000$1450
NE     1100$350$18000$1239
NW     1910$100$6300$1316

Huntington Hills Closest Schools

St. Henry School Separate All Grades 7423 10 Street Northwest 0.53 km
Dr. J.K. Mulloy School Public Elementary 7440 10 St NW 0.56 km
Huntington Hills School Public Elementary 820 64 Ave NW 0.66 km
St. Hubert School Separate All Grades 320 72 Avenue Northeast 0.69 km
St. Helena School Separate All Grades 320 64 Avenue Northwest 0.71 km
Sir John A. Macdonald School PublicJunior High 6600 4 St NW 1.31 km
Colonel Irvine School PublicJunior High 412 Northmount Dr NW 2.79 km
Georges P. Vanier School PublicJunior High 509 32 Ave NE 4.25 km
Senator Patrick Burns School PublicJunior High 2155 Chilcotin Rd NW 4.36 km
Valley Creek School PublicJunior High 10951 Hidden Valley Dr NW 4.86 km
John G. Diefenbaker High School PublicHigh School 6620 4 St NW 1.42 km
James Fowler High School PublicHigh School 4004 4 St NW 3.44 km
Sir Winston Churchill High School PublicHigh School 5220 Northland Dr NW 5.17 km
William Aberhart High School PublicHigh School 3009 Morley Trail NW 5.20 km
Crescent Heights High School PublicHigh School 1019 1 St NW 6.20 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Huntington Hills Closest Libraries

Thornhill Branch 6617 Centre Street North1.02 km
Country Hills Branch 11150 Country Village Link NW4.59 km
Nose Hill Branch 1530 Northmount Drive NW5.17 km
Louise Riley Branch 1904 14 Avenue NW6.19 km
Central Library 616 MacLeod Trail SE7.90 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Huntington Hills Distance to Local Landmarks

Alberta Children's Hospital 7.80 km
Alberta College of Arts and Design (ACAD) 6.12 km
Ambrose University College 11.44 km
Bow Valley College 7.90 km
Calgary Airport 4.72 km
Calgary Zoo 8.67 km
Chinook Centre Mall 13.34 km
City Hall 8.08 km
Cross Iron Mills 19.43 km
Deerfoot Mall 2.45 km
Devry Institute of Tech 9.37 km
Downtown Calgary 7.40 km
Foothills Hospital 7.12 km
Market Mall 6.87 km
Mount Royal University 12.43 km
Peter Lougheed Hospital 7.57 km
Rocky Mountain College 5.24 km
Rockyview Hospital 14.19 km
SAIT 5.96 km
South Health Campus 27.57 km
Southcentre Mall 18.41 km
Sunridge Mall 7.76 km
University of Calgary 5.96 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

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