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Dickinsfield is bounded on the south by 137 Avenue, on the north by 157 Avenue, on the east by 82 Street, and on the west by 97 Street. It is split roughly in half by 144 Avenue with the south half containing the neighbourhood of Northmount and the north half making up the neighbourhood of Evansdale. 97 Street provides access to both the downtown core and CFB Edmonton.

The Dickinsfield area, the Dickinsfield Elementary School, and the Dickinsfield Extended Care Centre are all named after aviator Clennell Haggerston "Punch" Dickins. Dickens was the first pilot inducted into the Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame.

The neighbourhood of Evansdale is named after Harry Marshall Erskine Evans, Edmonton's mayor from 1918 to 1919 and president of the Edmonton Board of Trade (now the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce) in 1916.

Both neighbourhoods are residential neighbourhoods with schools, churches, shopping, and medical services.

There are two shopping malls in Dickinsfield. One is the Dickinsfield Mall. The other is North Town Mall, located at the southwest corner of Northmount. Immediately across 137 Avenue from the North Town Mall is Northgate Centre. The Edmonton Transit System's Northgate Transit Centre is located next to North Town Mall on the north side of 137 Street.

The Dickinsfield Extended Care Hospital is located in the Northmount neighbourhood.

There are six schools operated by the Edmonton Public School system and the Edmonton Cathlolic School System in Dickinsfield, three in Evansdale and three in Northmount. Two are junior high schools and four are elementary schools. In addition, there are two other educational facilities located in the area's Dickinsfield Mall.

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northmount Closest Bus Routes

Route #Name
9 Southgate - Downtown - Eaux Claires
11 Clareview - Londonderry - Northgate
15 Mill Woods - Downtown - Eaux Claires
137 West Edmonton Mall - Clareview
150 Eaux Claires - West Edmonton Mall
152 Northgate - Belvedere
161 Castle Downs - Northgate
164 Northgate - Rapperswill
168 Northgate - Cumberland
169 Northgate - Canossa
180 Abbottsfield - Eaux Claires
182 Northgate - Fraser
188 Clareview Rd/28 St - Eaux Claires
191 Eaux Claires - Klarvatten
303 Northgate Mistatim Industrial
312 Northgate - Londonderry Mall

Northmount Closest LRTs

Belvedere Station 2.2 km
Coliseum Station 2.4 km
DL MacDonald Platform 2.46 km
NAIT Station 2.74 km
Clareview Station 2.83 km
Stadium Station 3 km

Northmount Apartment Rental Stats

Property Type# of ListingsMin PriceMax PriceAve Price
Apartments     5$775$1099$951
Basements     1$1295$1295$1295
Houses     2$1500$1600$1550
Main Floors     1$1595$1595$1595
Total Rentals     9$775$1600$1193

Northmount Closest Schools

Name/Address Distance
St. Philip School
8720 144 Ave, Edmonton
0.58 km
Gil Vicente Portuguese School
8830 132 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
1.10 km
Archbisohp O'leary Catholic High School
8760 132 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
1.14 km
Major General Griesbach School
304 Griesbach School Road Northwest, Edmonton
1.16 km
St Josaphat's Ukrainian Playschool
8735 132 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
1.28 km
Queen Elizabeth School
9425 132 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
1.34 km
J. A. Fife School
15004 76 Street Northwest, Edmonton
1.64 km
King's Kidz Christian Preschool
13111 79 St NW, Edmonton
1.79 km
St. Vladimir Catholic School
7510 132 Ave NW, Edmonton
1.96 km
Princeton School
7720 130 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
1.99 km
Prématernelle - Les Ptits Amis
10715 131A Avenue, Edmonton
2.07 km
Londonderry School
7104 144 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
2.11 km
St. Gerard Catholic School
12415 85 Street Northwest, Edmonton
2.55 km
Islamic Academy Project
13070 113 St NW, Edmonton
2.64 km
Lorelei Beaumaris Playschool
16220 103 St NW, Edmonton
2.73 km
York Elementary School
13915 61 Street Northwest, Edmonton
3.03 km
Edmonton Catholic Schools
12050 95A Street Northwest, Edmonton
3.12 km
Saint Edmund Catholic School
11712 130 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
3.21 km
Edmonton Christian Northeast School
5940 159 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
3.78 km
Ben Calf Robe - Saint Clare
11833 64 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.43 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Northmount Closest Libraries

Name/Address Distance
Edmonton Public Library - Londonderry
137 Ave 66 Street Northwest, Mall Suite 166, Edmonton
2.29 km
Balwin Day Care Ctr
13112 68 Street Northwest, Edmonton
2.59 km
Edmonton Public Library - Castle Downs
15379 Castle Downs Road Northwest, Edmonton
2.71 km
McNally Library
11762 106 Street u310, Edmonton
3.96 km
Edmonton Public Library - Sprucewood
11555 95 Street, Edmonton
3.98 km
Little free library
11522 92 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.03 km
Edmonton Public Library - Highlands
6710 118 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
4.28 km
Edmonton Public Library - Calder
12710 131 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
4.29 km
Libramation Inc
12527 129 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.77 km
Little Free Library
11330 60 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.87 km
Edmonton Tool Library
7308 112 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
4.92 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Northmount Distance to Local Landmarks

Alberta Legislature Building 7.72 km
Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre 9.33 km
Commonwealth Stadium 4.84 km
Concordia College 5.34 km
Downtown Edmonton 6.92 km
Edmonton International Airport 33.47 km
Edmonton City Centre 6.54 km
Edmonton City Centre Airport 4.24 km
Edmonton City Hall 6.68 km
Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital 7.21 km
Grey Nuns Community Hospital 15.91 km
King's University College 9.55 km
Kingsway Mall 4.70 km
Londonderry Mall 2.43 km
MacEwan - Centre for the Arts 10.00 km
MacEwan - City Centre 12.41 km
MacEwan - South Campus 16.05 km
Manulife Place 6.74 km
Misericordia Community Hospital 12.65 km
N.A.I.T 4.12 km
Norquest College - Downtown 6.79 km
Norquest College - Westmount 6.67 km
Northgate Centre 0.75 km
Rexall Place 3.80 km
Royal Alexandra Hospital 5.30 km
Southgate Centre 12.92 km
St. Joseph's Auxiliary Hospital 15.89 km
Stollery Children's Hospital 9.53 km
University of Alberta 9.16 km
University of Alberta Hospital 9.53 km
West Edmonton Mall 12.54 km
Westmount Centre 6.62 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

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