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Total Rentals3$2256$2895$2483

Gordon Head Closest Schools

Name/Address Distance
Music for Young Children Victoria
1883 San Juan Avenue, Victoria
0.35 km
Hillcrest Elementary School Grounds
4421 Greentree Terrace, Victoria
0.39 km
Applewood Music Studio
4451 Tyndall Avenue, Victoria
0.69 km
Torquay Elementary School
4413 Torquay Drive, Victoria
0.75 km
Lambrick Park High School
4139 Torquay Drive, Victoria
1.11 km
Mount Douglas Secondary
3970 Gordon Head Road, Victoria
1.28 km
Dave Paulson, piano tuner, teacher, & prof. musician
4641 Vantreight Drive, Victoria
1.52 km
Sunny Lane Music
4641 Vantreight Drive, Victoria
1.59 km
Ledger House
2400 Arbutus Road, Victoria
1.65 km
Greenwood Music Studio
1605 Howroyd Avenue, Victoria
2.08 km
Frank Hobbs Elementary
3875 Haro Road, Victoria
2.28 km
Braefoot Elementary School
1440 Harrop Road, Victoria
2.51 km
Oak Bay Sailing School
3536 Richmond Road, Victoria
3.16 km
Victoria International Education Uplands Campus
3461 Henderson Road, Victoria
3.26 km
École Élémentaire Doncaster Elementary
1525 Rowan Street, Victoria
3.29 km
Taber Music School
1080 Lucas Avenue, Victoria
3.49 km
St Margaret's School
1080 Lucas Avenue, Victoria
3.49 km
St. Michaels University School
3400 Richmond Road, Victoria
3.60 km
Neighbourhood Junior Kindergarten
1031 Lucas Avenue, Victoria
3.71 km
Girls' Alternative Program
3020 Richmond Road, Victoria
4.32 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Gordon Head Closest Libraries

Name/Address Distance
Diana M. Priestly Law Library
McGill Road, Victoria
1.92 km
Greater Victoria Public Library - Nellie McClung Branch
Nellie McClung Branch, 3950 Cedar Hill Road, Victoria
2.13 km
Mearns Centre for Learning (MCL)
3800 Finnerty Road, Victoria
2.16 km
UVic McPherson Library
2.18 km
Shelagh Rogers Free Reading Library
MacLaurin Building, Victoria
2.24 km
Little Free Library, Cardboro Bay
3840 Cadboro Bay Road, Victoria
2.71 km
Little Free Library
3809 Ascot Drive, Victoria
3.06 km
Little Free Library
3703 Blenkinsop Road, Victoria
3.46 km
Library Media Centre
3.82 km
Little Free Library
3206 Wordsworth Street, Victoria
4.00 km
Little Free Library
3205 Doncaster Drive, Victoria
4.16 km
Little Free Library
1650 Burton Avenue, Victoria
4.20 km
Little Free Library
1610 Oakland Avenue, Victoria
4.33 km
Little Free Library
1539 Oakland Avenue, Victoria
4.51 km
Book Exchange
2244 Estevan Avenue, Victoria
4.91 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

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